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Calgary Windows: Frequently Asked Questions

Calgary Windows: Frequently Asked Questions

If you live in the Calgary area and you are considering window replacement, you likely have several questions. How much does it typically cost? Should you repair or replace your windows? What types of windows are best to seal out the frigid winter air? Below, you can find answers to all the commonly-asked questions surrounding Calgary windows.
Replacement Windows Installation in Calgary

Replacement Windows Installation in Calgary

Though replacement windows installation in Calgary may seem simple enough, there is actually a great deal that can go into these projects. Understanding what is necessary and what it will take to make your home as efficient as possible before the work even begins will give you a better understanding of the installation process itself. The installation times and costs will vary based on several factors that are unique from home to home.
Replacement Windows Pricing in Calgary

Replacement Windows Pricing in Calgary

Replacement windows pricing in Calgary is a very important factor for most homeowners, and ultimately, it is the biggest factor when it comes to making important decisions. We will work with you to provide free, accurate estimates. Having a solid understanding of prices for Calgary windows and the various things that can affect these prices will help you make better choices for your needs and your budget.
Types of Replacement Windows in Calgary

Types of Replacement Windows in Calgary

There are several different things that make replacement windows in Calgary unique. These include the window style, the number of panes of glass, and even the materials from which the frames are made. You should understand the variations and how they work together in order to purchase the best possible windows to suit your home’s unique needs.
When to Replace Windows in Calgary

When to Replace Windows in Calgary

If you are wondering when to replace windows in Calgary to get the best results, there are two different ways to answer this question. First, you might be wondering about the signs that your old windows have become outdated and inefficient. On the other hand, you might be curious as to the best time of year to complete your replacement project to avoid discomfort, prolonged waits, or extra charges.

Calgary Replacement Windows


Get brand new energy efficient windows in Calgary!

  • 0% interest with in-house financing
  • Choose from a wide selection of frames and styles
  • Cut down on the energy bill
  • No extra charges for removal
  • Free estimates
  • Warranty on all products

Windows have always been an important part of the architectural component and have attracted plenty of attention. No wonder that throughout the history of humanity the requirements for their quality and functionality were continuously growing and people wanted improve their living conditions by means of replacement windows Calgary.

Now the performance of windows is no longer limited to the amount of light transmitted. Modern windows Calgary must keep warmth; protect the house from noise, dust and ultraviolet radiation. Their appearance should be pleasing to the eye of their happy owners, and the consistent quality (durability and ease of easy) should make them easier to operate. In addition, the price for replacement windows should be more than affordable.

Nowadays, there are technologies, structures and materials thanks to which windows have surpassed the wildest expectations of people. We are talking about window constructions made of polyvinyl chloride - PVC and our Calgary windows replacement company will allow you to get these vinyl windows in the easiest way.


Windows made of PVC-profile (vinyl windows) are gaining an increasing popularity for a reason. No other structure has a better set of consumer characteristics.

Here are just a few of the properties of vinyl windows.

Versatility. Vinyl windows Calgary can be used in almost any room. Their size is limited only by common sense, and their form depends exclusively on the imagination of the customer.

Durability. Windows made of PVC profiles can last for more than 40 years. At that, they do not require any special care; they do not need painting or repair. Plastic cannot absorb moisture physically. Therefore, such windows can easily withhold rain, snow and wind.

Heat and noise insulation. Modern vinyl windows Calgary can protect against "external stimuli" way better than conventional wooden ones; they can be used at temperatures from -50 to +60 °C. In winter, vinyl windows retain heat in homes and offices and in summer they do not let the heat in; they keep dust out and significantly improve sound comfort even if you live in an apartment overlooking busy roads such as Macleod Trail. Moreover, neither the heat nor cold can spoil the appearance of the windows themselves which makes the replacement windows in Calgary vital for offices.

Appearance. Vinyl windows look modern and their concise design is suitable for almost any décor and it is one more reason why replacement windows are so popular in Calgary. In addition, PVC windows are not only white. A technology makes it possible to pick the color and "texture" of the window in accordance to the wishes of a particular customer.

Reliability. It is a manufacturer of a PVC profile that lays the foundations for the reliability of finished windows Calgary. All of the advantages of vinyl windows are directly dependent on the quality of the profile, which is due to several components:

  • The number of chambers and the wall thickness affect the strength of the window, sound and heat insulation and the reaction to various temperature effects;
  • Compliance with a production technology, which undoubtedly is the basis of high quality products. Environmental performance and fire safety.

For the environmental safety of vinyl windows speaks the fact that they are actively used in children's and medical institutions so If you are looking to be greener and conserve energy then our windows are the answer you are looking for.

We have actually opened an office in Calgary so you can contact us in person or online – whichever is more convenient for you. We need a lot of actions from Canadians today in order to save the plant together and make Canada greener so choose our windows to be on the safe side and also save money. You can contact us at any convenient time and a qualified professional will carry out a free estimation of the project at hand, leaving you with great windows that don’t just look great but are also wonderful for the environment. You will feel much safer in your home, knowing that you are not wasting energy due to a leak in badly insulated windows.

We are local, reliable and extremely easy and pleasant to deal with! Please visit our Calgary office at:

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Windows Replacement Guide: Perfect Window Types for your House in Calgary

Windows market in Calgary is full of surprises, because manufacturers can create any craziest replacement windows design to match your unique project. But before you get to the complicated and long process of ordering one-of-a-kind vinyl windows for your home, check more classic options that will be cheaper and easier to get. Who knows, maybe you will find something matching?

Casement Windows

Casement windows are hinged on only one side and open outward to the right or left. According to Calgary designers casement windows are great if you need large amounts of ventilation in the room and at the same time need windows to be easy to operate. Vinyl casement windows are ideal for any kind of home style and any room of the house.

Awning Windows

Awning windows are hanged at the top and also open outward. If compared to casement windows, awning vinyl windows are wider, whereas casement ones are taller. According to windows installation experts from Calgary, awnings windows are ideal for kitchens and hard to reach places in your home. They are great in terms of security and safety owing to their construction specifics. In case rains are common in your area, these are replacement windows you have been looking for.

Single-/Double-Hung Windows

Single-hung windows have a top section that cannot be open, whereas double-hung vinyl windows have this possibility. This replacement windows construction, according to Calgary experts, is the oldest one existing today. These windows are one of the greatest in terms of energy efficiency and stylish look of the attractive beveled sash.

Bay & Bow Windows

Regardless of the fact that these are two different types of windows to replace bay and bow windows are most frequently described together by the Calgary windows experts, because they are also used together. These vinyl windows are easy to operate and they are one of the greatest in terms of visual appeal. If your house needs some stylish touch and more light, then bay and bow windows are your best shot.

Glider Windows

Glider vinyl windows offer easy horizontal sash movement and are mostly used in places where operational access might be difficult as well as awning replacement windows. Most frequently, according to Calgary windows installation experts, glider windows are used above kitchen sinks on in the bathroom. As these windows are available in right, left, and triple sash configurations you can choose construction that will work best for your home design requirements.

Fixed Windows

Fixed windows are most frequently called picture windows, because they are used to create glass walls in the rooms and add natural light. As Calgary professionals rush to remind, fixed vinyl windows do not open so cannot add fresh air to the space. As a rule, these windows are combined with other windows types during installation, in order to get most of the replacement project – more light from picture windows and more air from other windows type. Designers frequently use fixed windows for projects having great outside view.

Most Popular Window Styles in Calgary

When the time to choose new windows comes on your porch it is very important to understand how much choice you have. You need to look through the materials and glass features that your dealer can offer you, but undoubtedly, to insure the best efficiency of your new vinyl windows you have to know the main windows style available in the Calgary market. Below you will find five most common and handy window styles to match your needs and requirements.


Casement vinyl windows are hinged on the right- or left-hand side and they open outward with a special turn of a crank handle. The greatest benefit of casement windows is the amount of fresh air that they provide the house with. Moreover, casement windows offer one of the best insulations to the house, which results in the absolute absence of air-leakage possibility and perfect noise reduction. The only downside you may face, according to Calgary windows experts is that as itswings out, you cannot install casement windows near a walkway or a deck.


Hung windows come in single- and double-hung options. Both kinds have sashes (which are movable panels) that can slide vertically to open and close. According to homeowners the construction of hung windows offers a natural convection inside of the house. As a result you get cool air coming in at the bottom of the window and warm air can easily escape out at the top. Most models of these vinyl windows tilt inward which makes them perfect for bedrooms and bathrooms.

Fixed (or Picture)

The main characteristic of these windows is that they cannot be opened, which actually gives the name to these vinyl windows. Most frequently homeowners in Calgary use picture windows to create a great view from their homes onto the backyards. As thesewindowsoffer a great variety of shapes, any possible design can be put into life. However, when installing picture windows you need to remember about the absence of ventilation and combine them with any other windows so that you can get fresh air in the room.


Construction of awning vinyl windows is similar to a casement style, but the former are hinged at the top. The greatest advantage of these windows is that they can be left open even if it rains owing to the fact that the glass slopes downward when the window is extended. Awning windows are also frequently installed in houses with height ceilings as a way for the hot air to escape the room.


And the last most frequently used windows type in Calgary is gliding window. Gliding windows also got their name from the function and construction, because when opened one panel slides to the side. The main advantage of these windows is that it is easy to open them and that they open outward which makes them perfect forwalkway and patio spaces. You can also add fixed screens to enlarge the amount of natural light coming in.


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