JELD-WEN Windows & Doors: Getting to Know This Manufacturer and Their Products

JELD-WEN Windows & Doors: Getting to Know This Manufacturer and Their Products
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Installing new residential windows and doors is one of the more important investments you can make in the home. Along with finding the right contractor to manage the installation, it’s important to look closely at what different door and window manufacturers have to offer. One that you want to look at closely is JELD-WEN.

Operating in a number of countries, the company offers a wide range of products, including windows and doors. The fact that it’s been around for several decades indicates they know how to offer customers what they want. Here are some basics that you would know about

JELD-WEN windows, including the doors they offer and the reputation the company enjoys among customers and employees.

Delving into the History of JELD-WEN

The origins of the company go back to 1960, when Richard Wendt and four partners joined forces to to purchase as millwork plant in Klamath Falls, OR. Millworking remained the core business of the company for the remainder of the decade. At the same time, the company began a process of expanding into the use of a variety of materials. These included vinyl, aluminum, and fiber along with steel.

By the 1970s, the company had established a pattern of expansion that included making acquisitions from time to time. These acquisitions allowed the business to move into new areas of operation and provide a wider range of products. By the end of the 1980s, the company was the seventh largest privately held company in Oregon.

Expansion was not limited to the United States. The company also expanded into different countries. As the expansion effort continued, the business began to strike deals with a number of big-box stores, especially those that offered home repair supplies and equipment.

By the end of 2020, the business was operating more than 120 facilities in 19 countries. While maintaining a worldwide headquarters in Charlotte, NC, the company has organized a number of nation-specific entities to operate under that corporate umbrella. That includes

JELD-WEN Canada among other nations where the company has a strong presence.

Where to Find JELD-WEN Windows

Property owners who like the idea of looking at the company’s products up close do have options. This is especially true in the United States and Canada. Along with supplying big-box stores, there are also showroom stores that fulfill the function of a JELD-WEN brand store as well as some locally owned hardware and home supply businesses.

The company operates an interactive map that shows various JELD-WEN locations based on factors like country, state or province, city, and postal or zip code. The goal is to provide interested parties with contact data for any type of store within a defined geophysical range that offers the windows, doors, and other products made by the company.

One quick search via the company website. will tell you about where to find JELD-WEN interior doors Home Depot or if the local Lowe’s has what you need. You can also conduct a browser search using the company name and see which smaller chains or independent businesses also carry the company’s products.

For those who like the idea of purchasing doors and windows that are manufactured within their state or province, a quick web search using the company name and the state of province will tell you if the business has a manufacturing facility nearby. In some cases, you may be able to contact that facility and find out more about stores in your area that carry the company’s products.

Taking a Look at JELD-WEN’s Options for New Windows

What does JELD-WEN windows Canada have to offer in the way of styles and materials used? You’re likely to find all of your favorites, including the style that you have in mind. In terms of materials, you’ll find that vinyl and aluminum options are readily available. There are also some options for wood windows as well.

Perhaps JELD-WEN casement windows are what you have in mind. These are manufactured in both vinyl and aluminum options. Those looking for JELD-WEN windows Winnipeg will have no problem finding the traditional single and double hung window designs. If it’s garden windows that you have in mind, you can bet that the quality as well as the JELD-WEN garden window prices will make looking at the offerings a little closer worth the time and effort.

One look will confirm that there’s options for all sorts of residential windows. If it’s a bay or boy window you want, it’s there. By way of JELD-WEN windows Vancouver, you can learn more about options for sliding windows as well as awning windows. If you can think of the style, it will be found on the company’s website.

Exploring the Door Options Offered by JELD-WEN

You’ll find the options for JELD-WEN doors to be as varied as the options for windows. Unlike some other manufacturers, the company has several lines of JELD-WEN interior doors as well as JELD-WEN exterior doors. Your options for materials range from wood to aluminum to vinyl, depending on the type of door you have in mind.

What do you have in mind for those exterior doors? Maybe an all panel door is what you want for the front entrance. The back door could be where you decide to go with a Dutch door or possibly a glass panel door. When it comes to choosing something that opens onto a patio or lanai, you’ll find that the range of styles for JELD-WEN patio doors are varied enough to fit just about any taste.

When you’re thinking more about the interior, there are plenty of JELD-WEN doors Canada to consider. Along with all panel doors that are ideal for bedrooms and similar areas, consider using louver doors in some parts of the house. Bifold doors are also a good choice when you need to think about space limitations while still being able to provide a measure of privacy.

Obtaining a JELD-WEN doors price list isn’t difficult. Many of the retailers offering these doors in standard sizes can readily providing pricing. That makes it all the easier to determine if the doors have the features you want while remaining in the price range demanded by your budget.

Need Replacement Components to Repair Aging Doors and Windows? JELD-WEN Has Options

Given the diversity of the company’s manufacturing operations, it should come as no surprise that there are all sorts of JELD-WEN window parts to buy. These are great for homeowners who aren’t ready for full replacements, but would like to make some repairs to their existing windows.

The same holds true for the doors as well. You can find replacement glass that will fit into many types of doors. Even support hardware like hinges and similar elements can be found with relative ease.

Something Out of the Box: JELD-WEN’s Options for Custom Windows and Doors

Property owners with older homes may or may not find standard sizes to be good fits. When that’s the case, it’s good to know that there are manufacturers who will provide information on custom sized doors and windows. It happens that you can work with the company and enjoy the benefits associated with JELD-WEN custom wood windows as well as doors.

The company’s website includes information on custom products, including how to work with a representative to order them. There’s a set of product type documents that can be downloaded for easy review. This is in addition to the brochures that provide information on the standard products made by the company.

How Do These Options Stack Up When Compared to Other Window and Door Manufacturers?

In terms of the range of window and door styles offered by the company, you’re not going to find anything out of the ordinary. The range of options tend to mirror what you would find elsewhere. Arguably, the difference has to do in the overall quality and the workmanship that goes into each door and window.

If you compare JELD-WEN and Andersen windows side by side, the styles are basically alike. You may find some differences in terms of the materials used, including the sources for those materials. It’s not hard to find the names of JELD-WEN suppliers, so that will provide one more way to compare the company’s products with those offered by competitors.

You may also delve into different aspects of warranties to determine how things stack up if you decide to do a Pella vs JELD-WEN vinyl windows comparison. A closer look at the range of protections offered will make it easier to decide if the unit price is agreeable and if you feel comfortable about how long the warranty will continue to provide those protections.

Do take the time to compare every aspect with similar features on products offered by other companies. See how the JELD-WEN glass holds up when compared to the double and triple pane glass offered by other manufacturers. While you can depend on all of them to be in compliance with current standards, some minor details may indicate windows made by one company are better suited for your needs.

Investigating the Warranty Protections

When you look at a JELD-WEN warranty, pay close attention to the way the provisions are worded. Your goal is to ensure that if there’s a problem later due to a manufacturing issue, getting a replacement will involve little to no cost to you.

As you read over the protections, ask yourself a question. If a particular event did happen, would this particular provision offer adequate coverage? If it’s relevant to the event and it does provide an amount of coverage you’re comfortable with, move on to the next provision.

One thing you’re sure to notice is that the JELD-WEN window warranty Canada is comprehensive. In this way, it’s much like the warranties offered by other manufacturers. Even so, read the details and don’t assume. You might find something in there that isn’t always offered by other companies.

What’s It Like to Work For JELD-WEN?

It’s possible to learn quite a bit about a company based on what employees think. Thanks to the Internet, finding reviews by current and past employees isn’t difficult. One of the things you’ll notice is that many of those reviews are positive.

Past and current employees tend to rate JELD-WEN windows and doors high in terms of providing a supportive work culture. Some note that the training they received early on was comprehensive and made it easier to succeed. Others mention that the company tends to promote from within and does provide reasonable wages. The overall quality of the JELD-WEN benefits offered to employees is also generally good.

Customers Tell About Their Experiences With JELD-WEN

There’s no shortage of JELD-WEN windows reviews to be found online. While setting aside any reviews that focus more on the contractor who handles the installation, there’s still plenty of information about the quality and durability of the windows and doors proper.

For example, many of the JELD-WEN windows reviews Canada indicate the products live p to the expectations of the clients. They get high marks for durability, appearance, and function. Those JELD-WEN replacement windows reviews also tend to mention satisfaction with the warranty provisions.

Getting support with questions or seeking other forms of help is also mentioned in many of the reviews. They include noting that the JELD-WEN customer service number typically leads to a quick response. Along with the JELD-WEN windows contact number for customer service, the company offers other forms of communication, like email. Many note that they get answers for questions about JELD-WEN windows troubleshooting within one business day or less.

Some customers have reported waiting for weeks only to receive doors that were damaged or that were not the sizes ordered. In most cases, the issues were rectified, although a few customers reported receiving the wrong doors a second time.

How much for a new window

What Do You Think?

If you happen to live near a big box store or other retailer who sells JELD-WEN Windows & Doors, do spend a little time looking at the displays that are there as well as asking about what’s in stock. Your goal is to be able to look at and touch the products and form your own opinion. Doing so could help you decide if the search is over or if you need to consider what a different manufacturer has to offer.

The choice is yours. Before making any commitments for new doors and windows, take the time to consider different manufacturers and what they have to offer. Consider how their products would work given your location, climate, home design, and other key factors. If you have questions, feel free to talk with a contractor and get more opinions. Your diligence today will go a long way toward being happy with the final choice in the years to come.


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