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Replacement Vinyl Windows in Vancouver: The Right Choice

To say that vinyl windows are increasing in popularity is an understatement. They have quite a bit to offer in terms of durability, pricing, and appearance. That makes them an ideal change from aluminum or wooden windows, both of which can be more expensive. If you’re serious about replacing those older windows with something that’s truly straight fire, vinyl is the way to go.

You can go with vinyl windows when you’re taking on a major remodel of your structure, and if you’re constructing something completely new. If all you want to change right now is getting rid of old windows in favour of new ones, vinyl is also the way to go. To get started, you need to learn a bit about replacement vinyl windows in Vancouver and what they can do for you.

Let’s get started.

Understanding the Essentials of PVC Vinyl Windows

Don’t let the name throw you. PVC is simply an abbreviation for polyvinyl chloride. PVC is a synthetic plastic polymer that’s refined using a detailed chemical process. Among its many uses, PVC is used in the production of new windows.

Why PVC? The material is rigid and capable of holding the shape with ease. Depending on what the polymer is destined to be made into, plasticizers may be added to the polymer as a way to provide just the right amount of flexibility. In other applications, flexibility is not only unnecessary but undesirable. That’s the case when the material is destined for use in window manufacturing.

While you often see the vinyl used in windows described as PVC vinyl, it’s actually what’s known as unplasticized polyvinyl chloride or UPVC for short. The use of UPVC allows you to enjoy advantages that would be hard to gain using other materials. In fact, you may be surprised at what it can do for you considering that it’s typically less expensive that many other kinds of materials used in windows. Here are some examples of why this material is the right choice for your Vancouver replacement windows:

  • Affordability - Opting for this type of vinyl for your windows saves a lot of money. In fact, it can save you as much as 20-30% in comparison to using aluminum or wood. When you need to manage the replacement on a tighter budget, this is definitely a major plus.
  • Durability - PVC has a long life. Thanks to the sturdy nature of the material, it has the capability to resist major damage for 30 years or even longer. Proper maintenance and cleaning will help you get more years from the windows. During that time, you can depend on the vinyl to hold the shape, function perfectly, and retain its appearance. That includes the colour that you choose for the frames, sashes, and other elements.
  • Superior resistance - Vinyl compares favourably to wood in terms of resistance to wear and tear. You’ll enjoy greater moisture resistance as well as resistance to damage fro heat. In the event of a fire, the vinyl will burn much slowly, something that could provide more precious seconds for people to get out and away from the building.
  • Environmentally Responsible - No trees are consumed in the creation of a vinyl window. Once in place, the windows don’t require maintenance and upkeep involving methods that are not suitable for the environment., Even after decades of service, those windows can be recycled once they are replaced with new ones. Compared to other materials, vinyl is the kinder solution of you care about the environment.

Exploring the Advantages Offered by Vinyl Windows

You’re already getting an idea of why PVC is a good choice for your new windows. Now it’s time to delve deeper into what those vinyl windows can do for you. Some of the advantages will be obvious while others may come as a surprise. Here are some examples of how installing vinyl windows will be good for you and for your Vancouver home:

You’ll Find the Maintenance is Simple and Easy

You already know the drill with wooden windows. Ongoing upkeep is necessary if you want to keep the effects of moisture, changes in temperature, and the effects of direct sunlight at bay. That doesn’t even begin to cover the steps needed to keep the windows looking their best. The bottom line is that choosing wood for your new windows will mean committing to quite a bit of maintenance and upkeep.

Compare that experience with investing in new vinyl windows. You don’t need any special products for cleaning. Something as simple as a dish soap, as sponge, and a dry cloth is all it will take to keep the windows looking their best. Thanks to the nature of vinyl, there’s no special treatments you have to administer in order to prevent warping or other damage from moisture of extreme temperatures. It’s hard to think of a simpler way to reduce the time, effort, and expense associated with window upkeep.

A More Energy Efficient Solution

You already know that insulation and several other factors affect the ability to control the temperature indoors while avoiding the waste of energy. Did you ever think of the role that the windows play in keeping energy consumption lower? If not, those aging windows may be why your power bill seems to climb higher every month even though there’s been no change in the rates.

A basic truth is that the home’s heating and cooling system has to run more often and work harder when a home is not properly insulated. That’s also true when the windows allow quite a bit of air seepage as well as the transference of heat and cold through the glass. Along with requiring ore energy to maintain the desired temperature, this set of circumstances also shortens the life of the HVAC unit.

The only way to change things is to invest in vinyl windows that eliminate the cracks and gaps that are found in the current windows. Our vinyl windows also offer glass that provides greater protection from the elements. The result is that your heating and cooling system can do the job while consuming less energy. You get to enjoy lower utility costs and the system will require fewer repairs and last for a few additional years.

Remember that not any vinyl windows will do. You need replacements that are among the best on the market. That’s what you get with Canadian Choice Windows and Doors. Our windows are designed to provide the tighter seal that you want and ensure you get the maximum reduction in energy costs. Truly, the energy efficiency that our products offer is one of the primary reasons why they’re considered some of the best vinyl windows in Vancouver.

One of the reasons why our windows enjoy such a great reputation is a technology we’ve developed and continued to perfect over the years. That’s our proprietary DraftLock window technology. Using this solution, it’s possible to enjoy up to 23% more energy efficiency n comparison to our competitors.

Aesthetically Appealing

Much of the focus on windows has to do with function. You definitely want windows that allow a reasonable amount of natural light into your space. They should also allow you to let in as much or as little fresh air as you want. Along with these benefits, you also want windows that add a touch of visual appeal to the inside and outside of the home.

The desire for visual appeal is one of the reasons that many people opt for wooden windows. It’s true that wood has an organic look that’s pleasing to the eye. What you should know is that wood is not the only way to achieve the same visual benefit.

Vinyl provides the same appearance as wood. It’s possible to install Vancouver vinyl windows in just about any style that one can imagine. When it comes to colour options, the same is true. It’s easy to find a colour that looks ideal for your home. Vinyl even comes with a texture that enhances the look of painted wood if that’s what you prefer. The result of a vinyl window installation is a look that’s sleek, clean, seamless, and neat. That will do a lot for your property’s curb appeal as well as the look in each of your rooms.

You may think that finding the right window design will be a problem for your home. Perish the thought. Canadian Choice offers more than 40 different styles. At least two or three will be perfect for homes of any era. Pair that with the wide range of colour options and worries about aesthetics will literally go right out the window.

Ease of Installation

One of the reasons why you’ve procrastinated about replacing those old windows is the hassles associated with a project of this magnitude. To say that it disrupts the household is an understatement. The longer that the job takes, the more disruption occurs. The good news is that installing vinyl windows is less of a chore than using windows made of other materials.

A crew from Canadian Choice Windows and Doors can typically begin and complete a new window installation in a single day. That includes the removal of the old windows and making sure the new windows are a perfect fit. There are no worries about things being in disarray for days. All you have to do is sit back, relax, and get ready to enjoy the benefits provided by your new windows.

Superior Warranties

One thing that you may not know about the warranties offered for vinyl windows tend to remain in force for longer periods of time than other options. The quality of the material and the fact that it’s designed to resist deterioration make it easy to offer those longer durations. Don’t be surprised if the warranty offers up to 25 years of protections.

While that’s great, you can expect more at Canadian Choice Windows and Doors. We provide lifetime warranties on our vinyl windows. Even if your windows last longer than the industry average of 25-30 years, you’re still covered. Call us if any issue develops and we’ll be there to take care of it. Add in the fact that our warranties are also transferable and you can see why they would be considered superior.

Excellent Security for Your Home

When some people hear vinyl associated with windows, their minds immediately go to the vinyl products they’ve used for other purposes. Some of those products were flexible, thin, and somewhat flimsy. That was fine based on the function of those products, but it would never do for windows. Based on that perception, it’s easy to see why some people would think that vinyl makes it easier for would-be intruders to gain access to the home. Understanding more about PVC vinyl helps to correct this false perception.

It’s true that PVC vinyl is not as heavy as wood. What it does bring to the table is a rigidity and a great deal of resistance to any attempts to break it or wear it down. Along with the windows proper, the reinforcement that’s part of the installation process adds more strength to each frame. Thanks to these qualities, you can expect vinyl windows to be just as difficult to breach as their wood counterparts. Depending on the condition of the wood, vinyl may offer more of a challenge to intruders.

Remember that even with sturdy vinyl windows, you still want to take reasonable precautions. That means investing in a home security system and making sure each window has a strong lock. Our team can provide suggestions for locks that work perfectly with the style you choose and help to enhance your home protection strategy.

How Do You Know the Time is Right for New Windows in Vancouver?

Not every property owner is an expert on windows. There’s no reason why they have to be proficient in all things connected with windows. Even so, it pays to be aware of the signs that it may be time to retire those aging windows and replace them with something new. The following is a short list of red flags that indicate the time is drawing near. If one or more of these hold true, it’s time to start looking at vinyl replacement windows in Vancouver.

  • Power bills are on the rise - You’re not doing anything different in terms of how you use power around the house. No rate increases have gone into effect. Even so, the amount of the monthly bill continues to increase. What’s causing the issue? It could be that your aging windows are the culprit. A professional from Canadian Choice Windows and Doors will inspect the windows and let you know if they could be repaired or if it’s time for them to go.
  • Wall Deterioration - Windows that no longer fit and allow a lot of moisture into the home can also lead to rotting the materials used for the walls. You can tell something’s wrong if the colour on the walls seems to change in some way. Spots that look wet are a dead giveaway, If you notice that things look worse on what can only be described as a Raincouver day, there might already be damage that needs to be repaired. You can remedy the problem with new windows and a little additional work around the openings.
  • Loss of Function - How much effort does it take to raise or lower a window sash? When you do open a sash, does it stay where you want without having to reply on some sort of prop? If it takes a lot of effort to open or lower a sash, something needs to change. The same is true if the sash won’t stay open without help. Instead of living with the problems, it makes sense to replace those older windows. Along with making life easier, you also ensure that those non-functioning windows don’t create a safety risk if you need to get out of the house immediately.
  • Lack of peace and quiet - Windows ideally do more than protect you from the elements while providing an easy way to see what’s happening outside. They should also help mute out the noises that are occurring outside. What you hear should be the sounds that are happening within your own space, not what the neighbours are saying while watering their lawns or the sounds made by vehicles as they move down the street. If you find outside noises distracting, call the team at Canadian Choice Windows and Doors. Our vinyl windows use glass that can muffle a lot of outside noise and make things much more peaceful inside.
  • Increasing Condensation - There are weather conditions that tend to lead to greater condensation. Today, the use of double pane glass helps to make those situations less frequent. The problem arises when condensation is trapped between the two layers of glass. That indicates something is seriously wrong. Most like, the seats have failed and the windows no longer offer the same level of energy efficiency. Your best bet is to replace the windows before the condensation can cause problems with the walls.

What Happens During a PVC Window Installation?

The process for installing one PVC window is detailed but simple. A professional who knows how to manage the task can complete the process in two hours or less. Since we send a crew to handle a window installation, it’s possible to replace multiple windows at the same time. That’s one of the reasons why Canadian Choice Windows and Doors can complete a project in a single day.

There are a few steps that ensure the process is relatively fast and simple:

First, the team carefully measures each window frame. That’s because there may be a slight variance from one window to the next. This also provides the chance to determine if the frame needs to be levelled or aligned with the surrounding walls. Doing so ensures the fit is snug and everything can be sealed properly.

Next, the team drills the frames into position. They’re checked to make sure everything fits properly. If there’s the need for any additional sealing, it’s done at this point.

Last, the glass panes are installed and checked to ensure that they are firmly in position. Once that’s done, the sashes are checked to ensure they open and close with little to no effort.

Keep in mind that specific circumstances may require inserting other tasks into the process. Your project manager will keep you up to date if anything out of the ordinary is discovered during the installation.

With more than 80,000 satisfied customer to our credit, the professionals at Canadian Choice Windows and Doors know what it takes to successfully install new vinyl windows. We take pride in our work and are happy to guarantee the quality.

Money Matters: How to Get the Best Deal on PVC Windows

Opting for vinyl windows is one of the best ways to enjoy high quality while enjoying a lower cost. The trick is to pay attention to the ways that allow you to enjoy the best deal up front while making the most of benefits down the road. Here are some tips that will help you achieve this goal.

  • Compare Offers Carefully - What you want to note are any signs of fees or charges that are not included in the original quote. Those add-ons can increase the total cost to a point that it’s no longer a great deal. Also pay close attention to the cost of financing. You’ll find that financing through Canadian Choice Windows and Doors may include an offer for 0% and repayment terms that fit easily into your household budget.
  • Replace Them All Instead of Some Now and Some Later - The truth is that attempting to replace windows incrementally is more costly. It’s not unusual for a window replacement company to offer an overall lower cost per unit if you have them all done at the same time. You may need to finance more up front, but the savings over time easily make up the difference and end up keeping the total expense lower.
  • Ask About Discounts and Other Special Offers - You may be eligible to receive some type of discount, obtain receive a voucher or qualify for a special offer. You’ll never know unless you ask. At Canadian Choice Windows and Doors, we do have offers and discounts that might help save quite a bit on your window replacement project.

How Much Can You Expect to Pay for the Average Window Replacement in Vancouver?

While quality is at the forefront, expense is still something that must be considered. What does it cost on average to have windows replaced in Vancouver? The answer depends on several factors.

The fact that no two projects are exactly the same does mean there is some variance. In order to determine how much a replacement will cost you, the following factors must be considered:

  • The window size matters. Standard sizes tend to be less expensive while custom sizes cost more.
  • The window design matters; some styles are more complex and therefore the installation process may be more complex.
  • The total number of windows that you need replaced.
  • The basic rate that the service uses for all replacement projects.

For general purposes, it helps to assume that you will pay around $500 for each window. That includes the cost of installation. The figure could change based on the factors listed above or any other special circumstances that may apply. The change could be in your favour, resulting in something more along the lines of an average of $300 per window, or the cost per unit could be more.

How do these figures compare to using other materials? If you were to go with wooden windows instead of vinyl, it’s possible for the figure to be more along the lines of $1,300 per window. Given the fact that vinyl offers all the same benefits plus a few more, there’s no reason to spend so much money on windows. With the aid of Canadian Choice, you get high quality, a great price, and possibly some savings if you qualify for some sort of discount or other price break.

If you would like to get a more specific estimate, contact one of our sales representatives today and let’s talk. You’ll find that working with us allows you to enjoy all the advantages of higher-quality vinyl windows without incurring so much expense.

Get Top-Notch Window Replacement Services in Vancouver Today!

When you choose to call on Canadian Choice Windows and Doors, you join the ranks of over 80,000 happy customers in Vancouver and throughout the rest of Canada. With more than a million installations to our credit, we’ve demonstrated that we know how to listen to clients and take care of them. Our work is thorough, meets and often exceeds industry standards and safety regulations, and is done without wasting time or other resources. We also get the job done in a way that doesn’t turn your life or your house upside down.

Start by giving us a call today. Talk with our friend customer service team and feel free to ask them any questions that are on your mind. At Canadian Choice Windows and Doors, we’re always happy to help.

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