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4 Benefits Property Owners Get by Qualifying for the Windows Rebate Program in Ontario

2017 was the year that the Ontario government announced a new rebate program designed to help property owners replace older windows. Operated under the direction of the Green Ontario Fund, the GreenON rebate is intended to help minimize the carbon footprint of the industry and create a more environmentally friendly Ontario. Along with doing something that is kind to the environment, property owners also receive several other benefits that make replacing the windows worth the effort. Here are a few examples. 

New Windows Installed by a Certified Instructor 

In order to qualify for the rebate, property owners must utilize the services of a certified GreenON contractor. A contractor who wishes to be accepted into the program must: 

  • Present proof of current certification by Window Wise
  • Carry a minimum of $2 million in liability insurance
  • Have at least $1 million in automotive insurance
  • Possess a Master Business License or Articles of Incorporation for a minimum of two years, and a proper HST registration.
  • Contractors other than sole proprietors must have a letter of clearance from the WSIB     

These qualifications ensure that the consumer is dealing with a contractor that is properly insured, has the skill set needed to manage the window installation properly, and has a vested interest in making sure the customer is happy with the results.

Increase in Property Values 

Home improvements generally increase the market value of any residential property. That is certainly true of window replacements. By choosing to invest in new windows now, the homeowner will be able to sell the home for a more lucrative price. That’s because the newer and more energy-efficient windows will not have to be replaced for a number of years. Prospective buyers will note this right away, and be more likely to submit an offer for the home than for a similar property with older and less energy-efficient windows. 

Lower Energy Bills 

Even if you have no plans to sell the property for a long time, you get to enjoy the benefits of lower energy bills from the moment the new windows installation is complete. Between the more robust frame and the double pane design used for the windows proper, the rate of heat and cold transference between the inside and outside is reduced. That means your heating and cooling system will consume less energy and still keep the interior at a comfortable temperature. The lower energy consumption means that the monthly utility bills will be less than in the past. 

The Rebate Cheque 

Replacing residential windows is expensive. That’s one of the main reasons why many homeowners choose to delay this type of project for as long as possible. The rebate program in Ontario helps to reduce the out of pocket expense and make a full windows replacement more affordable. 

Currently, the rebate plan allows you to receive up to $500.00 for each rough opening in your home. A rough opening is just another name for the combination of the window frame and the sashes or plate glass that make up each window. For your entire home, you could be eligible to receive as much as $5,000.00. The amount you receive is based on the actual cost and installation fees associated with the Energy Star windows you choose. Your contractor can help you fill out the application and provide you with an estimate of how much of a rebate you are likely to receive, provided your application is approved. 

Why wait any longer to replace those aging windows? Contact a certified GreenON contractor today and start making plans. Go over the choices for energy-efficient windows that qualify under the rebate terms and conditions. Once the windows are selected and the application and proof of purchase are submitted, you can expect your rebate cheque to arrive in a matter of weeks.

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