Best Window Types and Styles for Your Bedroom

Best Window Types and Styles for Your Bedroom
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Waking up to see the sun's rays through your windows while having a clear view of the outdoors is a beautiful experience. However, if your bedroom is dimly light, stuffy, and congested, it is time to have a window replacement.

The right windows can transform your bedroom into a bright and well-ventilated room you will love. Before choosing your new windows, familiarize yourself with the window basics, so that you will not have to bear replacement costs again.

How to Plan Out Your Ideal Bedroom

There are several factors to consider when planning out your bedroom when it comes to window installation.

Window size: This is dependent on your room's proportions. The average bedroom window size is 24" × 36". If your bedroom has a high stretch ceiling, the windows should be tall to maintain proportion. The amount of space required for curtain rods and other window treatments will also determine how much will remain for the window.

Location: Keep your window installed at an angle where the sun's rays will not be too glaring when you open the windows. Consider the view you want, and place the window strategically in that direction.

Layout: While laying out the furniture in your bedroom, avoid obstructing the windows so that as much natural light and air can enter the room as possible. If your space is limited and you must place the bed under the window, choose a shorter headboard than the window sill.

Bedroom Windows: Do's and Don'ts

All windows have their own set of requirements to meet. The following are bedroom window requirements:

  1. Do not ignore local building codes: There are specific requirements for bedrooms, including having at least one egress window for escape during emergencies. It should be clear and easy to open from the inside and outside.

  2. Choose energy-efficient windows: They should be insulated to keep your bedroom weathertight. Insulated windows keep the temperature comfortable, so you don't spend too much on energy bills.

  3. Get the right window treatment: Your bedroom is a private area. Consider getting curtains that are thick enough to offer you privacy and keep the room dark when you want to sleep.

  4. Install windows with enough glass area: If you want ample sunlight in the bedroom and the best view, choose windows with a large glass area for maximum light penetration.

  5. Security: This is of great importance and should never be compromised. There are excellent security upgrades to choose from that will reinforce your windows. Whichever you settle on, make sure the lock mechanism is sturdy.

Top 5 Window Types and Styles for Your Bedroom

There are various bedroom window ideas to choose from - you can even mix and match them to suit your taste.

Bay windows

These are angular with three protruding windows, a stationary middle one, and casements on both sides. A bedroom bay window complements a small bedroom well due to its protrusion on the outside, which creates extra space on the inside, providing a comprehensive view.

Bay windows are excellent in structure, giving them a glamorous look. The feature also makes them ideal for minimalist, bohemian, rustic, and modern homes.

Awning windows

Awning windows have been designed to extend out at the bottom while hinged at the top. They open outward and are classic and appealing aesthetically.

These windows are mostly installed high up for privacy purposes. Even when it rains, you can still open an awning window. It will act as an umbrella and prevent rainwater from getting in.

Casement windows

Unlike awning windows which are hinged at the bottom, casement windows are hinged at the side and open outward to the left or right. They are made of a hinge system that guarantees easy opening and closing.

They have a crank that folds when not in use. Their ease of opening makes them ideal for places that are hard to reach, such as over the kitchen sink.

Single-hung windows

The popularity of these has greatly increased over the years. Compared to their double-hung counterparts, they are more affordable. They have a single sash that vertically opens and closes, and a half screen that blocks debris and insects.

These windows can be easily cleaned by tilting them inward; you don't have to clean them outside.

Double-hung windows

Double-hung windows offer you maximum ventilation, as their two sashes slide vertically. They can be opened singly or together for better ventilation. Double-hung windows are excellent for rooms facing areas with high traffic.

Although they offer more privacy and better view, they offer less light than casement windows.

What Types of Windows Are Best for Bedrooms?

Sleeping in a cool room is much easier than sleeping in a stuffy one. Your windows should provide ample ventilation. They should also not let the warm air inside escape during the winter. Double-paned windows filled with argon or vinyl windows will serve this purpose well.

How Many Windows Are Ideal for Bedrooms?

Your personal preference will influence how many you want. Other factors which determine the number of windows are the size of your bedroom, how much light you want into the room, and the kind of outside view you want. There should be at least one window in your bedroom.

Window cost

Should Bedrooms Have Windows?

It is a rare sight to see a bedroom with no windows. Different countries have different requirements, but just because it is not common does not mean it is not possible. You can make a windowless bedroom as appealing as one with windows with a few decorating tips.

Contact one of our representatives today to start planning out your ideal bedroom.

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