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5 Ways Natural Light Makes You Happy And Healthy

Natural light can do more than just improve your mood. Homes with a lot of windows that let in natural light are beneficial to both mental and physical health. Here are five ways that natural light can lead you to happiness and good health. 

Crack Your Windows In Winter For Better Health

Cracking some windows in winter may seem like the last thing you’d want to do, but doing so from time to time can actually be good for your health! Good ventilation is key to a healthy living environment, but in winter most people tend to leave everything closed up and crank up the heat. 

How to Judge a Company by their Online Reviews

When you decide that you want to have new windows installed on your home, you would be wise to do some research on the company you plan on hiring. You don’t want to hire a company that other people don’t think highly of because they commonly make mistakes or don’t offer quality products. There are a few simple ways you can take advantage of the reviews that are written about a company, and there are also some ways you can ensure the reviews about them are legitimate.

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