Everything You Need to Know About Window Grilles and Window Inserts

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Window grilles are key when it comes to the structural functions of your window, helping hold small sections of glass together. In the modern age, using decorated window grilles and inserts is a good way of preserving traditional windows to improve energy efficiency and comfortability.

For this reason, having an understanding of the different styles, layouts, and window grille designs available is essential to making an informed choice for your new windows – ones that stand out and are unique.

The Difference Between Grilles and Inserts

Window grilles are the bars forming unique patterns along window glass panels, whereas window inserts are operational windows installed inside the existing sill and trim. Window grilles can be removable or fixed depending on the style and type.

Grilles are normally placed between window panes during installation and do not hinder maintenance, effectiveness, and cleaning of the glass. Window inserts smoothen air and dust infiltration and stop drafts, creating a comfortable indoor environment.

Grilles vs. Inserts: Which One is Right for You?

Even though they are typically made of different materials, such as vinyl, metal, or wood, both grilles and inserts are multipurpose, and are intended to not only reinforce security, but to add a decorative touch as well.

To make an informed decision on the right choice between window grilles and inserts, examine their pros and cons. Window security grilles come in different types like Tudor, Prairie, Victorian, mission revival, craftsman, and Edwardian.

Decorative security grilles for windows can transform your home's functionality for a stronger appeal. In addition, the type of exterior door window grille replacement you decide on can harmonize with your installation processes at home.

Pros of window grilles

  • Provide home safety by preventing intruders from entering your house.
  • Improve your home's landscaping aesthetics
  • Protect your home from extreme weather conditions

Cons of window grilles

  • Require frequent cleaning and maintenance
  • View restrictions, as they can significantly obstruct exterior views

Window inserts can be the perfect choice under the right circumstances, as they help build a perfect fit.

Pros of window inserts

  • The installation process needs fewer materials and comes in handy with reduced labour costs.
  • Window inserts boost your home's energy efficiency and reduce outside noise.
  • Window grille inserts adorn the exterior, interior, or both, increasing curb appeal.

Cons of window inserts

  • Loss of visibility, since they create many obstructions
  • Won't function in every home

Replacing Your Window Grilles

Window grilles are fitted inside windows to improve their visual appeal. Replacing your windows with modern window grille designs can improve their look and offer needed security.

Removing the grille

Examine the bottom, top, and sides of the window security grille. The grille may look like a one-piece, but the vertical and horizontal runners join together the frame onto the bottom, top, and all sides. Two screws will form part of the four sides, with three or more grids on the longer side. The screws pass through all sides of the grid frame straightly to the door frame. It is also necessary to incline the screwdriver a little to engage the Philips head screw.

Unscrew and take away all screws, then insert the tip of a sharp knife in between the door frame and grid frame. Pry out smoothly to remove the grid and check if there is a small rubber lip on all sides. In this scenario, slide the putty knife below it and pry it up to access the cracked side in between the door frame and grid frame.

Replacing the grille

If sections of the grid, frame part, or runners have cracked, you can buy new ones. You can buy them from glass shops or suppliers in any standard style and size that suits your home if it is a grille made of wood, vinyl, or metal. If it is a wood block, you can use a hammer to tap grid frames into place.

The metal grid may come without holes; in this case, drill pit holes in the door frame, place original screws in the holes, and drive the screws systematically to secure the frame. If your window grid is slightly broken or cracked and you don't need to replace the fits, try using silicone and glue.

Clip the end part of the silicone tube at a quarter an inch down from the tip through a 30-degree angle. Run the bead of silicone inside the edges of the door frame around the perimeter to fit the grids.

Press the grid softly to allow the silicone to squish, then push broken ends again to cement the pieces. Place all screws back to their original holes, drive them to be semi-tight, then run another set of beads of silicone round the grid to size sizes touching the frames.


For many years, Canadian Choice Windows and Doors has elevated thousands of homes with top-quality windows and doors. Seeking our services at Canadian Choice is an excellent approach to getting customized windows that are durable and match your needs and which can further be upgraded with any grilles and inserts.

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Frequently asked questions

What are grilles in windows called?

Window grilles or window grids are the assortments of sash dividers bound together sitting on top of a big window to create the appearance of glass in rectangles, squares, diamonds, and any customized shapes. Window grilles contain vertical and horizontal bars dividing large glass sheets into small panes. The types of grille include; true dived lites (TDL), simulated divided lite (SDL), wood removable grilles, and grilles in air space (GIA).

What is the purpose of window grilles?

Window grilles ensure windows have matching aesthetics with a unique look. The grilles also protect your home from intruders, since they are small patterns that an individual cannot pass through. In addition, fabricated window grilles offer proper ventilation to your house, thus increasing your comfortability. Grilles can be made of vinyl, wood, or even metals to visually separate glass windows into lites or panes.

Are windows with grilles more expensive?

Windows with grilles have an extra cost which is priced to the top or, in some cases, priced per sash, unlike those without grilles. The size, style, and shape of a window grille will determine its price. For instance, smaller windows are cheaper, unlike bigger windows with grilles. More complex window shapes, such as half circle, odd, and circle shapes are priced higher, unlike standard rectangular windows.

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