Entry Doors 101: Your Guide to Front Door Styles and Types

Entry doors accomplish quite a bit for a home element that many people take for granted. From providing security to aiding in the control of the indoor environment to improving the visual appeal of the home, they do a lot. It stands to reason that you would want to look at front door ideas that please in more way than one. Whether you want contemporary front doors or something more traditional, there are door options that you should consider closely. Here are examples of the most popular styles and types on the market today.

Wood Doors

Without a doubt, wood entry doors remain the most popular solution for many homeowners. You can depend on the modern wood front door to be made using materials that meet rigorous testing and are designed to hold up well for decades. In fact, the typical wood front door Canada is likely to provide fifty or more years of excellent performance when maintained properly.

As you consider options for wooden front doors, there are plenty to consider. Whether you need a standard size, a large front door, or a small front door, there are plenty of manufacturers who can accommodate the need. As to front door colours, go with standard options or work with a professional to develop a custom colour. From a modern front door to a traditional one, the options offered with wooden doors are varied.

Steel Doors

While wooden front doors remain popular, don’t underestimate the benefits that metal front doors have to offer. Most options for entry doors are made using steel. While these types of exterior entry doors were once considered solutions for commercial and industrial structures, there are styles and designs that are ideal for a private residence.

If it can be done using wood, it’s possible to use metal as the material of choice. You can have your arched front door made using steel, then coat it with the colour. of your choice. In fact, it’s not hard to find front door images that demonstrate the versatility of metal for exterior doors of all kinds. Add in the fact that steel accentuates the degree of front door security that you enjoy, and it’s easy to see why this is an option you should consider.

Fiberglass Doors

There’s a lot to be said for considering fibreglass entry doors for your home. In terms of price, these types of doors are competitive with other materials. Along with the reasonable door replacement cost, there’s no limits on design choices either. You can easily find any style that fits your home and use fibreglass for the finished design.

There’s no sacrifice in terms of sturdy construction if you opt for these types of front entry doors. There’s no warping, cracking, or rotting to contend with. You also don’t have to be concerned about rust developing with fibreglass. If you’re looking for a low-maintenance solution, this one is worth discussing with your contractor.

Clear Glass Doors

There’s something inviting about the use of clear glass doors for different points of entry. The simplicity of the solution is one benefit. It’s easy enough to dress up these types of front entry doors or you can choose to leave them as plain as you like. The same is true if you use the clear glass for back doors or side doors that open to your garden.

You may have concerns about energy efficiency. That’s not a problem with today’s glass front doors. Double and triple pane glass creates an effective barrier that prevents heat and cold transference. In fact, you may find them as efficient or even more efficient than some of the other materials used for entry doors.

When considering this door replacement, feel free to talk with a professional about using some sort of tinted clear glass. The tint can make it easy for you to look out while preventing others from being able to look into your home. Tinted glass can also help reduce damage to the carpeting and other elements that may occur due to direct sunlight streaming through the door.

Stained Glass Doors

There’s something welcoming about the use of stained glass as part of a front door design. These front doors for homes provide a little more detail that helps to make people want to come up to the door and hopefully be allowed inside. As a versatile approach, it’s easy to pick up colours that work well with the ones you use for the home exterior, and possibly even incorporate some of your favourites at the same time.

Just as any of the other options for glass doors, using stained glass does not mean you have to deal with a loss of energy efficiency. Today’s stained glass provides plenty of protection from the elements. It also does a good job of holding the heated or cooled air inside the home during any season. Rest assured these exterior front doors are as effective as they are attractive.

Internal Grill Doors

This is a type of front door design that helps to add a little more security to the home. In fact, this may be a feature that you want to consider when glass is the material of choice. Some designs call for mounting the grill between two plates of double or triple pane glass. Other designs involve including a glass section in a wooden door and then protecting it with a grill that’s attached on the inside or the outside.

With any of these options, the presence of the grill does not interfere with the view or block sunlight from entering the home. These front doors Canada can be ideal in many urban settings, but they work just as well with rural ones.

Doors With Internal Blinds

There are also front entrance doors that include blinds in the design. Some of them are similar to the grill doors, in that the blinds are encased between two plates of glass. Others make use of internal blinds that make it easy to block or leave open a section of glass that’s situated in the upper portion of a wood, metal, or fibreglass door.

With this design, you may expect some difference the front door prices as compared to more simplistic designs. The good news is that the front door sizes for this design are just as varied as any other option. You can bet that this kind of house front door will add function as well as provide the security and privacy that you desire.

Executive Doors

Executive doors are designed to help enhance the look of a point of entry. The selection of door panels, materials, colours, and even the hardware help to create a look that’s timeless, classic, and conveys an air of personal style.

Executive doors can be made using all sorts of materials. They can be steel entry doors, wooden doors, or made using fibreglass. This kind of front door replacement may be a standard front door size or it can be customized to any size that you need. Elements like glass that’s etched, stained, or frosted may also be part of the design.

In terms of price, it’s not unusual for the front door replacement cost for an executive door to be a little more than other options. The additional cost is more than justified considering the element of personal style and sophistication that this particular solution offers. You will find that the final front door cost is worth it.

Garden Steel Insulated Doors

If you have a side entrance that opens onto a patio or a garden area, the use of garden steel insulated doors is essential. Doors of this type provide all the functions that you could want. With a combination of steel framing and tempered glass, it’s easy to be inside and enjoy the view of your garden. When outside, the doors add a graceful element to the exterior that makes the space more welcoming.

You can go with double entry doors that open inward or outward. There are also some designs that will slide and recess if you like. When you talk with a contractor about a front door replacement, consider installing this option for your side entrance. It’s sure to be an asset in the years to come.

Sliding Doors

There are several options for sliding doors that you will want to consider as a proper patio door replacement. You can go with doors that include large panes or go with designs that include a series of smaller panes. The goal is to allow plenty of light into the home while also allowing you to enjoy the view.

Of course, there’s no rule that says these types of entry doors Canada have to use clear glass. Feel free to explore other options that would fit your sense of style and the way you choose to live at home. Along with the standard options for a sliding door replacement, customization ensure that the look you end up with is perfect.

While considering sliding doors for the patio entrance, consider the idea of adding a replacement sliding patio screen door to the mix. This second layer makes it easy to open your sliding doors to allow a breeze into the house. The screen can remain closed to ensure that insects don’t find their way indoors.

Dutch Doors

Sometimes called half doors, Dutch Doors come with two different sections that can be locked to create a solid door. With this design, you can open the top half of the door with ease and allow in light and air while keeping the bottom half closed. This option is most commonly used for back doors.

You can opt for a Dutch door that uses glass in the top portion while the bottom is composed of wood, metal, or fibreglass. These doors can be as ornate or as simple as you like. That makes it easy to come up with an exterior door replacement that works with your home’s design.

The door glass replacement for a Dutch door is relatively simple, given the size of the pane or panes used for the design. Opt for reinforced glass so that it resists cracking or breakage of any kind. Doing so helps to ensure the door provides the security you want for your home.

Double Doors

There’s something graceful and elegant about using double doors for your new front door. Doors of this type help to add a touch of drama and style to the main entrance, something that will make a positive impression on your guests. It also comes in handy when you need to bring in larger objects, since double doors are typically a little larger than a single front door.

Double front doors can include panels, glass panes, or be solid with little to no ornamentation. Take cues from the style of your home in order to determine what design elements should be included. You’ll find front doors for sale that come in varying widths and heights. That makes it all the easier to come up with a solution that works for the framework of the main entrance.

French Doors

French front doors are a type of double door that is worth considering. You may already use something like this for a side entrance into your garden. They can also be utilized for the main point of entry.

Like most glass entry doors, French doors can use one or more materials for the framework. In terms of glass, you want an option that’s energy efficient and also capable of withstanding attempt to break through. You can aid features like grills to the French doors if you would like a little more security.

In terms of style, you can run the gamut from traditional to modern entry doors. A contractor can help you select something that works well for your home and also provide some idea regarding the details and cost of the front door installation.

Custom Front Doors

Custom front doors are always a possibility. When looking at different front door styles, you may see elements of one or more styles that you would like to incorporate into the door for your front, back or side entrance. The good news is that many manufacturers are willing to work with you and come up with a design that’s just for you.

Custom entry doors can be based on existing styles for single front doors, double doors, half doors, or any other door one can imagine. The only real limitations are the dimensions of the framing itself, and the ability to alter that frame without causing any structural issues.

Material options with custom doors include wood, glass, metal, and fibreglass. You don’t have to settle for completely steel front doors if you would like to include elements like wood veneer, glass in the upper or lower parts of the door, or any other element you can consider. Tell the professional what you have in mind, take a look at the sketches, and make sure the design has all the elements you want. Once you approve the design, it will be possible to receive a quote for the manufacturing and the installation.

Are you wondering which type of entry door would work best for your home? The team at Canadian Choice Windows and Doors can help. Contact them today and discuss the door options they have to offer. Between the variety of styles and the ability to customize designs, you’re sure to find what you want.