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The Best Ways to Generate Referrals for Your Company

If a business is relying strictly on word of mouth in order to get new customers, then they are going to be missing out on tons of business that could potentially change the scale on which they operate. One of the best ways to get new clientele is to offer existing clients referral incentives for bringing in new business.

What is the Best Type of Door to Prevent Break Ins?

While many people are under the impression that most burglars get into a home through the windows, this actually isn’t true. The doors of a home are the most common way a burglar gets into a house; they either pick the locks or simply break the door in by using force.

How to Make the Most of Small Spaces

Everybody wants to live in a home that has extra rooms and plenty of storage space. However, this isn’t always possible in everybody’s case, particularly in urban areas. Some people are only able to afford a small home or apartment that is within their budget. However, there are ways people can make their smaller place seem larger than it actually is.

Is it Time to Replace Your Bay Window?

Up to 20% of homes had bay windows installed during the late 70’s and early to mid-80’s. While these are beautiful pieces of architecture that can enhance a home, chances are that these units are now reaching the end of their lives. 

All You Need to Know About Converting Flat Windows into Bow Windows

Many home owners want to do everything possible to improve the aesthetic appeal of their properties, and one of the most popular ways to do this is to replace standard flat windows with bow or bay windows. While this is a feasible task in more than 90% of cases, it’s imperative that you take the points below into consideration before forging ahead with your project:

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