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Tips for Replacing Windows

Although more than 90% of home owners will have to perform regular or vinyl windows replacement on their properties at some point, many of them put this project off for as long as possible because they feel overwhelmed regarding the various options that are available these days. However, this need not be the case. Below are some great tips to ensure that you know when to purchase windows in Calgary and how to choose the correct windows.


Your Home Has Become Colder or Hotter than Usual

A telltale sign that your home’s windows and doors may require replacement is when you notice that it has become warmer or colder than usual when spending time indoors.

This happens either because the insulation between the panes is no longer as effective as it used to be or in the case of wooden frames, they may have rotted to the point where there are now visible gaps between the panes and frames, allowing air to enter your home. Windows that are broken will also prevent your home from being as well-insulated as it used to be.


Install Energy Star Rated Windows

Before rushing off and choosing new windows in Calgary, it’s essential that you check with the company you intend using whether they use energy star rated units or not.

These windows will not only help keep the temperatures in your home as comfortable as possible all year round; over time, they will help save as much as 25% on your energy bills because of not having to use heating or air conditioning as often as before.

These days, energy star rated windows are available in double and triple pane options, meaning that you will be able to ensure that your family is kept as comfortable as possible throughout the year. While most homes will benefit substantially from replacing old single pane units with their double-paned alternatives, homes that are situated in areas that experience more severe temperature fluctuations will usually benefit more from having triple paned units installed. An additional benefit that can be experienced when installing double and triple paned units is that they will help reduce the amount of outside noise entering your home substantially.


Your Home’s Windows are Looking Old and Worn

Over time, all types of windows will start to look worn out. This will not only reduce the overall aesthetic appeal of your home on the outside; it could reduce its value substantially over time as well

which could be detrimental in the event of you needing to sell the property at a later stage. Not only will this cause you to have to reduce the selling price of your home; it will most likely end up being overlooked in favor of properties that look newer and more attractive.


Perform Vinyl Windows Replacement

Although many older homes have existing metal or wooden window frames, these will either be extremely expensive to replace with ‘original’ units or they will simply not be able to offer the same levels of energy efficiency as the newer vinyl windows replacement units.

In addition, when performing vinyl windows replacement, it is now possible to choose these units in a variety of different colors, meaning that it will be easy for you to find the perfect one to match the rest of your home’s exterior.


You Aren’t Sure Which Windows and Doors Company to Use

These days, there are thousands of companies who replace windows in Calgary. However, not all of them are accredited, insured or have employees that are experienced in replacing windows and doors.

This will either result in you being supplied with units that are of inferior quality or not energy star rated or you will have to deal with an installation that has not been performed according to current industry standards.


Only Use an Accredited Company to Install Windows in Calgary

Although the attraction of lower pricing may tempt you into wanting to accept the cheaper quote or estimate for vinyl windows replacement, this is not recommended at all.

Before allowing any company to perform windows and doors installation on your property, it is crucial to ensure that they provide you with proof of their industry accreditation and insurance. This will protect you in the event of anything going wrong during installation and it will ensure that you are provided with top quality widow products. An accredited and reputable company will ensure that you are provided with a fair warranty on workmanship and products as well.


You Don’t Know What Type of Windows to Install

Nowadays, there are many types of windows to choose from, such as aluminum, vinyl and wood frames, as well as numerous styles that each frame type is available in.

This can make it difficult to choose windows that will be the most practical for you and your family as well as the right fit for your home appearance wise. Choosing the wrong type of windows will be a costly mistake to rectify.


Speak with Expert Installers

If you are struggling to choose the right windows and doors for your home, it’s recommended that you speak with expert installers such as us before entering into any contract.

Our professional installation teams will be able to provide you with advice regarding which window types will be best for your home and family. For example, if you have young children, you will not want to install windows that are too easy for them to open and fall out of. If you live in an area that experiences a lot of rain and snowfall, they may recommend awning windows that will still allow airflow during inclement weather.

Here at Canadian Choice Windows & Doors™, we pride ourselves in providing clients like you with the best quality products at the most affordable prices possible. If you would like to find out more about having replacement windows installed in your home or you are unsure if your existing units require replacement, speak with our team today.

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