Replacement Windows in New Westminster

It’s time to make some home improvements. One of the first projects that you have in mind is getting rid of the old windows. Call us at 604-330-9839 and let’s talk about what you have in mind. Here are some of the things that we’ll want to discuss.

Vinyl Windows

Vinyl has become a popular option for new windows, and with good reason. The sturdiness, appearance, and overall quality has never been better. That’s especially true with our vinyl windows.

All of our vinyl options use the best materials. That ensures they meet all the qualifications set by the Canadian Standards Association. No detail is overlooked in the design, the creation, and the installation. The result is windows that will hold up well for a long time.

Why vinyl and not some other material? Vinyl isn’t likely to warp over time. It’s also not going to break down the way that wood will as the years pass. In terms of appearance, you don’t have to worry about paint chipping or fading. The colour remains the same for years, even when exposed to a lot of sunlight. You’ll love the fact that the windows look great and require little other than periodic cleaning.

Energy efficiency matters too. Our windows make use of Low-E glass that’s Argon-filled for optimum results. Some of our clients mention that they notice as much as a 30% reduction in heating and cooling costs after installing our vinyl windows.

DraftLOCK™ Windows

We definitely want to tell you about our DraftLOCK™ windows. Along with attractive and practical styles that you can consider, they provide some of the best Energy Star ratings that you can find today. Imagine what that means in terms of keeping the interior at the perfect temperature. No matter what’s happening outside, you’ll be comfortable inside.

Along with the superior Energy Star rating, you’ll love the boost in curb appeal. Whatever design you choose, rest assured that the home’s exterior will look better and be more inviting. Thanks to the low maintenance required, it will take less effort on your part to keep things that way.

Don’t overlook the fact that the glass used in these windows will minimize UV exposure. That’s a good thing since it means less fading for window treatments, upholstery, and other materials that are near the windows. If this sounds good to you, call us today at 604-330-9839 and let us tell you more about what these windows can do for you.

About New Westminster

New Westminster was founded in 1858 and served as the capital of the newly-created Colony of British Columbia. Until the opening years of the 20th century, it was the most populous city in the area. At that time, Vancouver too over that honour.

Today, New Westminster is home to slightly over 71,000 residents. Technology, communications, business services, and retail continue to offer employment for many of those who live there. The traditional fields of fishing and manufacturing that drove the economy in previous decades remain key to the area. Concerts, live theatre, and sports provide a variety of entertainment options for people of all ages.

Why Us

Replacing windows is something that you don’t want to do after a few years. That means the job must be done properly. Why should you call on us? Here are some points to ponder.

  • More style options than you knew existed. We currently have 40 different styles and lots of colours for you to consider.
  • Our DraftLock™ windows technology provides results that last. The excellent energy efficiency also means that on average our customers enjoy savings on their yearly energy costs that are in the 23% range.
  • Warranties that are hard to beat. As the manufacturers of our windows, we offer warranties designed to protect our customers from a number of events. Our warranties are also transferable, something that will come in handy if you decide to sell later on.
  • Our financing is designed with property owners in mind. If you meet the qualifications, it’s possible to enjoy 0% financing with installments of a minimum of $29.00 a month.
  • Deal only with the best. Our 80,000+ happy clients can attest that we are the right choice. Check out the over 2,000 reviews on HomeStars to learn more about what they think.
  • We keep it simple. A project manager is assigned to your window replacement and stays on top of everything from beginning to end. You get to relax knowing that everything will go smoothly.

Now is the time to start making plans. Give us a call at 604-330-9839 today. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how quickly everything comes together.

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