Top 7 Reasons Why You Need Window Shutters

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Most homeowners only think about their windows when they’re looking into home renovations. For some, however, windows with shutters might be worth investing in. Whether it’s outdoor or indoor shutters for windows, these simple home installations can be the perfect solution to various problems you may be encountering with your current windows.

What Are Window Shutters?

Aptly named, window shutters are window coverings with horizontal bars and vertical slits that allow you to shutter windows rather than rely on blinds to get the job done (alongside curtains or drapes). There are exterior and interior shutters for windows, along with a wide range of materials to choose from, such as wooden window shutters as well.

Do window shutters have a purpose?

For the most part, window shutters are excellent when it comes to the regulation of light. Much like blinds, window shutters can block out light so that you don’t have light streaming into your kitchen, living room, or bedroom when you don’t want it. Of course, there’s a wide range of reasons why you should install shutters onto your windows.

Should every window have shutters?

While you might add shutters here and there, not every window is going to need shutters. Some windows might not look right with shutters, especially if they occupy a space where light barely streams in. Additionally, while a window with shutters might look good if you're only getting indoor shutters, outdoor window shutters might not be necessary at all, especially if you rarely experience storms.

7 Reasons Why You Need Window Shutters

  1. They can prevent your home from direct sunlight.

    The last thing you want in your home is for sunlight to come streaming in on hot days, causing the temperature in your house to spike or make sitting in certain places unbearable. Windows with shutters serve to block out this light and make it easier for you to regulate how much light comes in so that you never have to deal with overheating in populated spaces again.

  2. You receive added security.

    Indoor shutters for windows don’t just regulate light effectively – they also work to keep you safe. With just curtains or drapes, the only thing standing between you and the outdoors is your window. However, with shutters, you can lock these in alongside your windows for added security.

  3. Outdoor window shutters protect your windows during storms.

    Exterior shutters for windows have a much different purpose in comparison to indoor window shutters. With interior shutters, you’re mainly focused on the benefits of window shutters identified above. However, windows with shutters that are outdoors can go the extra mile to protect your window from flying debris. For those who live in areas where storms are very common, shutters are a necessity to keep your windows safe.

  4. They can improve the look and feel of your space.

    Wooden window shutters aren’t going to look good on every window. For example, if your windows are longer than they are tall, it’s likely that window shutters aren’t going to be a great fit for your space. However, in areas where they work well with the surrounding decor and fit the windows just nicely, they can easily enhance the look and feel of your home, even potentially boosting your home’s value in the process.

  5. They’re easy to clean.

    If you currently have blinds in your home, or you’ve opted for curtains and drapes instead, you know very well just how difficult it can be to clean all of these items. Moving your curtains every time you need to dust and clean them can be tedious, especially on each of your windows. Similarly, no one wants to have to launder all of their curtains. Windows with shutters are easy to clean because they stay in place, are much firmer than blinds, and can quickly be wiped down and dusted with ease.

  6. Shutters are a better alternative for kids and pets.

    If you have kids or pets, safety is undoubtedly one of your top priorities. Curtains contain fabric and strings that can be easy to get caught in; more importantly, if these fabrics happen to be introduced to a heat source, they can quickly catch fire and spread it throughout their environment. Indoor shutters for windows address all of these problems - just close them up, lock them, and your furry friends and children will be ready to play!

  7. They improve energy efficiency.

    On hotter days, any sunlight introduced to your home will only raise the temperature further - this is where light regulation comes in. If you have windows with shutters, you can easily close off your space from light so that your air conditioner doesn’t have to work as hard to keep you cool throughout the day.

How much does window replacement cost

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