Open Concept Windows Vs. Privacy

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Open concept windows give your home an open, spacious, and well-lit ambience. These interior windows can be included in open plan homes to create space without completely knocking down walls. Open concept windows are also used to create a seamless flow from the indoors to the outdoors in areas such as living rooms leading to patios or balconies.

Meanwhile, privacy windows are used to create a barrier between a specified space and the area outside it to promote feelings of safety and comfort. The main aim of these windows is to shield those inside the specified space from scrutiny coming from those outside the space.

Most Popular Types of Open Concept Windows

While designing your open concept plan for your home, you may consider knocking down your walls, and if you are converting your home from a "closed concept", this may very well be the best solution for you. However, you could also achieve the same open plan concept for your living space using windows.

Windows will help create a spacious, airy feel characteristic of open floor plans by letting in natural light and creating a connectedness between rooms.

There are several types of windows that can be used to enhance the aesthetics of open concept living spaces, and at the same time, perform energy efficiently.

Wall Windows

Wall Windows, sometimes referred to as curtain walls, are floor to ceiling panels of glazed glass installed in houses. Wall windows will keep your living area well-lit by letting in natural light while also allowing you views of the outside, so that you can enjoy the beauty of your surroundings without leaving the comfort of your home.

When glazing is used on glass, it acts as a thermal insulator so that your home is warm in the winter and cool in the hotter months.

You can also employ these walls indoors to separate spaces - what this means for your home is that energy efficiency is maintained and utility costs are kept low. Wall windows can also feature enhanced security features to keep out intruders.

Patio Sliding Doors

This type of window moves within its frame to open or close by a sliding mechanism. The movement is usually horizontal, though models that move vertically are also available. These are usually installed in areas that allow access to patios or backyards.

These windows can be used to create a larger sitting area by opening up rooms, and can also be used to keep a room cozy by creating a barrier between the outside and the inside during the cold months while still allowing in natural light and a view of the natural environment outside.

French Windows

French windows are another great window type for your open concept floor plans. While window walls are a modern concept, French windows are more traditional, and have been used to enhance the visual appeal of homes for many years.

A French window is normally designed like a normal fixed window, only bigger. It can serve as a big window for the purpose of letting in light and air; this type of window can also be used as a doorway to outdoor living spaces like patios and balconies.

The Importance of Privacy

Open concept floor plans are growing in popularity. This type of floor plan, however, may come with a few privacy challenges, especially for those living in areas near public pathways or roads, or those living on the ground floors of townhouses.

To avoid prying eyes during the day while still letting in light and views, consider using reflective window film for window privacy. This will prevent anyone from looking inside your home from the outside, and you will still be able to enjoy the benefits of a well-lit space courtesy of natural light flowing through the windows.

Reflective film will also avoid obstructing your favourite views, although it will only provide privacy during the day - at night, when there is more light inside your house than there is outside, the interior of your open concept home will be visible to those outside.

You could also opt for curtains and blinds in a variety of fabrics and designs to complement the overall design of your home as a way to enhance privacy. Curtains and blinds have been used for a long time, and continue evolving to suit modern privacy window coverings needs.

The advantage of these window coverings is that they can be opened or closed to suit your needs at any particular moment, while also adding to the general aesthetic of the spaces in your open concept floor plans.

Lastly, consider installing sliding windows on partly demolished walls for a hybrid of glass and brick within your common living spaces. This maintains the open, spacious, and airy feel of an open concept floor plan while providing islands of privacy when they are required. Sliding windows can be installed in the walls dividing different living areas to provide connectivity without completely sacrificing privacy.

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Choosing the Best Option for You

Choosing the windows best for your home is entirely dependent on what kind of interior environment you want to create, as well as the location of your building. At Canadian Choice Windows and Doors, we are experts in helping you create a plan for the best version of your home.

Contact us today for help with your choices regarding open concept and privacy windows, and our team will be happy to assist you with all your window needs.

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Reviewed by Bryan Baeumler

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