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Window Replacement and Installation

Window installation is one of those projects that most home owners keep putting off because they feel completely overwhelmed by it. However, the time eventually comes where they have no choice but to have new contour series windows in Toronto installed because existing units may be cracked, rotting or broken, rendering them inefficient with regards to energy usage. Below are tips and general advice regarding having window installation done:

1. Know Why You Want to Install New Windows

Have your home’s existing windows started to look shabby and worn? Would you like to reduce your energy bills as much as possible? Do you intend selling your home shortly, but have discovered that its existing windows are reducing its value substantially?

Once you know why you’d like to replace single hung window panes and frames – or other types – it will make it easier to determine what types of replacements should be installed.

For example, if you are considering selling your home, you won’t want to spend as much on Toronto window installation as if you were looking to go as energy efficient as possible. However, if energy efficiency is your end goal, then you would want to consider installing double- or triple-paned units instead.

2. Determining Which Windows will be Suitable

Once you know why you are considering installing replacement contour series windows in Toronto, you can then start comparing the different window types and styles that are available. If you’re looking to add a little more space to smaller rooms in your home for instance, you might consider installing bay or bow windows. Another benefit of bay and bow windows is that they provide your home with an elegant and classy appearance, which will in turn increase its curbside appeal tremendously.

If you have young children, you will want to ensure that they cannot fall out of any new windows that have been installed. This could prompt you to install awning windows that will be too high for them to reach, or alternatively, installing locks on other units to prevent them being opened while you aren’t around to supervise them. In cases where you may experience a lot of inclement weather, you’ll still want to enjoy a flow of fresh air through your home. The best way to achieve this will be to have awning windows installed. These units hinge on top and open outwards, preventing rain or snow from entering your home.

3. Not a DIY Project

Although there are many tasks that can be undertaken as DIY projects in and around the house, Toronto window installation is most certainly not one of them. Windows that are not correctly installed will leak during inclement weather and allow unwanted air to enter your home as well.

In addition, many window suppliers will not be willing to honor warranties if their units have not been installed by an accredited and experienced technician.

Another aspect to consider is that you could seriously injure yourself while attempting to install contour series windows in Toronto yourself. In many cases, health care plans and life insurance cover providers will not pay out for injuries caused as a result of a DIY or home maintenance project going wrong.

4. Keeping Inconvenience to a Minimum during Installation

When having new contour series windows in Toronto installed, you may experience inconvenience in the form of additional dirt, dust and noise. However, this can be minimized even further by preparing ahead of time.

This can be done by removing curtains and drapes beforehand, covering large furniture items with sheets or drop cloths to keep them as dust-free as possible and removing any alarm sensors that may be on existing windows or frames.

The window installers will also require easy access to all rooms where new units are going to be installed. As a result, it’s recommended that smaller furniture items and anything else that will be in their way be removed and placed elsewhere until installation has been completed. This will not only enable the job to be completed faster; it will prevent any accidents occurring as installers carry old and new window panes and frames through your home.

While your new Toronto window units are being installed, it is also recommended that children and pets be kept away from the work areas, as this will prevent them from being injured by work crews – while this may not happen deliberately, accidents can happen. If possible, organize a sitter or have your children stay at Grandma’s until the project has been completed.

5. Choose a Reputable Installation Company

Before signing a contract with anyone to have replacement contour series windows in Toronto installed, you should check to ensure that they are not only reputable, but also accredited and insured. This will ensure the job is done according to required industry standards and it will prevent you from being held liable in the event of any of the installation team being injured on site during the installation project.

When looking for a reputable company to install your new contour series windows in Toronto, it is recommended that you ask if you can view other projects that have already been completed or obtain references from existing clients. Reputable installers who are proud of the work they do and who honor their warranties will be more than willing to provide you with this information.

Although it may be tempting to accept the lowest-priced quote you obtain, this practice is not recommended. Not only is there a strong possibility of being provided with poor quality products and workmanship; you may also end up having to perform cleanup yourself, which can be costly – especially if you have to deal with disposing your old windows. Always ensure that quotes include everything required to do the job to completion – including cleanup.

Canadian Choice Windows & Doors™ is one of the leading Toronto window installers in the region. If you would like to find out more about installing new windows in your home, contact our experienced and friendly sales team today.

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