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Richmond Hill's Premium Replacement Window and Door Manufacturer and Installation Service

Your home deserves the best - that’s what Canadian Choice Windows and Doors offers. For premium LIFETIME warranty guaranteed leak-proof, secure, and energy-efficient window and door replacements, get the best products, produced in-house to deliver you the highest quality service, for the best prices.

Put your trust in our products endorsed by Bryan Baeumler and made with our exclusively-produced DraftLOCK technology. Get only the best of affordable, premium replacement windows and doors at Canadian Choice Windows and Doors.

Get More for Less with Canadian Choice Windows and Doors

Life-Time Warranty

We manufacture AND install our products. Discover flexible coverage options for all Canadian Choice-made products with additional LIFETIME warranties included.

Unbeatable Payment Plans

DON’T PAY until 2024! Get 0% financing with payments as low as $69/month.

Custom Design for Any Home

Choose from up to 40 unique styles and upgrade to ANY colour.

Elite Energy Efficiency

With revolutionary DraftLOCK technology, save UP TO 50% on energy costs.

Premium Reputation

More than 3000+ positive reviews, 100K+ satisfied clients and over 1M windows and doors installed across Canada.

Hassle-FREE Process

A dedicated Richmond Hill project manager will lead your project from A to Z.


more than 1 million windows installed


more than 100,000 satisfied clients

10 years

Home Stars award winning company

Premium Quality
Replacement Windows and Doors in Richmond Hill.

We maximize your home’s value with our bright, beautiful and expansive window designs to make your home bigger, brighter and beautiful. Enjoy your home to the fullest with our elite hand-crafted design.

Now, with our newly designed Low-E coating technology, reflect heat during summers and cold during winters for all-year performance. Choose Canadian Choice Windows and Doors and learn more about our exclusive window and door features and limited-time offers today!

Richmond Hill’s #1 Expert Window and Door Replacement Service

We maintain our commitment to 100% customer satisfaction very seriously. By providing only the best of replacement window and door technology, alongside quick, personalized service from staff licensed and trained in-house and exclusive limited-time offers, we only offer the best product at the lowest prices.

Serving Richmond Hill and York Region for more than 30 years is an honour, and we are dedicated to providing every family with accessible, sturdy and energy-efficient home replacement window and door. Discover the ideal models for your home by contacting your local Richmond Hill project manager today.

We Manufacture.
We Install.
We Service.

Replacement Window and Door Series

Slim Contour Series

A great solution for larger windows, the slimmer frames and mullions on the draftLOCKTM Slim Contoured Series has a glazed surface area that allows more light into the room while maintaining a great view of the outdoors.

Slim Contour Series

This is our triple glazed window solution, with the same the slimmer frames and mullions on the draftLOCKTM Slim Contoured Series. The Plus series is reinforced and designed with superior weight bearing features for greater durability and long-term performance. A top Energy Star performer with an industry record R-value and Most Efficient of 2021, this window series guarantees a 25% greater energy rating for your home. Hello Canadian Greener Homes Grant!

Euro Series

Do you want to be the cool kid on the block? The Euro Series has the latest technology and style for modern homes. The Euro Series window tilts and swings open up to 180 degrees for more air flow control, greater outside views, and they are so easy to clean.

Entry Door Systems

Our exterior doors are manufactured in Canada using high quality materials for ultimate durability and energy efficiency, which maximize your home’s curb appeal and market value. We offer a variety of additional sidelites and specialty shaped transoms.

Patio Doors

Our Patio Doors are available in different styles including tilt and turn, bifold, sliding, and stacking.

Working directly with homeowners in Richmond Hill and communities including, but not limited to: Richvale, Bayview Glen, Elgin Mills, Beverley Acres, Oak Ridges and more!

Experience Cutting-Edge Quality with

Listening to our customers is part of the Canadian Choice Windows and Doors experience. We take all of our concerns into consideration and work with you, not against you, to create the ideal window and door design for your home.

If you’ve ever experienced issues with your replacement window and door before, be secure knowing our products come equipped with triple-sealed welded frames as well as a LIFETIME transferable warranty. Now with our brand-new DraftLOCK Plus technology, experience the best of window and door technology in Richmond Hill at LESS of a price.

Now with Canadian Choice Windows and Doors’ premium DraftLOCK Plus technology, get the most out of your windows and doors, whether rain or shine, hot or cold.

With Low-E coating technology, discover all the advantages of DraftLOCK Plus technology. This innovative coating when applied to your windows absorbs heat during winters and reflects it during summers while interrupting harmful UV rays for a cozier, safer home all year round. Find out more about our exclusive home replacement window and door features today!

Leak Proof Performance

Our windows and doors are made with an advanced ASTM-approved acrylic system that eliminates unattractive rubber strips, which deteriorate over time, and securely bonds the sealed glass unit to the sash.

World Class Energy Efficient Glass Units

Glass units supplied from world class manufacturers Cardinal I.G and Guardian Glass featuring exceptional LoĒ Glass Coatings.

Optional Foam Insulation

Foam insulation will increase the thermal efficiency of the window.

Premium Hardware

Superior quality hardware increases the durability of your windows and doors.

DraftLOCK™ Polymer Spacer System

Designed for consistent window performance durability.

100% Eco-Friendly & Recyclable

Constructed with the highest quality lead-free uPVC, our windows are UV resistant and will not fade, discolour, warp, crack or peel.

Maximum Strength Profile Corners

For increased strength, all frame and sash corners are fusion welded throughout.

Super Efficient Frames & Sashes

Multiple-chamber frames and sashes ensure greater thermal efficiency and excellent soundproofing.

Slim Contoured Design for Contemporary Look

Contoured design creates a more modern aesthetic and feel.

Industry Avg.



4 1/2 Frame
Slim Frame
Euro-finish Colours
Foam Filled
Lifetime Warranty
SAWDAC Installation
Energy Efficient
24Hr Polymeric Spacer
Hidden Rubber Gaskets
Triple Glass 13/8

1000s of Colours & Textured Finishes

Transform your home from ordinary to extraordinary with our new Coloured & non-glare textured finishes. Available in a wide array of colours as well as custom-matched colours for your very own personalized look.

Our Most Popular Replacement Window Colours:

DraftLOCK Windows are definitely one of the most attractive and energy efficient windows on the market. Built to last and backed by an industry leading warranty, these windows are truly a great investment that will enhance the value of your home for years to come.


Best Home Window & Door Reviews

satisfied customers
positive reviews on HomeStars
Amit and Tisha, Oshawa, ON
Sam and Liz, Toronto, ON
Liam and Mary, Hamilton, ON
Great Sales Rep, Immaculate Workmanship
Windows & Doors Installation & Service in Richmond Hill

Amazing sales rep. He made everything possible. Very knowledgeable, honest and straight forward. He was there every step of the way and was always available to listen and help out as much as he can.

Great Job
Windows & Doors Installation & Service in Richmond Hill

Just want to say a big Thank you to Tony D great knowledge and customer service we ordered a patio door but for sure will call Tony when we are ready to do our windows. Awesome

Very Satisified With CC
Windows & Doors Installation & Service in Richmond Hill

I selected Canadian Choice and

We had the pleasure to work with Stan. He was very knowledgeable and answered all our questions regarding product, options etc. The installation crew was very professional. Stan came to visit us on the day of installation and followed up with us after the job was done.

Great Service and great people. I would recommend them.

Vanessa and Alex L.

Sliding Door
Windows & Doors Installation & Service in Richmond Hill

great quality. salesman , Stan, was easy to deal with. installers worked quickly and effectively. Highly recommend Canadian Choice Windows and Doors. Already having them do a project for my cousin next week.

Window And Door Replacement
Windows & Doors Installation & Service in Richmond Hill

Stan's advice and recommendations were excellent and a big part of why we wnt with them. Mike and the crew did a great job, even sealing around the trim on the inside.

Financing Made Easy, Replacement Window and Door Made Simple
Accessible energy efficient windows and doors for every family.

Renovating your home may be a challenge. We at Canadian Choice Windows and Doors believe in every family’s right to accessible, energy effect, sturdy and reliable replacement window and door.

Thanks to the new Canada Greener Homes Grant, you can get up to $5000 off of your home window and door retrofitting costs for a greener, cleaner and more affordable future.

Additionally, discover our flexible financing options of 0% until 2024 and payment options as low as $69/month to learn how you can save more today!

Quality Replacement Windows and Doors in Richmond Hill

Serving all residents of Richmond Hill, Canadian choice Windows and Doors has an extensive team of local project experts to help you discover the best of our customizable window and door designs. Choose from over 40 distinct styles as well as ANY colour to find the perfect fit for your home and budget.

Canadian Choice Windows and Doors won’t rest until every family has energy-efficient, eco-friendly, sturdy, and reliable home replacement window and door. Contact your local dedicated Richmond Hill team who will assist you in picking out the ideal window and door fit for your home.

replacement windows in Richmond Hill

To make ourselves accessible to all customers, we promote only the best of energy-efficient and eco-friendly window and door replacements while keeping our service personal. To find the best solution for your home, there needs to be communication. Let us in on your concerns and we’ll work together to make your home the best it can be. Discover more about our exclusive product features and offers today!

All of our projects are treated with the same uncompromising care and attention to detail. We strive to uphold our 100% customer satisfaction pledge because your satisfaction is our #1 priority. If a manufacturing or installation issue ever inconveniences you, let us know. We listen and take your concerns seriously. We’ll do whatever we can to get it right.

We Love Ontario!

Our 100% eco-friendly and recyclable uPVC energy-efficient windows and doors work to turn Richmond Hill green one home at a time. This, alongside our heat and UV ray-directing Low-E coating, ensures your home remains comfier, brighter and safer year-round while leaving less of a carbon footprint.

Find out how you can save up to 50% OFF your installation costs with Canadian Choice Windows and Doors.

Be eligible to cover up to $5000 off of your home’s retrofitting costs with the Canada Greener Homes Grant. Your local Richmond Hill project manager is here to help you with your eligibility and maximize your potential return. Contact your local Canadian choice Windows and Doors Richmond Hill branch today to learn more!

Frequently Asked Questions
Replacement Windows and Doors in Richmond Hill

How Is Canadian Choice Windows and Doors in Richmond Hill Better?

At Canadian Choice Windows and Doors, we let our track record do the talking. With over 30 years of experience and close to 100,000 satisfied clients across the country, we ensure that our 100% customer satisfaction pledge stays honoured.

With over a million windows and doors installed to date and being consistently ranked as the Best of HomeStars for the past 7 years in a row (2015-2021). Get in touch with your local Canadian Choice Windows and Doors branch and we will custom-design your windows and doors to order. We work to accommodate any home since your satisfaction remains our #1 priority.

What Does Canadian Choice Windows and Doors Do Differently?

We pride ourselves on getting things done right. Unlike some of our competitors, we don’t merely meet minimum industry standards, but work to exceed even the most stringent ones. Our research and development team constantly works to bring the newest home renovation innovations to our products.

All our draftLOCK products are certified as one of the highest in the industry by EnergyStar energy efficiency standards and can help you save up to 23% on your annual energy bills.

Additionally, we make our products accessible to all through our comprehensive LIFETIME transferable warranty and flexible 0% financing programs until 2023 as well as monthly payments as low as $69!

How Are DraftLOCK Products Special?

Canadian Choice Windows and Doors’ DraftLOCK technology is inspired by the elite, patented casement window design. The casement window features a sleek, compact design that incorporates excellent ventilation and lighting while also including excellent security features, and an impact and sound-resistant frame, along with supreme energy efficiency.

Our DraftLOCK technology takes these features and exports them to all our window and door products so you can enjoy the best of premium window and door replacements with LESS hassle.

What Does It Cost To Replace A Window in Richmond Hill?

The price of your window largely depends on a variety of factors, sizing, design and style being some of them. Typically, a single hung tilt window design can start as low as $230.00 each. The more versatile and well-ventilated double-hung tilt window design begins at around $300.00 each. Finally, the renowned casement and awning window designs start as low as $350.00 per unit.

Ultimately, for a more personalized, in-depth quote, feel free to arrange a FREE quote and consultation with your local Richmond Hill project expert today!

Should I Replace All My Windows and Doors At Once?

Whatever your home project, Canadian Choice Windows and Doors is here to help. But before you commit to anything, ask yourself these 3 questions:

  1. How will this affect my home’s appearance?
  2. Will this improve my home’s energy efficiency?
  3. Will I be saving money in the long run?

If you answered positively to the questions above, then why wait? DON’T procrastinate! We’re here to help, simply give us a call and we’ll schedule your NO-obligation, FREE quote and consultation today!

I Live in Gormley. Can I Still Get A Quote?

Of course! We’re committed to serving every Canadian family. Simply give us a call and we’ll schedule your FREE quote and consultation at a time that best suits your needs.

What Time of Year Is Best for Home Renovation In Richmond Hill?

We recommend the mild months of May to June and September to October as ideal. This is to avoid the blistering heat and chilling cold from entering your home during installation as well as to prevent it from impeding the installation process. Our goal is your satisfaction by bringing you the best products with the best service at the best prices in the industry.

Are Canadian Choice Windows and Doors Products Energy-Efficient?

Not only are all our DraftLOCK windows and doors energy-efficient they pass even the most rigorous of EnergyStar compliance standards. Thanks to their triple-sealed welded vinyl frame technology, revolutionary Low-E coating and more, experience the best of premium energy efficient window and door replacements at Canadian Choice Windows and Doors. Discuss with your local Richmond Hill project manager today how you can take advantage of these and more of our unique window and door features.

I Live In A Very Old Home. How Will My Quote Be Different?

For homes that are a century old or older, windows and doors tend to be non-standard sized (i..e not produced en-masse) as well as have size variations throughout the home which requires an additional level of customization for all your home window and door replacements.

This is something our team at Canadian Choice Windows and Doors can provide with our locally-crafted custom-made window and door replacements. Simply get in touch with your local Richmond Hill project manager today and we’ll find the perfect window and door models for your home.

Do Seniors Receive Any Discounts in Richmond Hill?

Yes! Our senior discount program offers 10% off the total cost of your purchase and installation fees. All customers over the age of 60 may claim this offer along with more exclusive money-saving options!

Richmond Hill Windows

Canadian Choice Windows

As part of the Greater Toronto Area, Richmond Hill is a city in the south-central York Region of Ontario. The municipality borders Markham, Vaughan, Thornhill, and Aurora. With a population rate of over 200,000, Richmond Hill is estimated as the 27th most populous municipality in Canada, with almost 70,000 households purchasing private dwellings in Richmond Hill.

The city of Richmond Hill offers a wide range of entertainment attractions to both locals and visitors, including the Richmond Hill Centre for the Performing Arts, David Dunlap Observatory, Burr House Craft Gallery and Tea Room, and many other sightseeing locations.

Canadian Choice Windows & Doors is a trusted local business among the residents of Richmond Hill looking to improve their homes with quality window and door replacements.

Take advantage of Canada’s Greener Homes Grant today!

Save thousands off your new window and door installation. Find out if you qualify!

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