8 Best Window Replacement Companies in Toronto for 2024

8 Best Window Replacement Companies in Toronto for 2024
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Window Company Best For Features Price Range Homestars Rating Google Rating
1. Canadian Choice Windows & Doors Overall Senior discounts, vinyl windows, 0% financing $$$ 9.4 4.1
2. Omega Windows & Doors Warranty Lifetime warranty, custom designs $$$$ 9.8 4.9
3. Toronto Doors & Windows Follow-up Service Excellent follow-up service $$ 9.9 4.4
4. Total Home Windows & Doors Budget Affordable prices $ 9.9 5.0
5. EuroSeal Windows Innovation Proprietary GreenStarTM windows $$$ 7.8 4.4
6. Pella Windows & Doors Style Variety Huge selection of styles $$$$ 8.4 3.9
7. Casa Bella Local Company Toronto-based, 60+ years experience $$-$$$ n/a n/a
8. Clera Windows Customer Service Tailored to customer needs $$-$$$ n/a n/a

How We Evaluate the Companies

When compiling this list of the top window replacement companies in Toronto, we looked at several factors:

  • Experience - How long has the company been in business? Do they have a track record of successful installations?
  • Reputation - What do customers have to say about their experiences? We examined ratings and reviews on Google and Homestars.
  • Range of products - Does the company offer a wide variety of window styles and materials? More choices make it easier to find the right windows.
  • Customization - Can they accommodate unique window sizes or create custom designs? Older homes often require this.
  • Warranties and guarantees - Long warranties provide peace of mind. Companies that stand behind their work offer strong guarantees.
  • Pricing - We looked for companies offering competitive pricing across different budget levels.
  • Local expertise - Companies based in Toronto understand local building codes and climate considerations.

Using these criteria, we selected companies that stand out in terms of service, quality, and meeting customer needs. Now let's look at each of these top window replacement companies in more detail.

1. Canadian Choice Windows & Doors

Canadian Choice Windows & Doors

Canadian Choice Windows & Doors is considered one of the best window companies in Toronto for vinyl window replacements. They offer vinyl window installations in a huge range of styles to suit any home.

Page: Windows Replacement in Toronto


  • Vinyl energy-efficient windows and doors
  • Steel exterior doors
  • Extensive style selection: single & double hung, casement, awning, bay, bow, sliding, garden, custom windows, patio doors
  • 0% financing for qualified buyers
  • 10% senior discount
  • Free consultation


  • Large selection of quality vinyl windows
  • Senior discounts available
  • Positive customer reviews praise professional installations
  • Provide free estimates with no obligation


  • More limited selection of non-vinyl windows
  • Lead times can be long for some specialty windows

Price Range: $$$

With quality vinyl windows, senior discounts, financing options, and great reviews, Canadian Choice Windows & Doors is one of the best options in Toronto for vinyl window replacements.

2. Omega Windows & Doors

Omega Windows & Doors

Site: www.omegawindows.ca

Omega Windows & Doors stands out for exceptional warranties and custom window capabilities. They offer lifetime warranties on door products and can create custom designs.


  • Vinyl, wood, aluminum, and fiberglass windows
  • Custom window designs and sizes
  • Lifetime warranties on windows and labor
  • Variety of window styles and glass options
  • Free consultation


  • Lifetime warranty provides peace of mind
  • Can accommodate any custom window design
  • Professional installers pay close attention to detail


  • Higher prices than some competitors
  • Lead times can be longer for custom jobs

Price Range: $$$$

For homeowners wanting to install custom or unusual window designs, Omega offers expertise in creating and installing custom windows with lifetime warranties.

3. Toronto Doors & Windows

Toronto Doors & Windows

Site: torontodoorsandwindows.ca

Toronto Doors & Windows is one of the top window installation companies in the surrounding area of Toronto based on stellar customer service and follow-up. They take customer satisfaction seriously.


  • Vinyl, wood, and metal windows
  • Huge selection of styles and sizes
  • Provide guarantees on labor and materials
  • Follow up with customers weeks/months after installation
  • Offer competitive quotes


  • Renowned for excellent customer service
  • Follow-up after installation to ensure satisfaction
  • Very precise with measurements during installation


  • More limited material selection than some companies
  • Scheduling conflicts occasionally occur

Price Range: $$

For homeowners who value responsive, thoughtful customer service, Toronto Doors & Windows takes the time to ensure complete satisfaction with the window installation and follow-up the whole process throughout.

4. Total Home Windows & Doors

Total Home Windows and Doors

Site: thwindowsdoors.com

Total Home Windows & Doors offers excellent prices on quality windows, making them one of the best budget options for window replacement in Toronto.


  • Vinyl, wood, and metal window options
  • Broad selection of styles and sizes
  • Provide guarantees on products and labor
  • Competitive pricing across all budget levels
  • Free in-home consultations


  • Quality windows at very affordable prices
  • One of the few companies to hold a 5-star Google rating
  • Careful installations and excellent warranties


  • Less customization options than some competitors
  • Smaller selection of premium window brands

Price Range: $

For shoppers looking for the best value on new windows, Total Home Windows & Doors offers beautiful new windows at budget-friendly prices.

5. EuroSeal Windows

EuroSeal Windows

Site: www.eurosealwindows.com

EuroSeal Windows stands out as an innovative window tech company in Toronto. They developed a proprietary GreenStarTM window line with exceptional energy efficiency.


  • Vinyl, wood and metal windows
  • GreenStarTM windows designed and tested in-house
  • Sliding doors, exterior steel doors
  • 40+ years of experience


  • Proprietary GreenStarTM windows for maximum efficiency
  • Broad selection of styles and materials
  • Skilled technicians conduct precise installations


  • GreenStarTM line is only available through EuroSeal
  • Most window lines are not proprietary

Price Range: $$$

For access to the latest window technology and energy efficiency, EuroSeal Windows offers their own innovative window and GreenStarTM line.

6. Pella Windows & Doors

Pella Windows & Doors

Site: www.pella.com

Known for unparalleled quality and selection, Pella Windows & Doors offers exceptional windows matched with top-notch service.


  • Wood, vinyl, fiberglass window and door options
  • Huge selection of styles from traditional to contemporary
  • Custom sizing and design capabilities
  • Energy Star partner with very efficient windows


  • The gold standard of window manufacturing quality
  • Unmatched selection of materials, styles, and features
  • Help customers select the perfect windows during consultations


  • Premium prices - among the most expensive in Toronto
  • Some customers report issues after installation

Price Range: $$$$

With the finest windows and the expertise to help find the perfect style for each home, Pella Windows & Doors offers an exceptional combination of quality and service area.

7. Casa Bella

Casa Bella

Site: casabellawindows.ca

As a Toronto-based window and door manufacturer for over 60 years, Casa Bella is a local company that understands the Toronto climate and consumers' needs.


  • Local Canadian business based in Toronto
  • Energy efficient, customized windows and doors
  • Windows installed by authorized contractors
  • Huge variety of styles and operational types


  • Tailors products specifically to Canadian regulations and climate
  • Many years of experience serving Toronto homeowners
  • Provide personalized service and recommendations


  • Smaller company than the major national brands
  • Less name recognition than some competitors

Price Range: $$-$$$

For homeowners who want to support a local Toronto business, Casa Bella offers personalized service and windows designed for Canadian homes.

8. Clera Windows

Clera Windows

Site: www.clerawindows.com

Clera Windows provides Toronto homeowners with various services and replacement windows tailored to meet their needs, with 40+ years of local experience.


  • Locally owned and operated in Toronto since 1978
  • Installation, repair, and replacement services
  • Wide selection of window styles and types
  • Consultations to determine customer needs


  • Longstanding local business with deep community ties
  • Focuses on personalized service
  • Helps customers choose what's right for their home


  • Smaller operation compared to major brands
  • Fewer financing options than some companies

Price Range: $$-$$$

For a custom window replacement experience from industry experts, Clera Windows offers Torontonians personalized service.

Why Quality Windows and Doors Matter

Investing in new windows and doors goes far beyond just improving the visual appeal of your home. High-quality windows and doors provide:

  • Energy efficiency - New windows with advanced glazings, coatings, and thermal engineering can significantly reduce energy costs.
  • Noise reduction - Modern window materials and construction better insulate against outside noise.
  • Security - Upgraded locks, reinforced frames, and shatter-resistant glass protect against intruders.
  • Improved functionality - New windows and doors operate more smoothly and are easier to open/close than old ones.
  • Curb appeal - Attractive new additions can greatly improve your home's look and increase its resale value.

Choosing the right window and door company ensures proper installation and the best materials for your home's needs. The result is windows and doors that protect and enhance your home for decades to come.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Company

When selecting a window and door company, keep the following factors in mind:

  • Experience - Look for an established company with many years (or decades) of experience. They understand how to do the job right.
  • Reputation - Check reviews and testimonials. A history of satisfied customers is a good sign.
  • Quality materials - The company should offer high-quality brands and materials that suit your needs.
  • Warranties - Companies that believe in their products will back them with strong warranties.
  • Local expertise - Look for a company familiar with Toronto's climate, building codes, permits, and regulations.
  • Customer service - They should listen to your needs and communicate every step of the way.
  • Competitive pricing - Get quotes from multiple companies to compare costs for your project.

The right local company will help you choose perfect windows and doors while providing professional installation you can rely on.

Things to Avoid When Choosing a Company

Some common mistakes to avoid when selecting a window and door company:

  • Choosing based on price alone - A suspiciously cheap quote probably means low quality.
  • No local references - Be wary of companies without any local reviews or examples of past work.
  • High-pressure sales tactics - Never feel rushed into signing a contract. A good company allows time to make the right decision.
  • Vague warranties - Get all guarantees in writing, and read the fine print.
  • No building permits - Licensed contractors will get the proper municipal permits.
  • Requests for full payment upfront - Never pay 100% until the job is complete to your satisfaction.
  • Lack of detailed contract - Ensure all specifics like timeline, materials, warranties etc. are included.

Doing your research helps avoid choosing the wrong company and a negative experience. Take time to carefully evaluate potential contractors.


Choosing new replacement windows and doors for your Toronto home is an important decision. Any of these top companies provide quality, excellent service, and expertise. Compare their strengths to decide which is the optimal choice for your particular needs and budget.

Investing in energy-efficient new windows and doors from a reputable local company will enhance the comfort, beauty and value of your home for years to come. With proper installation and maintenance, they should provide a lifetime of reliability and performance.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the entire process for new window installation?

The entire process typically involves:

  • Initial consultation to assess your needs
  • Detailed measurements of each window
  • Selection of window styles and materials
  • Placing the order with the manufacturer
  • Scheduling a window installation date
  • Careful removal of old window frames
  • Proper installation of new windows
  • Sealing, insulating and testing for air leaks
  • Interior/exterior finishing work like trim
  • Cleanup and hauling away old windows

Should I replace my basement windows?

Basement windows often allow air leaks and moisture. New energy-efficient basement windows stop drafts and can help lower energy bills. Consider upgrades if your basement windows are old, damaged, or allow noticeable air infiltration.

What are awning windows good for?

Awning windows are hinged at the top to open outward. They're ideal for ventilation in places like over countertops or above other windows because the sash doesn't impede the space. Awning windows also shed rainwater effectively.

What is the difference between single-hung and double-hung windows?

Single-hung windows have one operable sash that slides up and down, while the other sash is fixed. Double-hung windows have two operable sashes that both slide up and down. This provides more ventilation options.

How do I know which are the best windows for my home?

The window style you choose impacts aesthetics, ventilation, and energy efficiency. Consult with an expert to determine the ideal windows based on your home's size, layout, climate, and needs. Custom-made, ENERGY STAR-certified windows are often best.

What makes a window innovative?

Innovative windows incorporate advanced materials, glazings, frame technologies, weatherstripping and other features that enhance energy efficiency, durability, security, noise reduction, and functionality beyond conventional window designs.

Why is it important windows are installed properly?

Correct installation is crucial to ensure windows operate smoothly, seal out air and moisture, remain securely in place, and enable proper drainage. Improperly installed windows are prone to air leaks, rot, mold and premature failure.

What does the window installation process involve?

The window installation process includes:

  • Removing old windows and disposing of them properly
  • Prepping and waterproofing the window openings
  • Placing the new windows into the openings
  • Fastening the frame and checking it is level and plumb
  • Caulking gaps and insulating for weather-tightness
  • Completing exterior trim and interior finishes

Should I replace my old windows?

If your windows are very outdated or energy inefficient, replacement windows can lower your energy bills and improve home comfort and appearance. Newer windows also provide better durability, functionality and noise insulation.

What are the benefits of installing new windows?

New window benefits include lower energy costs, less outdoor noise, improved aesthetics, easier maintenance, increased home value, custom sizes/styles, better insulation, and enhanced comfort and air quality.

What factors should I consider when choosing window companies in the Toronto area?

Look for Toronto window companies with extensive experience, positive reviews from local homeowners, a broad selection of window types and styles, competitive pricing, proven warranties, and expertise in meeting Toronto regulations.

As a Toronto homeowner, what questions should I ask potential window companies?

Important questions include: Are you licensed in Toronto? Do you pull all required permits? What brands and materials do you offer? Can you do custom sizes? What are your timeframes? What warranties do you provide? Can I see local examples of your installations?

How can new windows help reduce my energy bills?

Energy-efficient windows with improved insulation, weatherstripping, double/triple panes and low-emissivity coatings significantly reduce heat loss in winter and heat gain in summer. This can lower both heating and air conditioning costs.

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