Tony Wong

Project Manager

Tony Wong

Meet Tony Wong - Our Bridge to Excellence and Community!

Tony Wong, a cornerstone of Canadian Choice Windows and Doors since 2009, is not just a Project Manager - he's a bridge that connects us with excellence and the vibrant Asian community we serve.

Tony's journey with us has been a tapestry of dedication and commitment. As a Project Manager, he's the embodiment of meticulousness, ensuring every project is flawlessly executed. But his role extends beyond project management. Tony has become a cultural ambassador, nurturing relationships within the Asian community and ensuring our services cater to their unique needs.

Language, the essence of communication, is one of Tony's many strengths. Fluent in Mandarin, English, and Cantonese, he effortlessly navigates between cultures, fostering understanding and trust.

Tony's personal journey mirrors his commitment to connection. Having arrived from Hong Kong in 1975, he carried with him a legacy of entrepreneurship. In Calgary, he embarked on a printing business, carving his name in the business landscape. Later, he moved to Toronto, bringing his determination and business acumen to our team.

Beyond the professional, Tony's life is enriched by his family. He embodies the wisdom of a grandfather, understanding the importance of legacy and the future it shapes. Just as he takes care of our projects, he takes care of those around him, setting an example for generations to come.

Tony Wong's story is one of dedication, cultural synergy, and building bridges. He personifies Canadian Choice Windows and Doors' commitment to excellence and community. With Tony as a guiding force, our team becomes not just a service provider, but a partner that understands, respects, and cherishes the diverse communities we serve.

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