Frequently Asked Questions

Canadian homeowners may have some questions on the implementation of windows and doors. If you ever find yourself stuck during your home renovation project, Canadian Choice Windows and Doors™ is here to bring you our insights. Some of the most Frequently Asked Questions we’ve received are:

Is It Normal for Windows to Leak?

Windows subject to constant usage tend to develop air and water leakages over time. This is otherwise known as air and water infiltration with the latter being more visible by condensing on your windowsill. This is because windows are manufactured with weep holes which allow for internal water drainage and can cause a buildup of water during various weather conditions on your windowsill.

Is Condensation on Windows Bad?

Condensation happens when excessive humidity forms on a cold window pane covered with a thin film of water. This problem became incredibly apparent on a humid summer day on cold glass. A change in temperature with no change in water can result in an even greater increase in humidity, eventually reaching the point of dew. Further temperatures decrease, forcing some vapour to condense as water if the temperature is higher than freezing temperature. If it is lower than freezing outside, frost can appear on the window pane. Excessive condensation may require a call back on your windows science excessive condensation may result in mould or mildew growth, especially when it occurs on the inside of your windows. Visibility can become limited and adjacent walls and floors may also require additional maintenance.

This may lead in severe cases to wood rotting and deterioration of paint and paint. Condensation may arise from sub-par window manufacturing, improper window installation or poor maintenance, this is even possible in well-built homes subject to moisture problems.

Should Windows Condense?

Quality-made replacement window models should not have to deal with condensation due to their internally thermal insulating chambers and condensation-resistant design. Its may also be a sign of old age at which you should replace your windows to prevent further darfts, condensation and potential adjacent wood rotting, mould and mildew growth and more in severe cases. New premium-quality DraftLOCK windows ensure an airtight, energy efficient design to keep your home comfier, cosier and cleaner.

Where Does Condensation Happen on a Window?

Window condensation tends to occur on the meeting rail and lower sash bottoms of the glass interior. This is due to the cooling down of warm air that falls on the interior pane dealing with a decreasing atmospheric temperature in your window’s interior. When the air contacts the meeting rail at its horizontal surface, the rate of air temperature drop of the air slows down to allow trapped water vapour to escape. This air rolls over the meeting rail edge and gains speed until it hits the sash’s lower handle where your window meets the windowsill. Here, the water vapour exits again and may lead to water leaks.

What Steps Can Be Taken to Reduce Condensation?

Home occupants can take various simple steps in reducing window condensation in their homes. Consumers must understand that a reduced humidity level works to decrease coolness in the home; this would be the first step in reducing condensation. Hence, the humidity level in the home must be determined.

This requires regular monitoring as the outside temperature changes constantly. Consumers could also implement a hygrometer which is the device designed to measure humidity. A good hygrometer allows the consumer to keep track of the temperature constantly to take the right steps on reducing humidity and condensation.

Consumers should be aware of the degree of humidity inside the home based on the outside temperature as follows:

Outside Temperature °F Inside Relative Humidity
20°F to 40°F Under 40%
10°F to 20°F Under 35%
0°F to 10°F Under 30%
-10°F to 0°F Under 25%
Below -10°F Under 20%

What Is “Window Sweating”?

Window sweating is the result of consideration on your window panes when the window experiences a large temperature imbalance between its interior and exterior panes. This phenomenon seldom happens on walls which are normally warmer which tend to dissipate the condenstraon. Extreme cases of window sweating can lead to mildew and/or mould growth and should be taken care of by a professional imemedatewly. Contact your local Canadian Choice Windows and Doors customer service team today!

What Are the Causes of Window Condensation?

Moisture in the air along with temperature imbalances can result in condensation on your windows, especially if they are sub-standard models. Even things such as breathing and sweating in the home can increase the amount of water vapour in the air on a daily basis which can increase the likelihood of window condensation.

Any activity in the home that uses water will generate more air moisture. Whether it’s cooking, taking a shower, laundry or more. It’s important to learn the different causes in order to know how to counter them. Excessive moisture in the home could surface through:

  • Dripping faucets
  • Containers with water such as pet water bowls and
  • fish tanks
  • Indoor drying of clothes
  • Leaking indoor clothes dryers
  • Gas-based cooking where moisture is released
  • as a by-product of gas combustion
  • Open toilet lids with more evaporation happening
  • Turned off exhaust fans during baths and showers
  • which allow moisture to be retained
  • Excessive use of steamers, teapots and plant misters
  • Sweating on building slabs without a vapour barrier
  • Over using of humidifiers
  • Faulty plumbing
  • Leaking hot water heaters
  • Faulty water piping
  • Too many indoor plants that require regular watering
  • Saunas and hot tubs
  • Outdoor drainage that tends to hold water
  • Faulty sprinkler system
  • Faulty shower piping, seals or faucets
  • Faulty refrigerators or ice machines
  • Poor ventilation in bathrooms
  • Excessive use of air conditioning
  • Tight doors that prevent air circulation out of the room.
  • Open water containers for soaking clothes in the house
  • Excessive wet clothing, wipe towels and washrags in the
  • kitchen and bathrooms
  • Leaking of rainwater into the attic
  • Open space gas heaters turned at high room temperatures
  • Faulty cooling system that holds back moisture
  • Wet floors

How Can Window Condensation be Reduced?

Window condensation can be reduced by controlling the degree of humidity with a higher level of air movement generated. This will prevent the same air from becoming trapped within your window’s interior, leading to the aforementioned condensation on your interior panes. This will happen because with this system, as the exterior temperature will decrease, your window’s interior humidity level will also decrease accordingly.

What Professional Assistance Can I Get?

Canadian Choice Windows and Doors™ provides the best of affordable, premium energy efficient replacement windows and doors. Our predictions are locally manufactured and equipped with our newly developed DraftLOCK technology, designed to provide the best of window performance and style at the best prices. If you ever have a window condensation issue, our licensed trained in-house experienced customer service team is here to listen and address your concerns as soon as possible.

We are Proud of Our Reputation:

Money Well Spent
Windows & Doors Installation & Service in Concord

I had Canadian Choice and 2 other companies come out to give me a quote. By far Canadian Choice was the most professional and the price was fair. We dealt with the sales representative Jemal, who was polite and very informative. He even came by after installation, which we did not expect, but we're delighted he did. We had 10 windows installed and will be doing our last 6 basement windows and doors with Jemal and Canadian Choice in the spring.

Great company, great service and Great pricing.

Window installation
Windows & Doors Installation & Service in Hamilton

We had another five windows replaced on our home. This is a total of seven this year and again, the quality and service is excellent. We will be calling next year for more windows. Thank you Odka and his crew for another job well done.

Entry doors and window
Windows & Doors Installation & Service review in Fort Erie

So pleased with our new entry doors and window!! The whole process was a pleasure, starting with our sales rep, Joe, he took the time to explain everything to us, and help us decide on which products to get. Day of install was a breeze, our installer was very meticulous and took his time installing and making sure everything was perfect. We're so happy with everything that we're going to do the rest of the house in time. I will be contacting Canada Choice again and I recommend them to all my friends and family!!

Windows and Doors
Windows & Doors Installation & Service review in Airdrie

3 main floor windows and 3 man doors changed in one day by 3 knowledgeable, masked and gloved employees respecting the current virus circumstances. Had excellent service and staff - very happy with the products

Window replacement
Windows & Doors Installation & Service review in Edmonton

I have ordered windows two different times of which the first time had some issues but it took no time at all to have the glass replaced and repairs made. No fuss, no muss. They listened to my issues and repaired them.

The second order was quick and fast. I have a high end home, and these people took very good care of my floors and belongings as they worked. Their clean up was second to none inside and out.

All day long long I would say they do a great job and would hesitate to use them again, which I am as I placed another order.

I know good work and trades as I dealt with trades for 37 years as a adjuster and project manager. I have done from 100 dollars to 10 million dollars, I would not be afraid to use on anyone of them.

Window replacement
Windows & Doors Installation & Service review in Calgary

Absolutely made the right decision to get Canadian Choice Windows and Doors to replace not only the damage windows (cause by hail) but the for the entire house. Big thanks to Bob for recommending the casement type, it's gorgeous! Kudos to Orest and Andrew , the installer, for great, fast and awesome work. Good job guys! Thanks.

Very Professional

Sales representative was communicated very well. Went out of his way to research options that fit our needs/requests. Installers were very professional. Lined and protected floors and wore masks when in the house. Very happy with the end product. Would definitely recommend. Had complements from neighbors already. I think one neighbor has already booked his own installation with them. Money well spent.

Windows Replacement
Windows & Doors Installation & Service review in Prince George

Great service, very professional installers!
Olga, the sales rep, provided a very competitive quote, answered any questions we had. Sergei and the crew did an excellent job. The installation of 11 windows was done in a day.
Thank you! We highly recommend their work.

Windows and doors
Windows & Doors Installation & Service review in Port Coquitlam

We had 6 windows and 2 sliding doors replaced. Our representative Adriano was very knowledgable and friendly. He was always available for any questions or concerns. The installation was professional and fast. All work was completed on time as promised. We love our new windows and doors and will definitely have additional windows replaced by them when needed. We would highly recommend.

Window Replacement
Windows & Doors Installation & Service review in Winnipeg

Window Review
Excellent service right from start to finish. Kevin and James did the installation and did an amazing job. True professionals. They came in and put tarps over the floors to protect them. They replaced 9 windows and results are beautiful.
Once they were all done they cleaned everything up. We then did a walk around inside and out showing us each and every window to make sure each one met with our expectations.
We are extremely happy with our new windows and highly recommend Canadian Choice.

Great windows and installation
Windows & Doors Installation & Service review in Winnipeg

We had all our main-floor windows (except the big picture window) replaced two years ago by Canadian Choice, and finally got the big picture window replaced this week. The sales representative, the installation team, and the office team all showed great professionalism, courtesy, and helpfulness in answering our various questions.
The installation team showed great skill, were careful not to damage any property, and even did a superb clean-up after their work was finished.
We were quite surprised at how quickly the work was completed, and how great the results turned out! We would gladly recommend this company to anyone without hesitation,

We would recommend this company and their product to anyone.

Good quality product and installation with low price

I replaced five windows/patio doors last year from Canadian Choice Windows and Doors. Stan came to my place multiple times and offered answers to lots of questions we had, and Yuri came to install windows last September. I received quotes from at least 5-6 companies and Canadian Choice was the 2nd lowest in terms of price. The quality of the windows may not be the top but it was very good. I waited until spring to write a review after winter season. No problem whatsoever. I will definitely order rest of windows in my house from them and strongly recommend Canadian Choice.

2 Projects: (1) replace all windows; (2) replace front door
Windows & Doors Installation & Service review in Ottawa

Approximate cost is for both projects. Windows were $22K, front door $3K. We were very happy with the products and service provided by Canadian Choice. Marina was very helpful and responsive, providing good advice and responding to our questions. Yuri's installation work was well done. Both responded quickly to our calls or emails, and advised us in advance if work had to be delayed for some reason. We would recommend Canadian Choice to anyone looking to replace doors or windows.
Raja & Mark Bailey

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