Double or Single Hung Windows: Time for the Big Decision

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3 months ago

Double hung windows and single hung windows look the same, but have one major difference. In a double hung frame, both window panes can be moved up or down. In a single hung frame, only one pane remains operable. While the difference seems subtle, both styles have their pros and cons. If you are considering getting new Ottawa windows, you will need to make a decision on whether double hung or single hung is right for you.

Cost Comparison

If money is a big concern for you, it's worth noting that sing hung replacement windows cost slightly less than double hung windows. This is simply due to the fact that the former have fewer moving parts. Because only half of the window needs to be able to move, an installer can focus purely on the seal of the other half rather than making sure that the pane can also move up and down. On average, you can expect a single hung window to cost between 10 and 20 percent less than a double hung window of the same size. However, you also need to consider whether the convenience factor of being able to use both panes in a double hung style might be something you will use. If that is the case, you need to weight whether the ease of use is worth the extra cost.

Ease of Use

In terms of ease of use for the household, double hung windows usually win the battle. A double hung window can be adjusted in more ways to allow for better airflow throughout a home. These windows also have a tilt-in design that allows you to remove the single panes for easy cleaning. By comparison, single hung windows have only one area that can be opened up to increase airflow. While a single hung window often has tilt-in technology for the movable shaft, you have to go outside in order to clean it fully. This is usually no problem on lower floors, but can pose a problem when cleaning single hung windows in upper levels of your home.

Weather Resistance

Single hung windows shine over their double hung counterparts in two major ways. First, they provide an old-fashioned sense of character to people who like the simpler window style of older architecture. Secondly and perhaps more significantly, they provide better weather resistance over a long period of time. Because there is only one movable pane instead of two, single pane windows tend to develop fewer air leaks. When the seal of a single pane window does get damaged, it can be fixed by the application of some caulk. This simple fix doesn't work for double pane windows, as adding caulk to the pane would make it difficult for the panes to open properly.

In the end, the choice between double and single hung windows boils down to what your preference and budget decides. Consider the information above carefully and prioritize what is most important to you. If cost and weather resistance are your primary determining factors, make sure to go for single pane windows. If you prefer ease of use and effective airflow, double pane windows might be right for you. Be sure to also communicate with a skilled installer when making this decision. By reaching out to the right installer, you can make sure to get exactly the windows you need.

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