Andersen Windows & Doors – What Does This Windows Manufacturer Have to Offer?

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When it’s time to install new residential doors and windows, choosing the right contractor matters. It also pays to consider the company that makes the windows and doors used for the installation. By looking closely at the pros and cons of the windows manufacturer as well as the contractor’s reputation, you’re likely to end up with the results that you seek.

As you consider different manufacturers, the name of Andersen Windows and Doors is bound to come up. You will have plenty of questions. Are Andersen Windows good? How good are Andersen windows? What styles to they offer? How long have they been in business?

The answers to these and many other questions are found if you look around a little. Here’s some information to help you get started.

The Origin and History of Andersen Windows

Andersen Windows and Doors is part of a larger entity known as Andersen Corporation. Founded in 1903, the business did not initially have anything to do with door and window manufacturing. At that time, the owner and proprietor, Hans Andersen, opened a lumber company in the city of Hudson, Wisconsin. Throughout the 20th century, the company developed subsidiaries that focused on various types of manufacturing efforts.

The company is now based in Bayport, Minnesota and employs over 8,000 people. If you’re looking for an answer to the question of where are Andersen windows made, much of the work is done there. As of 2020, the company has clients throughout North America as well as parts of Europe.

Exploring the Windows Manufactured by Andersen

The range of styles offered by the company easily compete with other manufacturers. Of special interest to those who want to replace aging windows in existing structures is the trademarked Renewal by Andersen Windows.

Renewal is the full-service window replacement arm of the Corporation and was first formed in 1995. Based in Cottage Grove, MN, it provides support for all the standard designs offered by the company. One of the distinguishing factors about Renewal windows is that they tend to cost a little more per unit than some of the competition. This is balanced with careful attention to the design elements and the quality of the materials used in the construction.

When it comes to style offerings, customers who take a look at Andersen Windows Canada will find many familiar offerings. There are single and double hung windows, bay and bow windows, and casement windows. Casement and gliding windows are also among the offerings that many customers will find.

You can also expect styles that may or may not be offered elsewhere. For example, customers who are interested in checking out options for Andersen basement egress windows will not be disappointed. Whether the idea is to compare Andersen double hung egress windows with single hung versions or even gliding windows that are ideal for the basement, the styles are considered part of the standard line.

And the Options for Interior and Exterior Doors

While Andersen basement windows and windows for other parts of the home are one of the primary points of interest, keep in mind that Andersen also makes doors of all types. That includes entry doors, French doors, gliding and patio doors, and folding doors. There are also options for storm doors and screen doors. The company also offers a range of doors that can be used inside the home as well as at points of entry.

Like the Andersen Renewal windows prices, consumers are likely to find that Andersen doors are slightly higher than the average market price. This tracks back to the quality of materials used and the attention that goes into the creation of every door. The expense if offset by the fact that the doors are built to last for decades.

Andersen and the Availability of Replacement Components

Along with manufacturing doors and windows that are intended for replacing older elements of the home, the company also offers a range of replacement components that can extend the life of existing windows and doors. That includes hinges needed to restore Andersen tilt in windows to full functionality. Cranks, frame elements, and even replacement locks are some of the items that can be ordered through this company.

Just as it’s possible to order windows made with different materials, obtaining replacement components in those same materials is easy. If some part of Andersen vinyl windows should be damaged in some sort of natural disaster, there are vinyl replacement components that may work fine for repairs.

The company also offers advice on how to manage basic Andersen window maintenance. That includes troubleshooting support like how to repair Andersen window crank or what to do with a sash that seems to stick often. The company also maintains a listing of where to buy Andersen window replacement parts, something that property owners and contractors alike will appreciate.

What About Custom Windows and Doors?

The options for standard windows and doors is not all the company has to offer. It’s possible to special order Andersen awning windows and other styles in custom sizes. This makes the company a good choice for people who own older homes. Since homes built prior to the middle of the 20th century may include windows that are close but not quite the same dimensions, customization is a key point to consider when replacements are needed.

It’s not just the dimensions of those Andersen aluminum windows to consider. The standard window styles can be customized in other ways. Thanks to the flexibility offered by the company, it’s easier for contractors to approach the business, provide the specifications needed to fulfill a customer’s needs, and ensure everything will be in order.

What Employees Say About Andersen

One of the best ways to get an idea of how a company functions is to find out what current and past employees have to say. Some past employees worked for Anderson Windows & Doors for years prior to retiring. They found the company to be fair to employees, meticulous in the way products were manufactured, and in general supported a positive working environment.

Current employees tend to echo what retirees have declared. They find that the company strives to ensure each employee is trained fully for their roles, encourages a positive work environment, and rewards employees for their efforts. Many employees cite the Andersen windows deals that can be offered to customers who meet the requirements as one of the reasons why it’s easier to maintain a strong customer base. The investment in Renewal by Andersen Windows & Doors has served to strengthen employee pride in what they offer to the public.

Past and Present Customers Share Their Views of Andersen

Next to employees, reading Andersen Windows reviews by past customers as well as those who are having windows and doors installed now can provide excellent insights. Many of the reviews posted online note that the products do live up to the promises about quality. Property owners who had them installed years ago report that they have held up well in terms of performance and appearance.

Customers also note that Andersen Windows Toronto deservedly has a reputation for meeting delivery deadlines. They found it pleasing when the company reviewed an order, provided a date for the products to be delivered, and either met that promise of in some cases delivered the doors and windows a few days in advance.

A few noted that they had installed windows that were later recalled. In general, these customers spoke positively about how the Andersen window recalls we handled and noted the company made every effort to resolve the issues without any delays.

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Andersen’s Customer Service Ethic

The importance of customer service and support seems to be deeply ingrained in the company culture. This is reflected in the Andersen window company phone number set aside for customer support as well as the provisions for other means of contact. Given that queries to the customer service department are not allowed to remain without responses for very long, it’s no wonder that Andersen Windows and Doors Canada has earned a place in the Canadian market.

The customer service team is about more than fielding customer concerns or answering general questions about the products. They also provide information that customers can use to keep their windows in good shape. A customer who calls in or emails wanting to know how to clean Andersen casement windows is likely to get a response that includes several useful tips.

The customer service emphasis is also found in the Andersen windows lifetime warranty. The warranty terms and conditions contains most of the elements that customers expect, plus a few more benefits. In terms of providing protection for the property owner, the warranty is a definite plus.

The Consensus

There’s no doubt that Andersen is a company worth considering when it’s time to replace older windows and doors. Are Andersen windows better than Pella or other companies? Are Andersen windows worth it in terms of price? The only way to know for sure is to compare what this company brings to the table with what other companies offer. For loyal Andersen customers, the answer is obvious.

Remember that the opinions expressed in this overview are those of the editor and may or may not represent the thoughts of the owners of Canadian Choice Windows & Doors. We encourage our readers to conduct additional research and form their own opinions.

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