Top 8 Benefits of Tilt and Turn Patio Doors

Top 8 Benefits of Tilt and Turn Patio Doors
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Reviewed by Bryan Baeumler

When embarking on your home renovation process, there are countless details and decisions to keep in mind. One of the elements of your home that has the strongest impact on its livability, and is often overlooked in the process of building or renovating, is choosing your windows and doors.

New processes and technologies have flooded the market with updated models of windows and doors, each with a variety of functions. These days, windows and doors can be customized in terms of material, frame, size, shape, glass, windowpane technology, colour, hardware, and more.

With so many options, when you need to choose a window or door for your home, where do you begin?

One potential place to start is by looking at a style called “tilt and turn.” This unique style offers performance, durability, security, and efficiency.

What Are Tilt and Turn Patio Doors?

Tilt and turn windows open two ways: they tilt out slightly so the top of the frame is open, allowing air to enter the space without leaving the space wide open to the outdoors, AND they open fully within the frame so that you can access the entire window space.

Tilt and turn patio doors operate in very much the same way - they tilt out from the bottom just like a window does, allowing you to “crack” the door open for a bit of airflow in a much more secure way than just leaving your door open a bit. They also function as normal French patio doors.

This functionality is achieved with a tilt and turn bottom hinge that allows the doors to open from the bottom. This specialized tilt and turn hardware makes your choice of doors much more functional and secure!

What Are the Top 8 Benefits of Tilt and Turn Patio Doors?

  1. Ventilation
    With the tilting option, it’s easier than ever to improve the ventilation in your home. Having easy access to use natural air flow reduces your energy costs – and who doesn’t love fresh air?

  2. Security
    Some people may resist opening their patio doors and windows at certain times due to security. It makes perfect sense that you wouldn’t want to leave your door open while you’re sleeping if someone could access your home through it, so being able to rest securely with open ventilation is a game-changer.

  3. Aesthetics
    Tilt and turn patio doors come in a wide variety of styles and have an aesthetically pleasing, high-quality look.

  4. Exit Access
    One of the main benefits of tilt and turn patio doors is that they’re just as easy to use for indoor/outdoor access as they are to leave securely open for airflow. This dual functionality is an unmatched benefit, especially in the case that you find yourself needing to use your tilt and turn windows or doors as a fire exit from your home.

  5. Improved Air Seal Efficiency
    One of the main problems with windows and doors in your home is that air leaks through the gaps. Tilt and turn windows and doors have improved air seal efficiency due to their unique design, meaning your home stays colder when it’s hot out and warmer when it’s cool.

  6. Cleaning Access
    Tilt and turn windows and doors also offer the ability to easily reach and clean both sides from the inside. On higher floors, this is an especially useful feature, because you will not have to pay to have someone access them from the outside for cleaning once or twice a year, but can instead keep them clean yourself year-round.

  7. Flexible Options
    Many tilt and turn patio doors have hidden sashes or hinges for a frameless look and stylish design. They also come in many sizes, and the features of tilt and turn patio doors allow them to be a very large size and still be functional so that you can maximize natural light and fresh air in your space. Ultimately, what you get with this choice is flexibility and the option to choose a style and function that works for you in the moment, not limiting yourself to the features of a single-function window or door.

  8. Space Saving
    Because of the tilt-out feature, tilt and turn patio doors can be space-saving. You can place furniture closer to the doors themselves and still have access to open them a bit as needed. If you live in a small space where every corner counts, choosing tilt and turn patio doors can help you make the most of the square footage.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the advantages of tilt and turn windows?
    Tilt and turn patio doors are safer and more secure, more environmentally friendly, more aesthetically pleasing, and highly customizable.
  • Are tilt and turn windows more secure?
    Yes! As they offer the functionality to be left slightly open without allowing access to your indoor space, tilt and turn windows are much more secure.
  • Which is better, tilt and turn or casement windows?
    Traditional casement windows are great for a variety of spaces, but tilt and turn windows offer enhanced functionality, security, ease of cleaning, ventilation, and many other benefits, making them the superior choice.

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Reviewed by Bryan Baeumler

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