How to Remove Adhesive Residue from a Vinyl Window Frame

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2 weeks ago

Most people aren't in the habit of plastering stickers across their windows the way they would bumper stickers on their cars. However, you might put a sticker on your window to indicate that you have an alarm system or to let fire fighters know that you have pets inside that need rescuing in an emergency. Sometimes, if you work with the wrong Concord windows company, stickers from the manufacturer will be left on the frame.

So what do you do? You can't leave the stickers on the windows or else it makes them look junky. If you try to take them off, you might get residue that will attract dirt and other debris and make an unsightly mess.

Here are a few things you can do to remove adhesive residue from your Concord vinyl window:

Use a Specialty Adhesive Remover

Products like Goo Gone are sold specifically for removing adhesive residue, and many of these are safe for vinyl windows. Before you use the product, check to make sure it is safe for vinyl. Then do a small test on a part of the window that is inconspicuous. That way, if the vinyl changes color from the product, you won't have ruined the frame.

You can get similar results by using a bit of paint thinner on the residue. Just make sure you do a test patch.

Spray with Household Cleaner or Dish Soap

Regular dish soap and water will be enough to get adhesive residue off your windows, but you may have to work a bit harder at it. Ditto for all-purpose cleaners. While soap and other cleaners will cut through the adhesive, it won't take it off in one fell swoop. You will have to reapply several times and work at the residue with a soft cloth.

While this method may take a bit more effort, it can also be more cost effective since you likely already have the cleaners in your home.


Besides being careful about what products you use on the vinyl, as noted above, you also want to be sure not to use a razor or other sharp item to scrape the residue away. These objects can scratch and otherwise damage the vinyl. You can scrape stickers from the glass, but do not use this method on the vinyl frame.

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