Top 5 Reasons Sliding Windows are Right for Your Home

Top 5 Reasons Sliding Windows are Right for Your Home
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The decision is already made to replace all the older windows in your Oshawa home with new ones. What remains to be decided is what sort of window design would work best. You could play it safe and go with the same old design, but why not explore a different approach? One solution that many people find works well for them is to install sliding windows in Ottawa. Here are five of the top reasons why so many homeowners make this choice.

No Limits on Style

Did you know that sliding windows come in all sizes, shapes, and designs? That makes it easier to choose a design that fits right in with the style of your home. While some designs obviously look like sliding windows in Oshawa, others have the look of more traditional styles. No one will know it’s a sliding window until you decide to open it and let in a little fresh air. 

Fewer Moving Parts

Those traditional sashes and other window designs include more moving parts than most people realize. One of the benefits of Oshawa sliding windows is that they are constructed with fewer components. This helps you in two specific ways.

The first has to do with maintenance. With fewer parts to break down, keeping the windows in great shape will require less time, effort, and money. A second advantage has to do with operation. The simpler design glides to any position you want. Even the slide tilt windows that are gaining in popularity will be easy to operate.

An Energy Efficient Solution

Sliding windows in Oshawa, are designed to seal tightly when you have the sashes in the closed position. There is less air seepage around each sash and along the area where the frame and the sashes meet. Thanks to the tight fit, you will find it takes energy to heat and cool your home. The savings from month to month on energy costs alone will make you glad that this was the window style you selected.

Such a Nice View

Since sliding windows typically include two larger glass sashes that move along a track, it’s easier to enjoy the view. With traditional sashes, the frames are more prominent even if you go with a single large pane in each one. When you have four or six panes in each sash, that does tend to break up the view a bit. When you choose sliding windows, there is only the single break that is found at the point where the two sashes overlap on the track. If you love looking out the window, this solution is a great approach.

Average cost of a window

Adding to the Home’s Market Value

New windows in general add to the value of a home. Sliding windows in Oshawa also add to the value because the windows are durable, easy to operate, and tend to last for decades. Prospective buyers will find those attributes particularly appealing. 

Before settling on another design, talk with a professional about what sliding windows will do for your home. Once you know more about the advantages, your decision will be easier to make.

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Reviewed by Bryan Baeumler

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