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Bryan Baeumler

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North York’s Go-To Replacement Window and Door Manufacturing and Installation Service

Dealing with leaky window sills and cracked frames, or cold drafts at night and creaky door hinges? Not to worry - we’re here to bring you the best quality on the market with our premium window and door replacement products.

Endorsed by Bryan Baeumler, a home renovation expert, we pride ourselves on our professionalism and quality workmanship: that’s why we recommend DraftLOCK products for your home. Get only the best of quality, energy efficient window and door replacements at Canadian Choice Windows and Doors.

Discover the Canadian Choice North York Advantage

25-Year Warranty

As a manufacturer AND installer, we provide 25-year transferable warranties for our windows with the most extensive coverage options in the industry.

Excellent Reputation

Over 100,000 satisfied clients, 1M+ windows and doors, and over three thousand positive reviews on HomeStars.

Excellent Terms

DON’T pay for a year, OR get low monthly payments.

Window Diversity

Select from 40 unique styles and upgrade to ANY colour.

Expert Energy Efficiency

Uncover our DraftLock technology and save UP TO 60% on energy costs

Hassle-FREE Process

A dedicated North York project manager will help you take your project to new heights.


more than 1 million windows installed


more than 100,000 satisfied clients

10 years

Home Stars award winning company

Window Corner

High Quality North York Vinyl Replacement Windows and Doors

Protect your home for years to come with our superior transferable 25-year warranty. Choose from up to 40 unique distinct styles as well as ANY colour to design your home the way you want. Our experienced and dedicated personnel are here to make your dreams a reality.

We’re committed to ensuring that no household suffers creaky doors, cold drafts, or any other issues on our watch. Choose Canadian Choice Windows and Doors in North York and learn more about our exclusive window and door features and limited-time offers today!


North York’s #1 Replacement Window and Door Company

We’ve served North York for over 30+ years with our made in-house products and our licensed and trained-in house team. Our goal is to provide all North York residents with quality, energy efficient replacement window and door built to last.

Serving the GTA since the beginning, we’re committed to providing the best of replacement windows and doors with worry-FREE consultations, intuitive design and modelling, expert assistance, and punctual service every time. Contact your North York project manager today to find the ideal match for your home.

DraftLOCK Manufacturing
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Replacement Window and Door Series

DraftLOCK Slim Contour Series

Slim Contour Series

A great solution for larger windows, the slimmer frames and mullions on the draftLOCKTM Slim Contoured Series has a glazed surface area that allows more light into the room while maintaining a great view of the outdoors.

DraftLOCKplus Slim Contour Series

Slim Contour Series

This is our triple-pane window solution, with the same slimmer frames and mullions on the draftLOCKTM Slim Contoured Series. The Plus series is reinforced and designed with superior weight bearing features for greater durability and long-term performance. A top Energy Star performer with an industry record R-value and Most Efficient of 2021, this window series guarantees a 25% greater energy rating for your home. Hello Canada Greener Homes Grant!

Euro Series

Euro Series

Do you want to be the cool kid on the block? The Euro Series has the latest technology and style for modern homes. The Euro Series window tilts and swings open up to 180 degrees for more air flow control, greater outside views, and they are so easy to clean.

Entry Door Systems

Entry Door Systems

Our exterior doors are manufactured in Canada using high quality materials for ultimate durability and energy efficiency, which maximize your home’s curb appeal and market value. We offer a variety of additional sidelites and specialty shaped transoms.

Patio Doors

Patio Doors

Our Patio Doors are available in different styles including tilt and turn, bifold, sliding, and stacking.

Working directly with homeowners in North York and communities including, but not limited to: York, Scarborough, Vaughan, Richmond Hill, Markham, Easy York, Toronto and more!

HomeStars 2022
Energy Star

First Class Service
Unparalleled Performance

Our customer service team is here to bring you the best replacement window and door with style and a smile. We listen to your concerns and address them as soon as possible to bring you the best customer experience.

If you ever run into a manufacturing or installation issue, don’t worry: we’ll send one of our trusted technicians to fix the problem at NO cost to you. Our triple sealed vinyl window design, with additional internal insulation and multi-point lock features, keeps your home brighter and beautiful at LESS of a cost.

Our refined Low-E coating technology reflects heat during summers and cold during winters to keep your home comfier, cozier, and cost-efficient. Choose Canadian Choice Windows and Doors and discover more about our exclusive window and features and limited-time offers today!

Leak-Proof Performance

Our windows and doors are made with an advanced ASTM-approved acrylic system that eliminates unattractive rubber strips, which deteriorate over time, and securely bonds the sealed glass unit to the sash.

World Class Energy Efficient Glass Units

Glass units supplied from world-class manufacturers Cardinal I.G and Guardian Glass featuring exceptional LoĒ Glass Coatings.

Optional Foam Insulation

Foam insulation will increase the thermal efficiency of the window.

Premium Hardware

Superior quality hardware increases the durability of your windows and doors.

DraftLOCK™ Polymer Spacer System

Designed for consistent window performance durability.

100% Eco-Friendly & Recyclable

Constructed with the highest quality lead-free uPVC, all our windows are UV resistant and will not fade, discolour, warp, crack or peel.

Maximum Strength Profile Corners

For increased strength, all frame and sash corners are fusion welded throughout.

Super Efficient Frames & Sashes

Multiple-chamber frames and sashes ensure greater thermal efficiency and excellent soundproofing.

Slim Contoured Design for Contemporary Look

Contoured design creates a more modern aesthetic and feel.

Comparison Illustration
Industry Avg.
Comparison Illustration
Comparison Illustration

Comparison Illustration

Comparison Illustration

4 1/2 Frame
Slim Frame
Euro-finish Colours
Foam Filled
25-year Warranty
Energy Efficient
Energy Star
Energy Star
Energy Star 2023
Energy Star 2023
24Hr Technoform Spacer
Hidden Rubber Gaskets
Triple Glass 13/8

The images displayed on this website are for illustrative purposes only and may not fully represent the actual product.

1000s of Colours & Textured Finishes

Transform your home from ordinary to extraordinary with our new coloured & non-glare textured finishes. Available in a wide array of colours for your very own personalized look.

Our Most Popular Replacement Window Colours:

Rainware White Color Swatch
Sandalwood Color Swatch
Brownstone Color Swatch
Commercial Brown Color Swatch
Wedgewood Blue Color Swatch
Pebble Color Swatch
Venetian Red Color Swatch
Iron Ore Color Swatch

DraftLOCK Windows are definitely one of the most attractive and energy efficient windows on the market. Built to last and backed by an industry leading warranty, these windows are truly a great investment that will enhance the value of your home for years to come.


Best Home Window & Door Reviews

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Amit and Tisha
Amit and Tisha, Oshawa, ON
Sam and Liz
Sam and Liz, Toronto, ON
Liam and Mary
Liam and Mary, Hamilton, ON

14 Windows And Front Door Replaced

Windows & Doors Installation & Service in North York

Tony has been very responsive to all inquiries prior to, during and subsequent to the installations. While these windows are a little more expensive, the service and the finished product were well worth the investment. The installation crew arrived as agreed to, and were courteous and efficient. They left the site very clean. The head office staff are knowledgable and have dealt with all follow up queries in a timely manner. Thanks!

Window Replacement

Windows & Doors Installation & Service in North York

The entire process from contacting the company to having the windows replaced was without any problems. I had called several window companies before contacting Canada Choice Windows, but because I did not need all windows in the house replaced, they were not interested in a "small" job. At Canadian Choice Windows they were friendly right from the start and happy to help me. Oliver, who gave me the estimate and closed the contract, was on time, very professional and friendly. My windows were replaced earlier than anticipated which was very nice considering the colder weather. The installers accommodated me on a day that was convenient for me and were fast, professional, and cleaned up after the job. The windows work beautifully. Thank you for a nice experience! Petra

Stuning Doors And Windows

Windows & Doors Installation & Service in North York

I'm very happy with my new Door and Windows! It'S the second time I use Canadian Choice Windows, they always give me the best price and service! Thank you Oliver for your sympathy and professionalism! I'll be contacting you soon again!!

This Company Got The Job Done Really Well

Windows & Doors Installation & Service in North York

We needed to get some old windows replaced and called this company. The salesperson was friendly and helpful and the windows were ordered quickly and efficiently. The installation was done very well with Oliver's crew. They were neat, quick and polite. I was expecting to have to repaint around the new windows, but they installed the new windows perfectly and cleaned up beautifully afterwards. Thanks you for a job very well done. I would recommend this company.

Windows Replacement

Windows & Doors Installation & Service in North York

All lower level windows replacement. Job was done in an efficient manner, within 5 hours, as promised. We are very happy with their work and even went as far as to include the caulking for our patio door. The team answered and explained all my questions and concerns upon request. I really appreciated the high level of professionalism he is the team exhibited. I will definitely be recomending Canadian Choice windows and doors to my friends and family

Easy Financing Options
Affordable energy-efficient replacement windows and doors for every family.

We believe in every family’s right to affordable, durable, and energy efficient replacement window and door, and are here in North York to make it a reality.

Now with Enbridge's Home Efficiency Rebate Plus' Grant, get UP TO $5,600 covered off of your home window and door retrofitting costs to help save both the environment and your wallet!

Explore our comprehensive low monthly payment solutions, OR do NOT pay until 2025.


Bringing Quality to North York, One Home At A Time

No matter if you’re in a bungalow or a mansion, our team works hard to provide you with a FREE no-obligation quote and work with you to bring you the products and service you deserve.

Ranked the best of HomeStars for the past 7 years in a row, as well as servicing Canadians from across the country for over 30 years, we bring you quality vinyl replacement windows and doors.

replacement windows in North York
Certified Installer

Protect your home for years to come with our superior transferable 25-year warranty. Choose from up to 40 unique distinct styles as well as ANY colour to design your home the way you want. Our experienced and dedicated personnel are here to make your dreams a reality.

As North York’s #1 rated manufacturing and installation service, we deliver top-quality service across the country. Learn more about our premium and flexible coverage options today!

We Love Ontario!

Combining quality products with sustainable practices isn’t easy. We pride ourselves on using 100% eco-friendly and recyclable uPVC material in our energy efficient windows and doors to keep your home brighter, safer, and cozier with the help of our thermally insulating Low-E coating and triple sealed vinyl frames.

Find out how you can save up to 30% OFF your energy bills with Canadian Choice Windows and Doors.

Canadian Choice works with Home Efficiency Rebate Plus Grant, a program supplying up to $5,600 in coverage for homeowners retrofitting their windows and doors. Contact one of our dedicated North York representative today to determine your eligibility and find out how you can get more, for less!

We Love Ontario

North York Windows

Canadian Choice Windows

North York has become a home for thousands of Canadian citizens, as well as an attractive destination point for visitors. Being a suburb of Toronto, it is located in the north of York, Old Toronto, and East York between Etobicoke and Scarborough. Its population exceeds 800,000 citizens.

The labour force of North York represents 62% of the overall population. The largest share of citizens is engaged in the spheres of sales and services. At the same time, slightly more than 19% of North Yorkers work in the business, finance, and administration sectors, and almost 12% of the labour force is engaged in the managerial niche.

Despite being a promising economic hub, the district is a fascinating place to visit. Both inhabitants and tourists find joy in visiting Edwards Gardens and the Toronto Botanical Garden, as well as the Aga Khan Museum or Gibson House Museum. Bayview Village Shopping Centre also has a variety of engaging stores for a diverse population of buyers.

North York is a comfortable and promising city to live in, which is why many Canadians choose it to become their home in which they can purchase properties. The majority of households in North York, namely 54%, own their own private dwelling, and these residents require only the best quality of service, especially when it comes to home maintenance and window and door replacements in Toronto and the nearest towns. Fortunately, Canadian Choice Windows & Doors can help almost 138,000 families with high-quality window and door replacements.

Take advantage of Canada’s Greener Homes Grant today!

Save thousands off your new window and door installation. Find out if you qualify!

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