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Complete Guide on How to Secure Your Home

Despite being ranked the 8th safest country out of a list of 162, Canada isn’t completely crime-free. In fact, the most recent statistics claim that in every 100,000 Canadian homes, 578 are victimized by burglaries each year. Sure, it’s still not a lot if you crunch the numbers. But what these figures demonstrate is that the dangers aren’t simply imagined. 

Burglaries happen, and it pays to prepare your home so you can make sure you, your family, and your belongings are safe at all times - whether or not you’re home. One of the first steps you need to take to secure your home would be to reinforce any entry point. And that includes your doors and windows. 

Fortunately, it doesn’t take a lot to heighten your home’s defenses against intruders. So, exactly how do you burglar proof windows and doors? Here’s what you can do.

Reinforce Your Window Locks

What is the most effective way on how to secure home windows? Reinforce your locks, of course. Most burglars will know how to manipulate standard window locks so they can get an entry point into your home. By adding aftermarket locks to your windows, you can add an extra layer of security to your home and make it harder for burglars from breaking in with ease. 

Here are some examples of aftermarket window locks you can install: 

  • Pin locks - These hold your windows shut by way of a removable pin. They’re easy to install and usually hidden from view making them an inexpensive and intuitive choice for most windows.
  • Hinged wedge locks - Acting like a wedge, these locks stop the movement of sliding windows keeping them shut unless the wedge is removed.
  • Keyed window locks - Kind of like a door, the keyed window lock requires a key for both opening and locking the window in place. These are best for times when you expect to be away from home for extended periods of time.

Change the Glass

Standard windows and door windows use annealed glass which can shatter upon impact. This makes them easier for burglars to compromise, especially if they know no one’s home to hear the noise. 

Changing the glass to tempered glass or plexiglass improves your windows and doors’ resistance to force, cracking but otherwise retaining its shape and structure.

Install Window Sensors

Most modern home security systems support door and window sensors that detect when an entry point has been breached. If triggered, the system can unleash a blare of noise and lights to alert you and scare away the intruder.

Place Security Cameras Around Your Property

Security cameras have possibly saved millions of homes from potential intruders, thanks to their simple purpose of monitoring everything within their view. Burglars will be easily deterred by security cameras because they threaten identification. 

Install cameras so that every possible entry point is monitored. In some cases, keeping the cameras within view can also help ward off intruders. Simply knowing that they might get caught could be enough to make them want to ditch the job. 

But keep in mind, there are other more sophisticated burglars that will disarm a camera especially if its within reach. So maybe keeping them visible yet too far away to tamper with might be a better way to maintain the security of your entry points.

Install Metal Grills

What makes typical windows easy to breach is the fact that all you really need to do is break them, and you’re in. But metal frames that attach to your window openings can stop a burglar in his tracks, limiting him to just whatever his arms can reach. 

The only potential downside is that grills might water down your home’s curb appeal. But don’t fret - there are bespoke metalworkers that can fabricate decorative grill designs for your home so you can get the best of both worlds.

Keep Everything Well Lit

The night proves to be an opportune time for burglars because it shrouds them in darkness. Limiting your visibility, the evening gives burglars more freedom and confidence to move because even if you happen to detect them, you’re not likely to identify them. 

With that logic in mind, it might help to keep all of your entry points well lit. Floodlights or even just standard indoor lighting filtering brightly through a window or a door can make your home look like a poor target for an opportunistic intruder. 

Similarly, there are other devices on the market that might help deter burglars with light. Motion sensing lights turn on when triggered by movement, and the element of surprise definitely makes them more effective against burglars. 

As a burglar triggers a motion sensing light, they’re likely given a bit of a shock thinking that they’ve been caught and that the homeowner has located them. In effect, the immediate impulse would be to flee the scene.

Reconsider Your Landscaping

Back in the day, when security systems and tempered glass were yet to become a thing, people would reinforce their homes by way of their landscaping. Areas beneath windows would be complicated with thorny bushes that would force burglars to push their way through just to reach an entry point.

While they might not be the most sophisticated solution, there’s no doubt that the simple aspect of your landscape might be a smart way to further strengthen your home’s resistance to break-ins. 

Plants like shrub rose, creeping juniper, and blackthorn can be perfect choices for your window security. These beautiful flowering plants can also improve your home’s aesthetic while adding an extra layer to your overall security.

Over to You

With the technologies in home security becoming more and more sophisticated, there really is no reason for you to leave your home at risk. These inexpensive solutions definitely won’t cost you a lot, but they can save you a fortune. 

So if you were asking how you can secure your home and sleep in peace knowing that you’re safe from intruders, try out these suggestions to up your property’s resistance against opportunistic burglars.

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