Top 6 Benefits of Folding Patio Glass Doors

Top 6 Benefits of Folding Patio Glass Doors
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What Are Folding Patio Glass Doors?

Folding patio glass doors are a style of exterior door that opens accordion-style in order to create a seamless flow from your indoor living space to your yard, deck, patio, or other outdoor living space. They are also commonly referred to as fold out patio doors, folding French patio doors, or tri-fold glass patio doors, and have gained traction thanks to features on home renovation TV shows, social media, and blogs in recent years.

How to Know if Folding Patio Glass Doors Are Right for You

How do you know if you should choose fold out patio doors for your home? This highly specific style has many benefits, as well as a few potential drawbacks depending on your space and your specific needs. Here are a few things to consider when deciding if fold back patio doors are right for you:

Top 6 Benefits of Folding Patio Doors

  1. Create A Seamless Indoor-Outdoor Living Space
    If you prioritize the ability to combine your indoor living area with your outdoor space on a regular basis, folding glass patio doors can’t be beaten. They are easy to use and offer as their primary feature the ability to be fully opened and stacked flat together against the side of the opening, making it seem as though there was never a door there at all! Turning your kitchen, living, and/or dining room into one giant outdoor living space works beautifully in many climates, and if the weather changes, the doors can easily be kept closed while still providing beautiful views.

  2. Allow for Maximum Natural Light
    Folding glass patio doors offer full window walls when closed that allow for abundant natural light to filter into your space. This means that even on rainy or inclement days, the light and your view are still available for you to enjoy from your indoor living space. When the doors are open, the folding design creates a wide opening with no gaps or breaks, allowing light and views in a way that no other style of window or exterior door can replicate!

  3. Elevate Your Style and Design
    The bold, contemporary look of fold out patio doors can instantly elevate the design of your home to new heights. Choosing to install folding glass patio doors in your home is not a DIY or weekend project - this is a serious commitment to improve the functionality and design of your home and change your lifestyle forever. In return, you will receive such a high-quality look that you’ll be the envy of the entire neighbourhood.

  4. Improve Resale Value
    Along with that high-design, high-functionality you’ll enjoy when choosing to install folding French patio doors comes improved resale value. In addition, installing folding French patio doors before selling your home adds a layer of security to your investment, knowing that this is a highly sought-after feature for potential buyers.

  5. Better Security Than Traditional Sliding Glass Doors
    There have been many reports of security issues with traditional glass sliding doors commonly used on patios and decks over the years. They are not the safest choice, due to being easy to lift out of the tracks and having only a single turn lock mechanism that can, unfortunately, be tampered with quite easily.
    Have you ever seen a traditional glass slider with a piece of wood laid on the inside track of the home in an effort to make it more secure? With folding glass patio doors, you won’t have to rely on a 2x4 for home security. It may seem counterintuitive that opening up the wall of your home to install fully opening glass doors can make your home MORE secure, but when compared to other available options, the multi-point locking system and enclosed track design make fold out patio doors the way to go.

  6. Flexible, Efficient, and Low Maintenance
    Folding glass patio doors are flexible in that you can have them open as wide or closed as much as you desire at different times of the year or day. They’re designed to maximize energy efficiency and keep the temperature inside your home even when closed. They also don’t take up as much space as you might imagine for a fully open wall due to their compact, stacking design. In terms of maintenance, they can be easier to clean than other styles of doors or windows with more panes and crevices, and shouldn’t require much maintenance when installed correctly.

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Common Questions About Folding Glass Patio Doors

It’s normal to have questions about the benefits of folding glass patio doors and whether installing them in your home is the right choice for you. Let’s take a look at some of the most commonly asked questions you may have about bi-fold patio doors:

  • What are the benefits of bifold doors?
    To recap the benefits, when you choose to install folding glass patio doors, you are opting for a seamless indoor-outdoor living space, maximum natural light, better security, high-quality style, improved resale value, flexibility, efficiency, and low maintenance.
  • Which is better, sliding doors or folding doors?
    Folding doors stand out above sliding door options due to the benefits of flexibility for opening and closing, vastly improved safety and security when closed and locked, and better design and functionality.
  • Which style of patio door is best?
    Folding glass patio doors are the number one choice for superior patio doors. They may be advertised as fold out patio doors, folding French patio doors, or tri-fold glass patio doors and offer the best function, design, and value for your home.

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