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Vinyl Windows

Vinyl windows are popular today and with good reason. They allow property owners to forget about some of the problems that can develop with other types of materials. You don’t have to be concerned about termites or deterioration due to extreme weather conditions. Vinyl holds up well for decades.

Maintenance is also a hallmark of vinyl. It’s easier to manage than many other options. The colour remains for years, so there’s no need to paint anything. Think of the time that saves.

You’ll be impressed with the glass we use. For our windows, only Low-E glass will do. This solution involves the use of Argon-filled glass that decreases the transference of heat and cold with ease. The result is that the glass can help lower your annual heating and cooling costs by as much as 30%.

All our vinyl windows meet or exceed the requirements set by the Canadian Standards Association. You can depend on the quality.

DraftLOCK™ Windows

Since windows are such an important investment, it stands to reason that you want to get a lot for your money. Opting for our DraftLOCK™ windows will ensure you make a sound investment. What sets them apart from the rest? Here are some examples.

These windows are designed to work the way you want every time. It won’t take Herculean strength to raise or lower the sashes. They stay in the position you want. In terms of upkeep, they are among the easiest to care for in any season.

Don’t forget the energy efficient qualities of these windows. The design helps to prevent seepage and makes it all the easier to keep the home’s interior as warm or as cool as you like. Even sitting close to a window is more comfortable. You’ll also enjoy the fact that you can control the indoor temperature without little to no energy waste. One look at the EnergyStar rating is all it takes to know these windows are worth considering.

Factor in the UV protection that the windows provide and you have a clear winner. Call today at 604-330-9839 and let’s us tell you more.

About Delta

Considered part of Greater Vancouver, Delta boasts a population of over 110,000 residents. From its incorporation as a municipality in the late 19th century until 2017, it was known as the Corporation of Delta. Since that time, it’s been recognized as the City of Delta.

The city is home to a number of minor sports teams. Box lacrosse, field lacrosse, baseball, softball, ice hockey, field hockey, and soccer are among the most popular. The Tour de Delta has emerged as the largest annual cycling event in Canada since it’s inception in 2001. Owing to the close proximity to Vancouver and other nearby cities, Delta residents have plenty of options for entertainment within the city or within easy traveling distance.

Why Us

When you choose to call us, it’s easy to end up with someone who is truly interested in making sure those new windows are everything that you want them to be. By calling us, you get to enjoy the following:

  • Plenty of window styles and colours to choose from. Currently we offer 40 different styles and a wide range of colours.
  • There’s nothing out there that will compare to our DraftLock™ windows. Many of our customers have reported that the energy savings is up to 23% annually.
  • We take pride in our warranties. We manufacture our own windows, so we have complete control of the process. That makes it easy for us to offer protections in our transferable warranties that are sure to please.
  • Financing is simple and affordable. If you qualify, it’s possible to enjoy 0% financing paired with monthly payments that could run you no more than $29.00 a month.
  • We have more than 80,000 happy customers who have allowed us to install more than a million windows and doors. Check out the more than two thousand positive reviews found on HomeStars.
  • We take the hassle out of window replacement. A project manager oversees every job from beginning to end. Expect reliable communication and quality work throughout the process.

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