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Windows Replacement Guide: Perfect Window Types for your House in Calgary

Windows market in Calgary is full of surprises, because manufacturers can create any craziest replacement windows design to match your unique project. But before you get to the complicated and long process of ordering one-of-a-kind vinyl windows for your home, check more classic options that will be cheaper and easier to get. Who knows, maybe you will find something matching?

Casement Windows

Casement windows are hinged on only one side and open outward to the right or left. According to Calgary designers casement windows are great if you need large amounts of ventilation in the room and at the same time need windows to be easy to operate. Vinyl casement windows are ideal for any kind of home style and any room of the house.

Awning Windows

Awning windows are hanged at the top and also open outward. If compared to casement windows, awning vinyl windows are wider, whereas casement ones are taller. According to windows installation experts from Calgary, awnings windows are ideal for kitchens and hard to reach places in your home. They are great in terms of security and safety owing to their construction specifics. In case rains are common in your area, these are replacement windows you have been looking for.

Single-/Double-Hung Windows

Single-hung windows have a top section that cannot be open, whereas double-hung vinyl windows have this possibility. This replacement windows construction, according to Calgary experts, is the oldest one existing today. These windows are one of the greatest in terms of energy efficiency and stylish look of the attractive beveled sash.

Bay & Bow Windows

Regardless of the fact that these are two different types of windows to replace bay and bow windows are most frequently described together by the Calgary windows experts, because they are also used together. These vinyl windows are easy to operate and they are one of the greatest in terms of visual appeal. If your house needs some stylish touch and more light, then bay and bow windows are your best shot.

Glider Windows

Glider vinyl windows offer easy horizontal sash movement and are mostly used in places where operational access might be difficult as well as awning replacement windows. Most frequently, according to Calgary windows installation experts, glider windows are used above kitchen sinks on in the bathroom. As these windows are available in right, left, and triple sash configurations you can choose construction that will work best for your home design requirements.

Fixed Windows

Fixed windows are most frequently called picture windows, because they are used to create glass walls in the rooms and add natural light. As Calgary professionals rush to remind, fixed vinyl windows do not open so cannot add fresh air to the space. As a rule, these windows are combined with other windows types during installation, in order to get most of the replacement project – more light from picture windows and more air from other windows type. Designers frequently use fixed windows for projects having great outside view.

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