Milgard Windows & Doors: All the Basics That You Should Know

Milgard Windows & Doors: All the Basics That You Should Know
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It’s time to make some home improvements and that means making decisions about what to do about those aging doors and windows. As you compare what different manufacturers have to offer, the name of Milgard Windows and Doors will come up. What should you know about this manufacturer, and is it the right one for your needs? Here’s some information that will help you decide.

Background Time: Milgard’s Establishment and History

Longevity is one of the benefits that Milgard brings to the table. Established in 1958 by Maurice Milgard Jr, and his son Gary as Milgard Glass Company, it wasn’t long before the new enterprise began to broaden their product lines. This occurred when another son, Jim, joined the firm. Aluminum windows were among the first of those new product offerings, appearing in 1961.

By the following year, Gary had decided to move out on his own and start a business devoted to window fabrication. This entity, known as Milgard Manufacturing, focused solely on aluminum windows. The goal was to create window designs that were in full compliance with the requirements common in the Intermountain and Western United States.

Later in the decade, Milgard Manufacturing expanded it’s product line to include sliding glass doors. Aluminum frames followed in a couple of years. The new frames were able to function in settings where wood was at the time considered the only real choice.

By the end of the 1980s, Milgard Manufacturing was producing their first windows with vinyl frames. Soon after, the company introduced a line of fiberglass windows and doors that continues to be a major seller.

In the new century, the company has continued to expand with a full line of Milgard series windows as well as additional door options.

Finding Milgard Products

Locating Milgard products is not difficult. Some of the most common home supply chains in North America carry their doors and windows. For example, it’s easy to find them in Home Depot locations as well as locations of Lowe’s. There are also smaller chains and even regional home supply businesses that carry the products.

If you’re trying to find Milgard windows Calgary, there will be no worries about locating them. The same is true if you’re looking for Milgard windows Vancouver options. Even if you live in a remote location, it’s possible to buy the products online through a supplier and have them shipped to your home.

What Milgard Offers in the Way of New Windows

When you look over the options for windows, there will be no problem finding the typical designs that most homeowners seek. Along with the traditional single and double hung windows. There are options for Milgard casement windows. You’ll also want to take a look at the Milgard Tuscany awning windows that are offered. Picture windows are also a specialty of the company that’s worth looking into. The options including the use of vinyl, aluminum, and fiberglass are sure to attract attention from just about everyone.

One of the things you’ll notice is the pricing. It won’t take long to see that the typical designs are more or less in the same price range as similar manufacturers. They won’t be the least expensive option in many instances. You may be able to find windows made by other manufacturers that offer the quality you want while providing a more affordable unit price. Do a quick comparison of Milgard aluminum casement windows with a similar offering by another company and see what you think.

Door Options You’ll Find With Milgard

Patio doors was one of the first entries into this market that the company made. After five full decades, that type of door is still available. In fact, the company has continued to refine their processes so that these doors are more energy efficient today than at any time in the past.

You’ll find patio doors in two, three, and four panel designs. There are also French door options that you can consider. The French doors are in sliding and swinging configurations. If a bi-fold door is more to your liking, it’s available. You can also get pocket and stacking doors if that fits your plans for the home.

Repair Resources: What Milgard Offers for Restoring Older Doors and Windows

While the focus is on replacement doors and windows, it’s also possible to invest in different types of Milgard window hardware as well as hardware for the doors. While the hardware is designed primarily for use with the company’s products, the design specifications make them ideal for use with older doors and windows.

What this means is that if you have some windows or doors that you prefer to keep in place for a little longer, some of the Milgard window repair parts may be a good way to restore them and extend their lives for a few years. A contractor can look over the specifications and help you compare them to other options for replacement hardware and parts.

Exploring Milgard’s Options for Custom Windows and Doors

Are Milgard windows good enough for your home? They seem to be, but there’s one small issue: the windows that you need to replace are not all the same size. This is because you have an older home that’s been around for decades. Simply put, the processes used for the original windows are different from what’s on the market today. Standard sizes won’t do.

That’s not a problem. Milgard does take on specialty projects that include designing custom windows. If you want a Milgard bay window that’s a little larger or smaller than the current standard dimensions, it can be done. The same goes if you want single or double hung Milgard fiberglass windows that are slightly larger than usual. Anything from a Milgard garden window to a sliding panel can be created that matches your needs.

You can work with a professional to come up with the measurements for each window in the home. From there, Milgard will take the specs and create what you have in mind. When they’re done, those custom Milgard window sizes will fit perfectly.

How Does Milgard Measure Up to the Competition?

You already have an idea of what to expect in terms of a Milgard windows price comparison. The company’s offerings are not the least expensive on the market. In terms of quality, they may be just what you need. There’s a reason that Milgard's fiberglass and vinyl products have won awards.

As for styles, you’ll find that Milgard offers most of the window designs that you’ll find elsewhere. Milgard awning windows are a staple of the company’s offerings. The same holds true for Milgard Tuscany double hung windows as well as the popular Milgard Tuscany single hung windows. Unless you have something particular in mind that’s out of the box, the standard offerings will do nicely. Even if you don’t see exactly what you want, the option for custom windows may supply what you need.

One area where the company is not as strong as some of the competition is door offerings. There’s no doubt that Milgard has excellent options for patio doors. That’s great if a new patio door is the only one that you need. If you’re looking for other types of exterior and interior doors, it may be necessary to look elsewhere.

Remember that price isn’t everything. Your goal is to identify the best choice in terms of quality and price. Depending on the type of windows you want, Milgard may offer the combination of qualities that you want.

What to Expect in the Warranty

You’ll find the same types of coverage in the Milgard warranty as found with similar manufacturers. Events that have to do with some type of factory defect are often covered in full. Those points of coverage apply to all series of Milgard products. The scope of the coverage may have to do with making repairs, or it could include completely replacing the windows.

There’s another part of the Milgard window replacement guarantee that’s not always found in the warranties offered by other companies. A Milgard warranty remains in full effect for as long as the customer continues to own the property.

Even in the event that the owner does sell the property, the warranty coverage remains in effect for a time. The new owners remain covered under the warranty terms and conditions for 10 years starting with the installation date. That means if you have the windows installed today and sell the house in five years, the new owners will have all the benefits of the Milgard windows warranty service for their first five years of ownership.

Employee Thoughts: What’s It Like to Work For Milgard?

Employee and former employee reviews are readily found online. The comments left as part of the reviews provide insights into the culture at different Milgard locations, including some ideas about the strengths and the weaknesses found within the company.

One factor that seems to be common among current and former employees is the availability of work. There seems to be plenty to go around for everyone. In terms of being able to remain gainfully employed due to production needs, there seems to be no issue at all. People are free to work as much as they like, including the opportunity to enjoy overtime.

Some employees note that the management teams in their locations did a great job of keeping them up to date on all sorts of Milgard Windows news. It wasn’t up to date information about different series or some new launch the company was planning. They also felt the company did a good job of keeping them up to date on the Milgard windows lawsuit that occurred a few years back, as well as ensuring they had information about the dismissal of the suit after a settlement was reached. This allowed them to feel that they were not kept in the dark or caught unawares when others would mention something about Milgard to them.

Relations with Human Resources sometimes seemed to be a mixed situation. Some report good support from HR teams while others felt that what they shared in confidence was discussed openly and without their permission.

Customers Have Their Say: Are They Happy With Milgard Products and Customer Support?

A review of Milgard Windows consumer reports and ratings indicates that many property owners are happy with their new windows and patio doors. This is especially true with the vinyl products that the company offers. Some reviews specifically mention that their Milgard replacement windows provided benefits in addition to those that they expected. For example, the blockage of outdoor noise was more effective than some customers anticipated.

The Milgard Ultra windows reviews point out the energy efficiency properties of the series, as well as the excellent performance. Some customers reported that the windows were operating perfectly even after being in place for several years.

Customer service and support seems to be another strong point from the perspective of past customers. Many note that using the Milgard windows phone number allowed them to connect with someone who could help them in relatively little time. They also found the service reps to be knowledgeable and ready to answer any questions that came to mind.

In regards to Milgard windows complaints, many of them noted that the company was quick to respond when an issue arose and worked with customers to come up with a suitable resolution.

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Determining if Milgard is Right Choice for You

Before making a decision, it makes sense to visit Milgard windows online and take a look at what they have to offer. Along with visiting retailer websites where the products are offered, spend some time on the Milgard site proper. Feel free to request a free brochure and submit questions using the site’s interface.

Compare the Milgard window styles with what other manufacturers have to offer. That includes the range of materials used for different styles. You may also want to spend some time checking out online reviews and form your own opinion.

There’s no doubt that Milgard has worked well for a number of customers. Take your time, compare what they have with the competition carefully, and you can decide what works best in your case.


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