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Whitchurch-Stoufville’s Leading Window and Door Manufacturing and Installation Service

Dealing with leaky window sills, cold drafts on winter nights, foggy panes on humid summer days, or a scratched sliding patio door that refuses to open? Canadian Choice Windows and Doors offers made in-house, energy-efficient replacement window and door accessible to households across Thornhill.

As one of Canada’s longest-running replacement window companies, our high standards are something to maintain at all costs. With products endorsed by Bryan Baeumler, we're committed to bringing Whitchurch-Stouffville families style with a smile with our industry-leading truth maxim hardware and our factory-trained and insured installers and representatives to provide the perfect blend of quality products and service.

Get More for Less with Canadian Choice Windows and Doors

Lifetime Warranty

We manufacture AND install our products. Discover flexible coverage options for all Canadian Choice-made products with additional LIFETIME warranties included on our windows.

Unbeatable Payment Plans

DON’T PAY for a full year, OR get 0% financing with payments as low as $69/month.

Custom Design for Any Home

Choose from up to 40 unique styles and upgrade to ANY colour.

Energy Efficiency

With revolutionary DraftLOCK technology, save UP TO 30% on energy costs.

Premium Reputation

More than 3000 positive reviews, 100K+ satisfied clients and over 1M windows and doors installed across Canada.

Hassle-FREE Process

A dedicated Whitchurch-Stouffville representative will lead your project from A to Z.

Quality Replacement Windows and Doors in Whitchurch-Stouffville

We maximize your home’s value with our bright, beautiful and expansive window designs to make your home bigger, brighter and more beautiful. Enjoy your home to the fullest with our customizable design.

Now with our newly designed Low-E coating technology, reflect heat during summers and cold during winters for all-year performance. Choose Canadian Choice Windows and Doors and learn more about our exclusive window and door features and limited-time offers today!

Whitchurch-Stouffville’s Most Trusted Window and Door Installers

We strive to uphold our reputation at all costs - your satisfaction is our top priority. We provide customers with premium-end replacement products tailored directly to your needs. Our experienced staff are factory trained in-house and licensed at our Canadian Choice facilities to ensure you receive the highest standard of service.

Canadian Choice Windows and Doors has been proudly serving Whitchurch-Stouffville for over 30 years and is committed to providing every household with the opportunity to get the time you lack, the options you crave, and the service you want to bring you the long-lasting windows you need.

We Manufacture.
We Install.
We Service.

Replacement Window and Door Series

Slim Contour Series

A great solution for larger windows, the slimmer frames and mullions on the draftLOCKTM Slim Contoured Series has a glazed surface area that allows more light into the room while maintaining a great view of the outdoors.

Slim Contour Series

This is our triple glazed window solution, with the same the slimmer frames and mullions on the draftLOCKTM Slim Contoured Series. The Plus series is reinforced and designed with superior weight bearing features for greater durability and long-term performance. A top Energy Star performer with an industry record R-value and Most Efficient of 2021, this window series guarantees a 25% greater energy rating for your home. Hello Canadian Greener Homes Grant!

Euro Series

Do you want to be the cool kid on the block? The Euro Series has the latest technology and style for modern homes. The Euro Series window tilts and swings open up to 180 degrees for more air flow control, greater outside views, and they are so easy to clean.

Entry Door Systems

Our exterior doors are manufactured in Canada using high quality materials for ultimate durability and energy efficiency, which maximize your home’s curb appeal and market value. We offer a variety of additional sidelites and specialty shaped transoms.

Patio Doors

Our Patio Doors are available in different styles including tilt and turn, bifold, sliding, and stacking.

Working directly with homeowners in Whitchurch-Stouffville and communities including, but not limited to: Gormley, Markham, Richmond Hill, Aurora, Uxbridge and many more!

Experience Quality
With Technology

Canadian Choice Windows and Doors strives to provide Whitchurch-Stouffville with the best of window and door replacements by taking advantage of recent technological innovations to optimize the user experience. Our qualified installers and representatives are here to help every step of the way with the design, planning and installation of your project.

If you’ve experienced leaking, foggy or cracking windows before, not to worry. Canadian Choice’s new and improved DraftLOCK Plus technology is here to bring our triple-sealed vinyl window frames, internal thermal insulation spacers, Low-E coating, as well as impact-resistant and soundproofing frames to your home. Find out how you can experience the best replacement window and door in Whitchurch-Stouffville at LESS of a price

Choose from over 40 distinct styles as well as ANY colour to turn your home from ordinary to extraordinary. No matter the style, no matter the place, our LIFETIME-secured products ensure that no home is left behind.

Leak Proof Performance

Our windows and doors are made with an advanced ASTM-approved acrylic system that eliminates unattractive rubber strips, which deteriorate over time, and securely bonds the sealed glass unit to the sash.

World Class Energy Efficient Glass Units

Glass units supplied from world class manufacturers Cardinal I.G and Guardian Glass featuring exceptional LoĒ Glass Coatings.

Optional Foam Insulation

Foam insulation will increase the thermal efficiency of the window.

Premium Hardware

Superior quality hardware increases the durability of your windows and doors.

DraftLOCK™ Polymer Spacer System

Designed for consistent window performance durability.

100% Eco-Friendly & Recyclable

Constructed with the highest quality lead-free uPVC, our windows are UV resistant and will not fade, discolour, warp, crack or peel.

Maximum Strength Profile Corners

For increased strength, all frame and sash corners are fusion welded throughout.

Super Efficient Frames & Sashes

Multiple-chamber frames and sashes ensure greater thermal efficiency and excellent soundproofing.

Slim Contoured Design for Contemporary Look

Contoured design creates a more modern aesthetic and feel.

Industry Avg.



4 1/2 Frame
Slim Frame
Euro-finish Colours
Foam Filled
Lifetime Warranty
SAWDAC Installation
Energy Efficient
24Hr Polymeric Spacer
Hidden Rubber Gaskets
Triple Glass 13/8

1000s of Colours & Textured Finishes

Transform your home from ordinary to extraordinary with our new coloured & non-glare textured finishes. Available in a wide array of colours as well as custom-matched for your very own personalized look.

Our Most Popular Replacement Window Colours:

DraftLOCK Windows are definitely one of the most attractive and energy efficient windows on the market. Built to last and backed by an industry leading warranty, these windows are truly a great investment that will enhance the value of your home for years to come.


Best Home Window & Door Reviews

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Amit and Tisha, Oshawa, ON
Sam and Liz, Toronto, ON
Liam and Mary, Hamilton, ON
Replaced all Windows and Doors
Windows & Doors Installation & Service in Whitchurch Stouffville

Stan was very knowledgeable and accommodated our desire to keep the original footprint. Stan made our project easy to realize and we appreciated his input and feedback. Mike and the installation team were very precise and professional. The team was also very considerate of our home and our animals. Given the scope of the project (2 sliding doors, one double slider, one double door, 3 entry doors and 14 windows), the ability to complete in 3 days was remarkable. Thank you to Stan, Mike and your team for an expert job!

change windows
Windows & Doors Installation & Service in Whitchurch Stouffville

The Canadian choice windows and doors company send the good sales people,explain clearly,and let us see the samples,so we decided very quickly. The change workers are very nice,they worked carefully. I send the photos before and after, they response soon. Thanks for the service they provided.

All Windows
Windows & Doors Installation & Service in Whitchurch Stouffville

Just replace all the windows with this company. Very happy with them. Excellent service and product. Big thanks to Bonnie for the good price. Igor t is very polite and professional. I like the way he clean up afterwards.

Kitchen Bay Window
Windows & Doors Installation & Service in Whitchurch Stouffville

Wow! I was so impressed with the company's service. Alex Davidovitch was so helpful in picking the window that was both in my price range as well as matching the look of my house. The service they offer is affordable, yet they offer some of the highest quality products I've ever seen! Paul did a fantastic job installing the window, he was very attentive during the entire process to my needs. What a pleasurable experience, the installation was quick and Alex was at the site to ensure that everything was completed to the highest of standards. Thank you Canadian Choice Windows & Doors!!

Front Door
Windows & Doors Installation & Service in Whitchurch Stouffville

Alex was very professional and very knowledgeable about all products. He kept in contact throughout the process and returned calls promptly. His installers were quick and clean. Would definitely recommend.

Window and Door Installation Financing Made Easy
Energy-efficient windows and doors for every family.

Canadian Choice Windows and Doors understands that home renovation can take a toll on financially struggling families. That’s why we’ve instituted 0% financing offers with payments starting as low as $69/month so that every Whitchurch-Stouffville family has access to quality replacement window and door.

In addition, now with Canada’s Greener Homes Grant, cover up to $5000 off your home window and door retrofitting costs today. Our team will help you maximize your eligibility so you can get more for less.

Intuitive Energy Efficient Windows and Doors

Whether it’s mowing the lawn, lighting your home, or using the heat and A/C, Thornhill’s energy demands are huge. That’s why keeping homes warm, safe and cozy all 12 months of the year is a priority. If leaky window frames, warped panes, cracked sashes and creaky hinges are bothering you, it’s never too early to fix it.

Canadian Choice Whitchurch-Stouffville Windows and Doors works with you to find the optimal window and door designs for your home whilst taking your opinion and design choices into consideration.

replacement windows in Whitchurch-Stouffville

Do you have “non-standard” window sizes that make shopping for replacement windows a pain? Whatever your concern, our custom-made products are here to help. With flexible vinyl-engineered material, our windows and doors are crafted to fit virtually any home whilst also perfecting your home’s lighting, energy efficiency, security, aesthetic, and more!

Regardless of your home, we’re determined to bring you the best we have to offer, both in terms of our window and door replacements as well as our personalized service. Canadian Choice Windows and Doors avoids working with subcontractors and instead hires factory-trained and insured installers, as well as certified representatives with years of experience in the field of home renovation, to help you determine the ideal window and door design for your home.

We Love Ontario!

Our DraftLOCK windows employ Low-E coating which works as an agent that reflects heat during summertime and absorbs it during wintertime to keep your home comfortable year-round, while our PVC material upholds our pledge to create greener, more efficient replacement windows and doors for Thornhill and Canada at large - all with a LIFETIME transferable warranty included on our windows at NO additional cost to you.

Find out how you can save BIG on your installation costs with Canadian Choice Windows and Doors.

Being committed to bringing greener windows and doors to Whitchurch-Stouffville also means partnering with Canada’s Greener Homes Grant to help homeowners cover up to $5000 of their home retrofitting costs. Contact your representative today to assess your home and discover how you can save more for less!

Frequently Asked Questions
Replacement Window and Door in Whitchurch-Stouffville

Why Is Canadian Choice Windows and Doors Whitchurch-Stouffville Special?

Unlike some of our competitors, we work to produce all of our windows above industry standard instead of simply meeting them to ensure that our customers get the highest quality window and door replacements on the market. Furthermore, no matter the situation you find yourself in, our LIFETIME transferable warranties ensure your windows are in good hands for years to come.

What Is A DraftLOCK Window In Layman’s Terms?

Widely regarded as the top tier of windows, the casement window is where our draftLOCK windows draw inspiration from. With their superb ventilation properties, energy-efficient qualities, industry-grade soundproofing abilities, intuitive multi-point lock features and compact design, our DraftLOCK technology brings these features to all of our window and door designs to bring your home the quality craftsmanship it deserves.

What Will It Cost Me To Replace A Window In Whitchurch-Stouffville?

Although our window costs remain consistent throughout the country, materials used, size, and design all factor into a window’s price tag. Generally, our basic single hung tilt windows start at around $230.00 with double-hung tilt windows beginning at $300.00. Meanwhile, our expert casement and awning window designs can start as low as $350.00 per unit. For an in-depth analysis and your very own personalized quote, arrange for one of our FREE consultations today!

Should I Replace My Windows All At Once?

We are willing and able to replace your windows, whether it’s one cracked frame or an entire home renovation. Before replacing any windows, it’s key to ask yourself the following questions:

  1. How will this affect my home’s appearance?
  2. How will my home’s energy efficiency be improved?
  3. Will I be saving money in the long run by doing this?

If your answer was positive, then there’s no reason to hesitate!

Before finalizing your decision, ensure that you get in touch with one of our licensed representatives who will assess your home and determine the right steps forward for you. There may be some underlying structural issues that could fester and manifest a few years down the road, so it’s crucial to address them ASAP.

I Live In Uxbridge - Can I Still Get A Quote?

Of course! We’ve always pledged to accommodate our customer’s needs and if that means a few extra kilometres on the road, we’re ready. Simply schedule your FREE in-person quote and consultation and we’ll be happy to provide you with an in-depth, customized estimate at ZERO charge.

What Time Of Year Is Best To Replace Windows In Whitchurch-Stouffville?

Although we’re willing to accommodate your schedule and install your windows and doors at any time, we’d recommend the mild months of May-October with an emphasis on May-June and September-October. This is to prevent hot summer air or winter chill from entering your home during installation, as well as to optimize the installation process.

Do Canadian Choice Whitchurch-Stouffville Windows Have A Lifetime Warranty Included?

Absolutely! We proudly offer transferable LIFETIME warranties on all our windows so that not only are you given peace of mind, but our warranties also remain valid after your property has been sold, thereby maximizing your home’s market value.

I Live In A Very Old Home In Whitchurch-Stouffville. How Will My Quote Differ From That of A Modern Home?

Many factors may influence a home’s quote, with age and general condition being among a few. Homes built over a century ago tend to have non-standard window and door sizes (aka window and door sizes that are not produced en-masse) as well as irregularly shaped frames throughout. What this means is that your home’s window and door replacements require an extra degree of customization which our team is more than happy to provide as well as help you pick out the best designs for your home to optimize energy efficiency, security, lighting and overall performance as well as your very own personalized custom quote FREE of charge.

Are There Any Discounts For Seniors In Whitchurch-Stouffville?

Yes! Our exclusive program deal offers customers over the age of 60 the chance to claim a 10% discount off of the total cost of purchase and installation fees alongside many more money-saving options.

Whitchurch-Stouffville Windows

Canadian Choice Windows

Whitchurch-Stouffville is a Canadian town located in the Greater Toronto Area of Ontario. Only 50 km from downtown Toronto and 55 km from Toronto Pearson International Airport, it has a population of 49,864 residents.

The majority of the citizens of Whitchurch-Stouffville work in retail, trade, finance, insurance, and real estate industries, with Teva Canada, Walmart Supercentre, Parkview Services for Seniors, Stock Transportation Ltd., and Ontario SPCA among the largest employers in Whitchurch-Stouffville. The region also has developed farming and agricultural spheres, with Gallucci Winery and Applewood Farm among the most visited places in town.

Many citizens of Whitchurch-Stouffville live in private dwellings, with 16,707 out of 17,154 dwellings privately owned households. With so many homeowners, the residents of Whitchurch-Stouffville need replacement services they can rely on. Canadian Choice Windows & Doors is there for its customers, providing trusted window and door replacement services.

Take advantage of Canada’s Greener Homes Grant today!

Save thousands off your new window and door installation. Find out if you qualify!

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