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Replacement Windows Cost

After finding out that they will need to perform window replacement on their homes, most property owners are more concerned about the cost of this project than anything else. However, the costs of having a window company in Canada install new sliding windows or replacement doors will vary with each project that is completed. Below are just a few examples of how much does it cost to replace different types of windows in your Canada home.

How much do replacement windows cost?

Casement Windows $350-$1850
Double-Hung Windows $300-$850
Single-Hung Windows $230-$525
Slider/Sliding Windows $300-$1050
Awning Windows $350-$1850
Bay/Bow Windows $1400-$5900

1. Casement Windows

How much do casement windows cost?

Casement windows are a kind of crank window that opens when you turn a crank on the inside. The majority of casement windows have a hinge on the side that allows them to open outward like a door. These windows can cost between $250 and $1,850, depending on the size and materials you choose.

  • Can be used on any level of the home.
  • Usually opens outward.
  • The interior crank doubles as a lock, although many models also have separate locks for extra security.
  • The crank mechanism keeps the windows from being closed by the wind.
  • Excellent for ventilation.
  • Large casement windows may have a fixed pane in the center to support right and left openings.

2. Double Hung Windows

What do double hung windows cost?

Similar in appearance to the single-hung variety, double-hung windows have two sashes that can be moved up and down instead of just one. These windows are only slightly more expensive than a single-hung variety, usually costing between $200 and $850 each.

  • Offers increases circulation when both sashes are opened. Opening higher and lower sashes allow for more fresh air to enter a room while stale air escapes.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Both sashes lean inward, providing more safety on upper floors.

3. Single Hung Windows

How much does a single hung window cost?

A single-hung window slides up and down to open and close the window. Usually costing between $230 and $525 each, this window type has a single movable pane, called a sash.

  • Also known as a fixed window, although that label is not entirely accurate.
  • Best when used on the ground floor. Because reaching the exterior of the upper sash may require leaning out, single-hung windows on upper floors can be hazardous.

4. Slider/Sliding Windows

How much is a sliding glass window?

Also known as slider or folding windows, this window type usually costs between $300 and $1,500 each. However, custom installations can tighten that price range to between $760 and $1,190 each, including labor. These windows are similar to double-pane windows, but open horizontally with one movable sash sliding over another stationary pane.

  • Features a slider that helps move the pane, especially in larger windows. Some refer to the slider as a glider instead.
  • Has smaller cases and sills, which increases viewable area through the window.
  • Top pane can be easily removed for cleaning and maintenance. However, removing it on upper floors requires leaning out, which can present a hazard.

5. Awning Windows

How much are awning windows?

Awning windows are similar to casement windows in many ways, but they have a hinge on the top rather than the sides. Like casement windows, these products cost between $350 and $1,850, depending on both size and materials.

  • Often used in basements or lower levels of a home.
  • Usually opens outward.
  • Uses an interior crank and additional latch to lock.
  • The crank mechanism keeps the window from closing due to gravity.
  • Provides ventilation while keeping strong wind out of the home.

6. Bay Windows

What do bay windows cost?

Bay windows are popular windows that extend outward, adding to the overall square footage of the floorplan. These windows usually have three panes and cost an average of $2,960 when replaced.

  • Bay windows often increase the overall equity in a home.
  • The large central pane is fixed, while the smaller side panes can offer venting.
  • Provides a great deal of natural light into a room.

7. Bow Windows

How much does it cost for a bow window?

Like bay windows, bow windows extend outward and add space to your home. Bow windows typically have four or five panes. These windows cost between $1,100 and $5,900.

  • Each pane can be fixed or provide venting.
  • Provides more light than bay windows.
  • Bow windows don’t normally extrude as far, adding less square footage to a home.

8. Doors

What do front doors cost?

Over time, all of a home’s doors will require replacement due to wear and tear. However, too many property owners make the mistake of trying to find the cheapest doors possible. Not only does this provide them with products of an inferior quality; it can also compromise on a home’s security, especially when cheap locks have been used on the doors as well. When purchasing replacement garden doors, front doors or sliding doors, it’s essential that you spend as much as you can comfortably afford, as this will ensure you are provided with good quality products.

Here at Canadian Choice Windows & Doors™, we are able to provide replacement doors from as little as $699 per unit.

How much does it cost to replace windows?

Average Cost to Replace Windows. Replacing a window costs an average of $500 to $920 each. This assumes that the replacement is going into an existing and structurally sound frame on a ground floor. Replacing everything in a typical three-bedroom, single-story home with ten openings can range from $4,050 to $9,200.

Ensuring the Job is Done Properly

Before agreeing to have a window company replace your windows or doors, it’s essential that you check to see if they are accredited, insured and reputable. Failure to do so will result in you being provided with poor quality products and workmanship, and you may also struggle to get the company to uphold its warranty in the event of anything going wrong after installation.

Here at Canadian Choice™, we only hire installers who are fully qualified and experienced. This ensures that your window or door installation project goes according to the plan and will be able to serve you for many years to come. We have been in business for many years, meaning that we know exactly how to ensure customer satisfaction with each installation.

If you would like to obtain more information regarding the types of doors and windows we can install in your home, get in touch with our friendly and professional team members today. Once you have had an installation completed by our team, you will never need to look anywhere else for future window and door installation projects. Contact the best window company in Canada today to schedule your new installation.

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