Four Tips to Get More Natural Light In Your Basement

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3 months ago

Basement renovation is one of the most common ways to create extra space out of your existing layout. In fact, 13% homeowners in Canada opted for a basement conversion in 2014, according to a report from Statista.

Basements often evoke pictures of dark, dreary and gloomy spaces, but this doesn’t need to be the reality. Sufficient natural light can make your basement one of the brightest spots in the entire house.

Here are some ways to bring cheer and sunshine into your basement:

Install Windows

Windows are a great way to bring a lot of natural light into your basement. If your basement does not have a window, install one to allow plenty of sunshine in to beat the darkness. The energy and freshness that natural lighting brings is something that artificial lights fail to replicate.

Get a professional window installation service for a successful renovation. “Finding the right service provider” is a key homeowner challenge, according to a February 2015 survey report, published on

Look for quality review ratings, expertise, cost benefits, and flexible payment options, when choosing an installation company.

Structure Window Shields Efficiently

When it comes to basement lighting, you need to make use of every ray of sunlight. Improper structuring of window shields such as curtains and blinds can block sunlight.

Prevent such loss by ensuring that the curtain rod is installed a few inches over the window. This way, curtains can be pulled up, well above the windows, allowing maximum sunlight into the basement.

When installing blinds, ensure that you are able to view the entire window after the blinds are completely drawn. With no sheet of blind blocking the sun, you’ll have plenty of light pouring into the basement.

Consider Glass Doors

If your basement’s entry door is outside, then consider installing a glass door. Glass doors reflect glare and brighten up the space enormously. French doors, or sidelight-bearing window doors are other options to increase the flow of sunlight.

Use Mirrors

A mirror positioned strategically to reflect light from windows can bring in extra brightness to your basement.

Increase the Aesthetic Value of your Home

A naturally bright basement makes it a valuable home space. With some fine furniture, you can turn the basement into an impressive guest room, or a positive space for your growing kids. A bright basement is also a profitable investment as it increases the value of your home.

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