North Star Windows and Doors: The Right Choice for Your Home?

North Star Windows and Doors: The Right Choice for Your Home?
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Making responsible decisions about new doors and windows is important to any home improvement project. You’ve heard others mention North Star Windows and Doors and wonder if they would be right for your renovation. The only way to know for sure is to learn more about the brand and how it compares to your other options. Here are some of the essentials that you will need to make the right choice.

The History Behind North Star

Founded in 1985, North Star has demonstrated staying power during it’s four decades of operation. Beginning in London and later moving to Elgin, the company incrementally increased the work force as the demand for their products expanded. By 1993, the company employed 50 people. More recently, the total number of employees has exceeded 280. North Star is recognized as Ontario’s largest producer of vinyl windows and patio doors.

Windows remain the key focus of the business. Offering a number of residential styles, much of the effort has to do with developing windows that offer the highest degree of energy efficiency. Some of the designs developed over time have reduced the amount of condensation that collects on window sashes, and more efficient operation of each design currently sold.

Where Can Customers Find North Star Products?

Over the years, North Star has partnered with a number of distributors who make their products available to a wider customer base. This has led to the ability to offer windows across Canada, along with the North Star windows Ontario has to offer. A number of installation services offer the products, along with several home supply stores, some of which are locally owned.

North Star also has a presence along the eastern seaboard of the United States. As in Canada, the distribution is through a variety of installation companies and some home supply stores. The acquisition of North Star by Atrium of Dallas, Texas in 2008 has helped increase the company’s presence in several areas. At the time of the acquisition, roughly 90% of North Star’s business was in Canada, with the remaining 10% in the USA. Since that time, the company has moved into other areas of the United States and established a reputation.

Exploring North Star’s Options for Window Styles and Designs

Two questions are common when it comes to North Star windows. One is are North Start windows good and how good are North Star windows? The other is what sort of window style and designs does the company offer. As many will attest, the windows are high in quality, especially when it comes to designs with high North Star energy ratings.

In terms of styles, the company’s vinyl window selection rivals the lines offered by the competition. You can invest in North Star double hung windows as well as single hung designs with ease. The company also offers slider, awning, and bow windows. If bay windows are what you want, they’re available too. North Star casement windows are second in popularity only to their single and double hung designs. Thanks to the variety, it’s not hard to identify one or more styles that are a good fit for any home.

Does North Star Offer Doors Too?

North Star does offer a number of entry doors, including patio doors. Several design series provide choices that will work with any home design. Along with wood and vinyl, the company also offers doors crafted with steel and fibreglass. There’s a line that makes use of iron paired with energy-efficient glass. Classic entry doors for the front and back entrances are among the most popular, while the patio doors are also a favourite. Those who are looking for garden doors that swing inward or outward versus sliding patio doors will not be disappointed.

Finding Replacement Parts and Other Essentials for Repairing Windows and Doors

One aspect of North Star’s operation that sets it apart from some competitors is the fact that the company produces a line of replacement components that make repairs to the windows and doors simple. Made to fit exacting specifications, they can provide years of additional performance to doors that are in basically good condition.

The company’s Tru Security hardware includes matching handsets, locksets, egg knobs, and levers crafted with high-quality brass and nickel. As with all North Star products, the hardware comes with a guarantee.

Are There Options for Ordering Customized Doors and Windows?

Along with standard offerings for windows and doors, North Star also provides customers with custom made doors and windows. That includes more than doors of varying dimensions. The company will custom design doors in styles and using materials that meet the client’s requirements. Through it all, the focus is always on providing finished products that perform well, are durable, and provide a high level of security.

As with the standard offerings, the company offers a North Star windows installation guide that can be used with custom designs. This works well for homeowners who want to install their own doors or for services that will handle the job.

Comparison Shopping: How Does North Start Stack Up With Other Window and Door Manufacturers?

Like other leading manufacturers in Canada, North Star complies with all CSA requirements. That includes those that have to do with meeting Energy Star qualifications. The result is windows that are considered to be competitive in the market in terms of performance as well as appearance.

A review of the basic North Star windows price list indicates that the company does offer competitive pricing that makes it worth comparing to other manufacturers. This is particularly true when it comes to the options for North Star vinyl windows and doors Canada.

In terms of North Star windows ratings overall, they tend to compare well with the other leading manufacturers in the country. That means if you conduct a comparison of

Pella vs North Star windows, you’ll find a number of areas where the two companies equal one another in terms of price and quality. The same is true if you were to conduct an assessment of Anderson vs North Star windows.

Understanding the Warranty Protections

The standard North Star windows warranty offers limited lifetime protections from the point of installation on. One feature that isn’t always found with other window manufacturers is the ability to transfer the warranty if you sell your home to the new owner.

Along with warranties on all windows, North Star also offers warranties on entry doors, fibreglass doors, and patio doors. Warranty brochures are available that outline the protections included in each warranty type. In fact, anything product made by the company comes with some type of North Star Window warranty.

Employee Talk: What Employees Have to Say About North Star

Ask employees what they think and you’ll find quite a few happy people. In general, the North Star Windows reviews by current and past employees rate the company high in terms of work environment, training, and benefits. Employees often mention that the strong customer service ethic within the company makes it all the easier for them to perform their jobs and enjoy working with one another, since there are fewer barriers to taking care of clients.

Past Customers Get Their Say Too

There are a number of North Star Windows customer reviews found online. The company also makes reviews available upon request. Many of the reviews indicate that the company does a good job in terms of accurate quotes, delivery of windows and doors, and living up to the promises made in their warranty plans.

As with any company, you will find some North Star Windows complaints. Many of those are successfully resolved within a short amount of time. It’s not unusual for a customer who lodged a complaint to come back later and note that the issue was taken care of in a timely manner.

The range of North Star Windows complaints do include mentions of custom door and window orders. They may have to do with measurements being slightly off or similar issues. The responses indicate that North Star Windows & Doors takes these types of issues seriously and will replace the custom doors when there’s evidence that what was delivered did not match what was ordered.

Potential customers are urged to read multiple North Star vinyl windows reviews to get an idea of what past customers have experienced. Doing so will provide another way to compare the company with the competition.

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What Do You Think?

Now that you know more, it’s time to consider what North Star offers and how it relates to your plans for the home. Take the time to go back over details like the North Star windows prices, designs, and even the materials that are used. Think about how the investment in these windows and doors would compare to choosing a different brand. Once you identify what matters most to you, it will be easier to make the selection that’s right for your home.


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