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Architectural Replacement Windows

Architectural Windows

Architectural windows are exquisitely designed to accentuate the contours of the home for enhanced beauty. Canadian Choice™ offers a wide array of architectural vinyl windows in various sizes and shapes depending on the consumer’s preference and request.

Special Offerings

Customized architectural windows are possible to suit the property structure and design. Custom replacement architectural windows could come in any favorite color or finishes with over 300 options from Canadian Choice Windows & Doors™.

Architectural windows Toronto supplier, Canadian Choice™, has been long established in the market as a high quality window provider from products to installation and replacement services. These quality windows are able to stand the test of time and harsh Canadian climates without premature aging and dullness.

A well-designed architectural window installed by Canadian Choice™ in any home or property will exude beauty today and for years to come. This is caused by the manufacturing formulation via state-of-the-art technologies and window design innovations. It is amazing that different architectural window designs could accommodate the different property structures in enhancing the aesthetics of the premise inside out.

Our valued customers have the option of creative curves and arches for more light to enter architectural window designs or install floor-to-ceiling windows- With high walls this impressive look will wow any guest.

Customization for Personalization

A dream home is very personal where homeowners could dictate every piece of structure from start to finish on every floor and square feet. Customization of windows makes it a personalized project to develop the dream home with fabricated windows in specific shapes and sizes. These specialty windows are customized to allow homeowners the best of home designs which they could be proud of. This includes sophisticated curves and arches or unique or elegant multi-sided geometric shapes which consumers may conjure up with. Every creative demand on windows could be accommodated by Canadian Choice™ windows designers who could design and fabricate consumer’s preferences on architectural windows.

Features and Benefits

Customized architectural windows Toronto designs include fusion welded window frames and sash corners for extra strength and security. Such manufacturing formulation aids in preventing air infiltration into the home especially in the winter.

The design options sport multi-chambers for better insulation while preventing condensation. Sash and frame are usually applied with an extruded flexible seal and an interior glazing system for more effective waterproofing.

The exterior sash has a hidden front-facing drainage channel to enhance the aesthetics of the whole system from the inside. Well insulated double-strength window glass deploys an ultra-dual warm edge seal for higher energy efficiency. There are plenty of choices on high quality architectural windows regardless of the desired curves, sizes or shapes for an innovative home in Toronto through Canadian Choice™.

A distinct benefit with Canadian Choice™ architectural windows is the energy efficiency of these windows where low-emissive layers are formulated in the glass. The fabrication process of these windows at Canadian Choice™ is stringent and vigorous in testing to prove the product’s quality and functionality. Argon or krypton gas is piped into the sealed window to boost durability and energy efficiency.

Beautiful Vibrant Colours

Amazing water-based finishes! Accentuate the unique beauty of your home with the revolutionary new finishes and colours from Canadian Choice™. These finishes will not prematurely age or imbrittle your windows like some processes do and, thanks to newly incorporated scientific breakthroughs Canadian Choice's™ new process is dramatically better for weathering performance and the environment cause from over three hundred colours or colour-match your favourite shade. Enhance the beauty of your home with colours from Canadian Choice Windows™.

Canadian Choice Windows™ are not responsible for any change in colour or colour variances.

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