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You’ve grown tired of getting by with those older windows. It’s time to do something about them. That something is a full window replacement project for your property. That’s where we come in. Give us a call at 604-330-9839 to get started. By choosing to work with us, you’ll soon have windows that will provide lots of benefits for a long time. Let us tell you a little about them as well as what we have to offer.

Vinyl Windows

Not all vinyl windows are the same. With us, you don’t just get windows that meet the standards of the Canadian Standards Association; we surpass them. Only the best vinyl goes into the manufacturing of our windows. The result is a superior product that’s designed to last for decades.

Opting for vinyl allows you to avoid some of the potential issues with other kinds of window materials. There are no worries about decay due to exposure to the elements. Vinyl is resilient and will remain sturdy during the harshest seasons. You also won’t have to spend time sand, priming, and painting the window frames and sashes every few years. The color in our vinyl resists fading and remains true for a long time.

We also use only the best options for glass. Thanks to the inclusion of Low-E glass, you can look forward to more control of the indoor temperature. This Argon-filled solution offers a degree of thermal efficiency that’s hard to get with other types of glass. If you talk with some of our clients, don’t be surprised to learn that they’ve enjoyed as much as an annual 30% reduction in their heating and cooling cost since allowing us to install their new vinyl windows.

DraftLOCK™ Windows

If you’re going to spend good money for new windows, there are a few qualities that you want. They must help the home look better. You also want the windows to work perfectly every time. Remember they also must be energy-efficient. If you decide to go with our DraftLOCK™, enjoying these and other advantages will be a breeze.

You get all of these plus a few other benefits when you decide to install DraftLOCK™ windows. Enjoy being able to stand close to the window during any season and feel comfortable. There are no more cool or warm spots that make that area a little less than desirable. The thermal control is one of the ways that our windows help to reduce the amount of energy needed to heat and cool your home. You can tell the windows will do what we promise based on the superior Energy Star rating.

Here’s one more advantage: enhanced control of UV exposure. You already know what UV rays can do to upholstery and other elements in the home. Our design reduces UV rays and prevents that damage. Let in all the light that you want, knowing that everything is less subject to fading.

Interested? Call us 604-330-9839 and let’s talk about what our windows can do for you.

About Surrey

This wonderful city in the Metro Vancouver Regional District is considered the second largest in the province. Officially incorporated in 1879, Surrey today boasts a population of over 518,000 residents. Ethnically and linguistically diverse, the city offers a wide range of culture and entertainment that make it a welcoming place to live.

The city’s diversity extends to the job market. Technology, agriculture, manufacturing, health, education, and the arts are among the career paths found in Surrey. Along with employment opportunities, residents of Surrey have a number of choices for entertainment and culture. They include concerts, museums, festivals, and a thriving nightlife.

Why Us

There are other window and door replacement services out there. Why would you choose us over the others? We have some compelling reasons for you to think about:

  • More styles to choose from than many of the others. With us, you have the chance to consider the merits of 40 different styles. We also offer options for colours that the competition would find hard to match.
  • You won’t find anything to top our Our DraftLock™ technology anywhere. If you’re serious about making your home more energy efficient, we are the way to go. You could be among our customers who get to enjoy annual savings of up to 23% on your yearly energy costs.
  • No one can best our warranty. Since we produce the windows ourselves, we have complete control of the manufacturing process. That allows us to offer transferable warranties that are designed to last as long as the house stands.
  • Customer terms and conditions that you will love. With use, those who qualify are eligible for 0% financing with monthly installment payments that may be no more than $29.00 a month.
  • We’re a highly reputable company. Just ask our more than 80,000 satisfied customers. Over the years, we’ installed in excess of a million windows and doors. Need more evidence? Check out our more than two thousand positive reviews on HomeStars.
  • We make things easy. Each customer works with a project manager who ensures things are moving forward properly. Nothing is left to chance from the moment you hire us until the windows are installed and inspected.

Call us at 604-330-9839 today and find out more about what we can do for you. Once you select your windows and a start date is locked in, all you have to do is sit back and watch us work the magic.

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