How to Choose Replacement Windows for Your Cottage?

How to Choose Replacement Windows for Your Cottage?
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When searching for replacement windows for your cottage, it is crucial to factor out the main problem you aim to get rid of as the overall improvement goals you look to hit. These two considerations will give you a more precise snapshot of the type of windows, like replacements. These considerations will guide you in the choice of materials and window type, to achieve the effectiveness and the beauty you desire. 

Before we get to what to look for when looking for the most suitable window replacement for your cottage, let's look into some of the conditions that may signal a need for window replacement in your cottage.

Some of the indications that you might need to replace your cottage windows include

  • An increased energy usage in your cottage
  • Drafts around your windows
  • Condensation forming between window panes
  •  Signs of rot or mould around the window frames.

If you're concerned about losing your cottage's traditional charm, there are plenty of options available that will help keep in character with your home while also saving you money on heating and other maintenance costs. A window replacement expert can assess your current structure and come up with a well-suited design for your cottage to help retain its unique aspect.

Critical Considerations When Shopping for Your Cottage's Windows

Window type

There is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to window replacement. Different styles of homes have additional window requirements. For example, a cottage with an ocean view may require a picture window, while an older home may require double-hung windows to match the existing structure's appearance.

Window materials

The best choice for material will depend on where your cottage is located. If you live in a frigid location, consider vinyl or fibreglass frames over wood to prevent heat loss through the window frame itself.

Wood is an attractive option because it can be painted or stained in any colour, giving homes a cottage feel. On the downside, it requires periodic maintenance to keep it in good shape for years to come. 

Vinyl is the opposite; it doesn't require painting or staining and is easy to maintain, and also offers strength, durability, and style, thus more preferred.

Window energy efficiency

Consider energy efficiency, one of the most significant factors to consider when choosing new windows. If your cottage gets a lot of direct sunlight, look into Low-E glass, which has an invisible coating reflecting heat away from the house. It can save on cooling costs in the summer and reduce heat loss in winter.

Triple-pane windows also provide more insulation than standard double-pane windows and use a layer of argon gas between the panes to improve their thermal performance.

When shopping for new windows, ask questions about their U-factor and solar heat gain coefficient (SHGC). The lower these numbers are, the more energy-efficient the window is.

Casement window price

Best Choices for Your Cottage Windows

There are plenty of options for cottage windows that can meet your needs. Here are some of the most popular styles used in cottage homes:

Casement Windows

Casement windows are hinged on one side and crank open like a door, allowing full ventilation when both sides are open. Because of their size and design, casement windows tend to let in more air than any other type of operating window. The open-out design makes them easier to clean than any other window type. However, because casement windows swing outward instead of sliding up or down, they take away some interior space in rooms with limited square footage.

Double Hung Windows

The most common type of residential window, double-hung windows, have upper and lower sashes that slide up and down on tracks. The upper sash opens from the bottom, while the lower sash opens from the top. The advantage of double-hung windows is that they're also easy to clean since both sashes tilt in toward the interior of your home. They offer good ventilation since both straps can be opened at once.

Awning Windows

This window type has a sash that opens outward at the bottom, on a hinge at the top. Awning windows are usually installed above or below other windows and doors. They can also be placed along the wall at high points to help ventilate the cottage. Awning windows effectively provide natural ventilation when it's raining because they're designed with a sloped sill that deflects water away from the opening.

Sliding-Tilt Windows

These windows have panes that slide on tracks left and right or tilt inward for cleaning and ventilation. Sliding-tilt windows can provide full ventilation when opened completely but also provide partial ventilation when needed.

Bay and Bow Windows

These windows extend from the house in three or more equal-sized sections that form an arc. They can extend up to four feet from the house and are often paired with window seats below them. 

Bay windows are three-sided, while bow windows use four sections that curve gracefully around corners. Both types allow extra light into the room, but neither opens for ventilation. They're best for adding architectural interest to rooms that don't need extra ventilation, like bedrooms and bathrooms, where they can be used as a place to sit, read or store things like towels and toiletries.

Canadian Choice offers you impeccable window replacement services to help make the best out of your cottage. Whether you wish to go for the new improved casement windows or the stylish awning window replacement, Canadian Choice has these and more, customizable to your preference.

Our replacement windows are made of industry certified hardware and stepped up with additional features, including:

  • Premium security features, such as tilt-in security software and snap-in glazing, for protection against forced entry
  • Superior LoE coating infused with Argon gas for above the fold energy efficiency
  • DraftLOCK plus series for smooth and comfortable operation
  • Reinforced premium glass to prevent windows from cracking all discoloration

In addition, Canadian Choice Windows and Doors is in to assist you in deciding the most suitable design for your cottage. A team of design specialists will take a thorough assessment of your current home structure and architecture together with your aesthetic preferences to determine the best window choice for your cottage.

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