Simon Pozneris

President of Brand & Marketing

Simon Pozneris

Simon Pozneris, President of Brand & Marketing, is the dedicated and ambitious founder of Canadian Choice Windows and Doors. He has always possessed an indomitable passion for home improvement.

He started with a modest reseller store in North York, Toronto. Now, a decade later, his vision and relentless hard work have seen the company evolve into a prominent national brand with six locations spread across Canada. His deep-rooted belief in delivering quality and value to homeowners has been instrumental in transforming the business model from a reseller store to a self-sustaining manufacturing unit.

Simon’s expertise isn't confined to windows and doors. With a keen interest in holistic home improvement solutions, the company has grown to offer comprehensive home energy audit services. The team, under Simon's leadership, works with customers to enhance energy efficiency and reduce environmental footprints. Even outside his professional commitments, Simon's enthusiasm for home renovation never fades. He spends his free time indulging in upgrades and improvements to his own home, a testament to his commitment and love for the industry.

Despite his achievements, Simon remains steadfast, continually striving for innovation and customer satisfaction, cementing his role as a trusted expert in the field of home renovation.

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