Pella Windows & Doors: A Snapshot of What This Manufacturer Has to Offer

Pella Windows & Doors: A Snapshot of What This Manufacturer Has to Offer
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The decision to replace existing windows and doors is not one that any property owner takes lightly. Selecting the right manufacturer is just as important as deciding who will handle the installation. While investigating options for those replacement doors and windows, the name of Pella has likely come to your attention. As one of the oldest continuing door and window manufacturers in North America, this is a company you should consider closely. Here is some basic information about Pella Windows that you can use to compare with other choices.

The Background of Pella Windows and Doors

Longevity is one of the advantages that Pella Windows and Doors brings to the table. Established in 1925, the company did not exactly start from scratch. Pella came about by means of an acquisition and the gradual shift in direction of a small business.

At the time, Peter and Lucille Kuyper chose to purchase the Des Moines, IA-based Rolscreen Company with in investment of $5,000 USD. At the time, Rolscreen manufactured a type of window and door screen that could be raised and lowered in order to keep insects from getting through the openings. When fully retracted, the screen was completely hidden.

After completing the acquisition, the Kuypers relocated the business to Pella, IA. The reasoning was that the Kuypers already owned a lumber business based in the same small city. Once the move was completed, the family changed the company name and began building it into one of the premier window and door manufacturers in the country.

In 1992, the company name was officially changes to Pella Corporation. At the same time, the company continued to spread throughout the United States and into several Canadian provinces. Currently, there are locations such as Pella Windows Calgary, Pella Windows Toronto, and Pella Windows Ottawa. With more than 7,000 employees as of 2019, Pella is now one of the largest companies of its type in North America.

Understanding the Window Options Offers by Pella

Like many window manufacturers, Pella has invested in research and development that has helped define the lines of products they offer. Two of the most popular lines offered by the company are the EnduraGuard and the EnduraClad options. Available through Pella Windows Canada and the USA distributors alike, they have proven to be enduring sellers for the company.

A quick look at Pella Windows reviews indicates that the company offers a wide selection of window styles within both of these lines. Consumers will have no problem finding the traditional single and double hung windows offered by many manufacturers. There are also awning and casement window styles to consider. Sliding windows are also offered at Pella Windows Edmonton and other locations. Customers have the option of going with wood, vinyl, or plexiglass for the material of choice. Some of the designs allow for a combination of materials.

You’ll find all of the standard sizes for each window type readily available. There are also options to special order custom windows that are ideal for older homes. This is great news for anyone owning a home that’s several decades old. There will be no problem arranging for any of the Pella awning window sizes that are needed.

Customers who want to go with a different style from their older windows can also receive support from one of the Pella design teams. This makes it easy to get an idea of how Pella tilt turn windows would work versus sticking with the usual double hung windows. In fact, taking a look at the several options included in the Pella Lifestyle windows collection could provide inspiration for doing something new and exciting with the window style choice.

How About the Doors Offered by Pella?

While windows often get more attention from Pella customers, there are plenty of door options to consider. The company offers several styles for entry doors that are ideal for the front and back entrances. Those who need something for the doors leading into the garden will find that the French door options work well.

There are also storm doors that can easily be mounted in place for cooler weather and stored with ease during the summer months. Those who prefer to leave them in place can invest in storm doors that also come with sliding panels that can be opened for ventilation. Hearkening back to the company origins, these panels include screens to keep pests out of the house.

Patio doors are also available from Pella. This includes doors that swing inward or outward as well as sliding patio doors. The designs include large single plate glass as well as a series of smaller panes. This makes it easier to select something that blends in with the look of the home.

As with the Pella window guarantee, there are similar guarantees offered on all Pella doors. Many customers have noted that the terms of the guarantees and warranties compare favorably with those offered by direct competitors.

Pella Components For Repairs

The company is noted for offering supplies and replacement components that can be used to keep Pella products in top condition. While replacement components are not needed often, it’s nice to know they’re available and will match all the standard sizes and color ranges.

For example, if your vinyl windows need some type of new part, rest assured that fresh components are available in all of the Pella vinyl window colors. Consumers will also be happy to know that many Pella vinyl windows reviews indicate securing components like replacement hinges for French or entry doors is not a problem.

Ordering Custom Doors and Windows

For the majority of property owners, the standard sizes offered by Pella will work well. If there is the need to arrange for custom sizes, this can be done with relative ease. In areas where the company has a direct presence, it’s possible for a representative to come out and take the measurements for each window that needs to be replaced. Authorized distributors can also help with the measuring and ensure the dimensions are correct before the order is placed.

From there, the company will use the measurements to create the custom Pella casement window sizes needed. Once completed, they are shipped to the business that has been hired to manage the installation. The same basic approach is used if the customer needs custom doors of any type. This makes the process of Pella window & door replacement simple and worry-free.

As with standard window orders, there are options for Pella Windows financing that apply to customer orders. This is another area where the rep or the distributor can provide information that the client can consider.

Employees Describe Working for Pella

Employees have generally favorable things to say about how the company operates. Many note that the company promotes a reasonable balance between work and other aspects of life. Some note that this may have to do with the fact the business has remained privately owned and tends to encourage employees to make time for family.

Financial benefits are another areas where employees tend to find the company a good employer. Wages and salaries are competitive, and benefit packages offer insurance and retirement plans.

The ongoing expansion of the business also earns praise from many employees. As more Pella Windows locations are added, that generally means more jobs available. One area where some employees note there’s room for improvement is the need for more comprehensive product education for new hires. As noted, this would help recently hired employees be able to articulate the merits of Pella folding windows versus single hung windows with greater ease.

Pella Customer Experiences

Customers generally report positive experiences with the ordering and initial installation of the products. Some have noted in their Pella fiberglass windows reviews as well as reviews for picture windows and other products that problems develop after the warranties expire. Frustration with an inability to work with corporate when local reps are slow to return calls has led some former customers to recommend seeking out other window and door manufacturers.

Property owners who ordered custom windows and doors tend to be happy with what they get. Many report no issues even after the doors or windows have been in place for several years. Having no need to seek out additional work, they have no Pella window warranty issues to report.

Overall, the Pella Windows ratings reviews tend to range somewhere between three and four on a five-point scale. Careful scrutiny of the remarks accompanying the ratings will help homeowners decide if this is the right company for them.

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Is Pella the Right Choice for You?

With almost a century in business, Pella has developed a reputation that keeps the business growing. Take a close look at the styles and designed offered. If you need custom windows or doors, look into the process carefully before making a commitment. Take a close look at the materials used for Pella awning windows as well as other styles, then compare those options with what you find offered by direct competitors.

If you like what you see, contact one of the Pella Windows locations and arrange for an order verifier to visit the home and ensure what you have in mind will work. Remember to compare product pricing and installation costs with what others have to offer.

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