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Today, vinyl windows are the best choice for the construction and renovating of houses or apartments and a windows replacement in Edmonton itself is becoming quite popular. A metal-plastic profile has a high performance, has a number of significant advantages over a wood and an aluminum ones including a much more attractive price.

Why should you have your windows replaced?

Maintaining a home can be a lot of hard work. From all the cleaning, to repairs, and everything in between, homeowners need to exert every ounce of effort to make sure they’re doing what’s best for their investment. But while a lot of your household concerns might be pretty easily apparent - like a leaky roof or a busted bathroom pipe - others might not be quite as noticeable.

An old window might look completely problem-free on the outside. But if it’s broken, old, or rotting, it can be an insidious household nuance, causing irreparable damage to your home over time. If you’ve got windows that are more than a decade old, it’s time to pay attention to the signs they’re showing you.

Now, before you go into your storage room to dig out those dusty tools to attempt a DIY repair, it helps to know that it’s very possible to exacerbate the problem if you’re not entirely sure what to do. Your best bet to properly address the problem? Toss them out and replace them.

If you’re thinking of getting replacement windows in Edmonton, we’ve got the chops to help you out. But first - here’s everything you need to know to know on why you need to act on your windows now.

When is It Time for Window Replacement?

The thing about windows is that it’s not always easy to tell when it’s time to replace them. Most household windows can look pretty neat and functional, so homeowners tend to believe that there’s no need to do too much to keep them in shape.

But even the most rotten, damaging window can look just find on the outside. How can you tell when it’s time to make the change? Here are some signs of poor window integrity.

Difficulty Opening and Closing

Here’s your first marker. Whenever trying to open or close a window, you can’t just swing or slide them with a flick of the wrist. Windows that take too much effort to open and close aren’t just annoying, they’re a hazard. If that specific opening is your designated egress window - as mandated by Canadian law - then the inability to open them with ease kind of defeats their purpose.

Walk around your home and try to nudge each window open. Those that refuse to budge, or those that only open and close after some odd, impractical maneuver should be the first on your list to get replaced.

A Never Ending Draft

Do you feel that? You probably always do. There are lots of homeowners who claim to feel an endless draft passing through a specific area of their space. Before you consider anything paranormal, take time to check your windows. Even if they were perfectly fitted when they were first installed, wear and tear can change how the pane fits into the frame.

Heat and cold can cause window frames to shrink and expand. Moisture can also cause warped window material that leaves room for crevices and cracks for air to pass through. Try to inspect each window in your home - is there a subtle gust constantly passing through even when it’s sealed tight? Another marker would be too much dust. Windows with gaps can become an entry point for dirt, so you might notice your home becoming filthy too easily.

An Overworked HVAC System

No matter how hard you try to keep your electricity consumption to a minimum, it seems your bill never cooperates. If that’s the case, then maybe you tried taking some time to consider other aspects that impact your electrical consumption - like your windows.

Panels that don’t fit into frames, or frames that warp away from the walls can overwork your HVAC. As your system tries to compensate, temperatures exchange between the outdoors and your space. So because you might not feel as warm or as cool as you’d like, you crank up the HVAC to achieve the ideal interior conditions.

Too Much Noise

Maybe there’s always that loud humming noise in the background of your household life. It might be because of a faulty window. Gaps between the different parts that make up your windows can cause outdoor noise to seep through, making it feel like your space is always just a little too noisy for comfort.

It might not seem like such a big deal, but some experts claim that this simple factor can cause poor sleeping conditions, making it difficult for you to achieve a fully restful evening with the sound of the outdoors bogging down on your senses.

Physical Damage

You might think that window replacement would be an absolute no-brainer as long as you were able to observe some sort of physical damage to your windows. Of course, you’d probably act fast to make sure the problem was resolved. But the issue lies in the fact that physical damage to windows won’t always be readily apparent. Moisture damage for example can happen between the the frame and the jamb, hidden from your view.

Sometimes, homeowners are surprised to find widespread rot between their windows and their walls because there were no physically observable signs. So it takes more than looking at your windows to tell whether there’s any damage. Touch all of its surfaces and feel around for soft spots. Look for darkened surfaces that seem to have been touched by moisture too often. Or call in the pros to have your windows inspected.

Replacement Windows or New Windows?

Bet you didn’t know these were two different things. During your research, you might come across the terms ‘replacement’ window versus ‘new’ window. While they might sound pretty similar, they are completely different.

In essence, a replacement window is a window that fits into an existing window opening. They’re specially measured and designed to create a bespoke window panel to fit the opening on the wall. The original fittings are kept in place, and the replacement takes far less time to complete at an average of 2 hours per window, or less.

New windows are those that are installed into a wall opening, free of any fittings. The entire window frame has to be installed before the window itself can be fitted into the space. Usually, new windows are required for a house construction where no previous windows existed. Stripping down an existing window including the fittings to replace everything from the panel to the frame can also qualify as a new window.

Do You Need New Windows or Replacement Windows?

The question of whether you need completely new windows or window replacements can be tricky to figure out especially if you’re not entirely familiar with window damage.

If you’re trying to figure out the right course of action for your windows, try asking yourself these questions:

  • Has the damage penetrated into the frames?
  • How old are my windows?
  • What window replacement material do I want and will it fit my existing frames?

Needless to say, damage that has penetrated deep into the walls will require more than simple window replacement. What you should be aiming for is the complete removal of any damaged or degraded material, because it can continue to spread over time. Simply replacing the window panes and leaving the damage in place might require that you pay for another costly repair down the line.

The age of your windows should also be a marker. Poorly managed and maintained windows that are several decades old might look fine now, but they will give in to damage sooner rather than later. Having them replaced before that happens can save you a load on repairs later on.

Finally, it also helps to know if your replacement windows will fit into the existing trimming. Some trimming materials might not be able to accommodate more modern window material like vinyl, so it would be wise to replace the entire window fittings included, instead of just the panes.

To get a better idea of the best course of action, we can provide you excellent information on Edmonton windows replacement. Just give us a call and find out more about what you should do about your old, tired windows to make the most of the project.

What are PVC Window Replacements?

A common trend you’ll find on the window market are PVC windows. Made from rigid, durable, long-lasting material, these windows can last for up to 30 years with the right kind of care. They work well for a range of window replacement projects because they’re easy to customize to virtually any size and shape. That also means that you’ll be able to get the project completed in no time at all.

So, what are the benefits of PVC replacement windows? Here are some worth mentioning:

  1. Affordable - PVC replacement windows can cost as much as 20-30% cheaper than other choices on the market. So if your budget is a concern, then it helps to know that PVC windows can be especially easy on the pocket.
  2. Durable - With a lifespan of over 30 years, PVC windows can last for a pretty long time without the need for repairs. The rigid material doesn’t warp, shrink, or expand like other types of window materials, making them more resilient against the typical factors that damage windows.
  3. Resistant - Compared to other materials like wood, PVC is far more resistant to moisture, heat, and cold. In fact, PVC is also recommended for fire safety because the material burns much slower than wood making them safer in case of a house fire.
  4. Eco-Friendly - PVC windows are made from recyclable material, so once they’ve lived out their usable lifespan, you can take them out and get them recycled.
  5. Ease of maintenance - Because of their resistant nature, PVC windows don’t require a lot of maintenance. Just wipe them down to clean and they’ll be as good as new.
  6. Good insulation - The way that PVC windows are installed makes is so that they seal up your home far better than other types of windows. They provide excellent insulation, maintaining optimal internal temperatures and preventing outside noise from penetrating your home.
  7. Tons of designs - There are literally hundreds of different PVC window designs to choose from. The wide variety makes it possible for you to handpick a choice that will truly fit your interior, maintaining your aesthetic through a range of available colors, cuts, sizes, and shapes.

How are PVC Window Replacements Installed?

Lots of homeowners shy away from window replacements in fear of the time it would take to get the job done. A messy house that you can’t navigate because of cluttered tools and other repair-related mess can be a nightmare for any homeowner.

Fortunately, PVC window replacement in Edmonton isn’t quite as hectic. To start off the process, your professionals will measure your windows to create bespoke PVC windows that fit the frames installed. If you’ve opted for new windows, they’ll adjust their measurements to include the fittings.

Once that’s done and the custom windows have been fabricated, they’ll remove the windows from your home to fit the replacements. At this point, the installers need to take extra caution to make sure the new windows fit perfectly into the opening, ensuring that everything is balanced and leveled with the walls.

The frames are drilled into place and the panels are fitted into the frames. Of course, different service providers might incorporate their own unique steps, but you can pretty much expect the same general process.

At most, a single window replacement could take no more than 2 hours. If there’s a larger team working on your home, then having all of your windows replaced could take no more than a single day.

How Much Do Replacement Windows Cost?

Now, the big question - how much do replacement windows cost? That really depends. Edmonton window replacement services will tend to range from $300 to $500 per window, depending on several factors. These include:

  • he size of the window to be replaced
  • The number of window replacements
  • The window replacement’s style and material
  • The professional charge of the service you’ve chosen

All things considered, PVC windows can be far cheaper than wooden windows which can reach up to $1,300 each. So it’s not hard to see why PVC windows are often the replacement of choice for most homeowners.

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