How to Keep Your Windows from Fogging Up

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From time to time, we all experience fogged-up windows in our homes during the cooler months. Window fog happens, but the reality is that windows fogging up in a house can sometimes be indicative of a much larger problem that needs to be addressed. To better understand if there’s an underlying problem causing fogged windows, it’s important to take a closer look at what it is, and why it happens.

Why Do Windows Fog Up?

Windows fog up for a simple reason: there’s a temperature and humidity difference between the interior and exterior of your home.

For example, let’s imagine that you’re cooking on a cold winter’s day. The heat and condensation produced in the kitchen, alongside your heater as it runs, will naturally fog up windows, because your home is warmer than the outside temperature. As soon as the temperature cools down and there’s less humidity in the household, the condensation will disappear too.

That being said, the opposite holds true as well. If you have your AC running during a humid summer day, your windows are fogging up in your house because the interior is cooler than the humid, hot exterior.

This observation doesn’t concern too many homeowners on the surface - after all, condensation does go away on its own. However, fogged windows may mean more than they appear to, and whether or not you have to take preventative action depends on a number of circumstances.

What Does It Mean If Your Windows Are Fogging Up?

So, what does it mean if your windows are fogging up? The answer depends based on where you notice the condensation gathering. If you notice that there’s condensation gathering on the inside of the window (you can tell if you run your finger against the glass and water collects on your fingertip), that means that the heat and humidity are coming from inside the house. If you run your finger on the outside and you receive the same results, that means the humidity and heat come from the outside.

There are numerous solutions to tackle these types of window fogging issues. Generally speaking, however, this type of condensation is fairly harmless.

When do windows fogging up in a house become a concern? If condensation builds up between the interior and exterior panes of glass, this means that the seal around your windows has broken and moisture is getting through. Seals on windows can break for several reasons, such as long-term exposure to sun and heat, damage due to extreme water exposure, and old age.

Broken seals can mean a number of problems for your home beyond window fog. Some of the consequences of having broken window seals include spending more money on cooling and heating, the potential for moisture to damage your home, and even drafting or leaking occurring after seals are broken.

How to Keep Your Windows from Fogging Up

There are a number of ways you can stop windows from fogging up in your home. The first step is to address the cause of the fogged windows. If you frequently deal with fogged windows on the inside of your home, you should look for ways to improve your current ventilation system, or even put a dehumidifier in your space that can tackle condensation before it’s ever allowed to start. This way, you don’t have to deal with condensation as you turn up the heat during the winter months.

Of course, this might not fully address the problem, especially if window fog is a problem that seems to originate more commonly from the outside rather than the inside of your windows. There are solutions to this too - if you want to provide better protection against the fog from both the inside and outside, look for window film kits or defogging spray to safeguard your windows against moisture.

With all of this in mind, it’s important to remember that all of these measures only prevent windows from fogging up inside your house. While all of these added measures are helpful, they don’t address the root causes: the windows themselves.

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