Replacement Windows Installation in Winnipeg

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At Canadian Choice Windows & Doors™, we use different methods used for replacement windows installation in Winnipeg. The first, known as a retrofit, occurs when only the glass inside the frame is replaced. The other, known as full-frame replacement, involves replacing every part of the existing windows, including the frames. Here is everything you need to know about the processes behind each Winnipeg replacement window installation option.

Retrofit Replacement Window Installation

A retrofit may be a good idea if your existing window frames are still in good condition. In Winnipeg and the surrounding area, many homeowners prefer the look and function of wooden window frames, which can last for decades when properly maintained. Because of this, retrofits are quite popular replacement window installation projects in the Winnipeg area. Homeowners in this location prefer the look and feel of their existing wooden frames, so they are especially careful to maintain them and repair them as needed. As a result, it is possible to retrofit new sashes and panes to fit these frames.

In order for a retrofit windows installation to work well for your home, it is vital that your existing wooden frames are in top condition. There can be no cracking, splitting, or rotting within the wood; otherwise, replacing the panes of glass will not provide much in the way of energy savings. However, if your window frames are in great condition, a retrofit is a much more affordable option than a full-frame replacement. Only the sashes and the window panes are replaced, saving you a great deal of money, all while providing a more energy-efficient window.

Full-Frame Window Replacement

On the other hand, if your wooden window frames have any damage or rot, or if you have vinyl, aluminum, or fiberglass window frames that are more than a couple decades old, you will likely need a full-frame window replacement. In this case, we remove every part of the window – including the casings, jambs, and brickmoulds – exposing the studs on each side of the window. Not only does this allow for a complete new window construction, but it also gives us a much better view of the area around the window. If damage is present, or if the area shows moisture, we will need to carry out repairs before the new windows are installed.

During a full-frame window replacement, we will first remove the entire window and frame from the opening, then inspect the studs and other structures for damage. Upon installing the new window, we will utilize foam insulation to create an air-tight seal and provide you with even better energy efficiency. After the new windows have been thoroughly cleaned, we will remove of the old window material and dispose of it appropriately. The end result is brand-new windows that should last many decades to come with the proper care and maintenance.

Here at Canadian Choice™, we will provide free estimates for your replacement windows installation in Winnipeg, and we will explain those estimates thoroughly. After all, we want you to understand the entire process and where every one of your hard-earned dollars is being spent. If you live in Winnipeg check out these replacement windows companies.

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