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Prepare your Windows for the Spring Season

The spring of 2016 is already on the porch and it means that you need to take care of your windows in order to make sure they are ready to the sudden changes of temperature and extra humidity. In this article we will discuss several most important steps for you to take in windows preparation for the upcoming warmer season.

Clean the Windows

When new life starts growing outside your house, it is just the right time to give your home new beginning. The best way to start something new today is to clean the house. Solid cleaning for your vinyl windows is a must-do before spring comes. Professional cleaners advise to start from thorough glass cleaning: first of all, wipe them down with warm soap water in order to get rid of surface dirt, dust and debris. After that use special cleaner so that you clean any hard-to-remove stains without ruining the structure of the glass itself. After the soap and chemicals cleaning, you need only to clean the glass from any detergents with warm water and then only dry them out. Below we prepared several pro tips that will help you in cleaning different dirt types.

Remove Debris from All Moving Parts

If your vinyl window contains a track, or in fact any mechanism which pivots or slides then windows experts advise to clean all debris from its moving path. The main things that you should clean this part of the window from are dust, dirt, sand, and various little particles of pebbles that usually gather in window recesses and guides. The easiest way to remove all these particles is to suck them with a vacuum cleaner and then wipe everything with a wet mop. In case there are some hard-to-reach places, you can use an old toothbrush.

Lubricate the Hardware

After the winter, when the windows are used not so often, even if you remove all debris from moving parts, some little particles and usually sand remains and so creates extra difficulties to the windows opening and closing. It means that after you clean everything, professionals from a window company in Toronto advise to lubricate all the tracks and hinges and do it at least once a year, but better every beginning of a season. The most handy and easy-to-get lubricant is silicone. It perfectly repels water and prevents any new debris from sticking to your new vinyl windows. Moreover, silicone is safe to use on almost all materials and makes absolutely no harm to the inhabitants of the house.

Have a Renovation Planned?

And the last thing we would like to mention as a part of preparing your windows to spring and summer season is to consider a windows replacement project. Toronto experts say that exactly spring and summer are considered as the most popular and favorable periods of the year to renovate or rebuild your old windows. If you have been considering a windows replacement project in Toronto this coming spring, then start preparing for it today to get the best prices for materials!

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