Finding The Cheapest Way to Replace Windows and Why It Often Falls Short

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Window replacement might be a messy affair if done alone. All the separate processes from contacting suppliers to immersing yourself in all the specifications and technicalities of each model to decide on the best one for your home to having the ability to properly install the windows without having it end up being a week long never-ending project. That is why most prefer to hire someone they can trust to take care of the heavy duty work and allow you to enjoy your life in peace.

When choosing a company, it’s always crucial to go through a company’s qualifications, service, product, and general reputation before coming to your decision. It is, after all, the people that make or break an experience and opting out for a watered down experience with subpar service will probably not leave you satisfied.

Things To Cut Out to Save Big

When having to invest thousands to replace your windows, sometimes you might just not have the funds necessary to hire the best of the best. Sometimes, you don't feel like you need the best since after all, a window is still a window. If that’s the case, here are some steps you can take on window replacement to start saving now:

  1. Stick to Builder Grade Windows: Builder grade windows refer to no-frills lower quality windows that lack any of the more refined features of other window brands such as being certified by Energy Star as energy efficient, increased frames and sashes for increased thermal efficiency and impact resistance and more! These builder grade windows meet the minimum requirements stipulated for efficiency and safety. 

  2. Extra Features: Additional features such as laminated windows which reduce the shock upon impact (makes the windows crack-resistant), supplied and installed trim by the company and complementary between glass shades are all included to rack up the price on window replacement projects. Saying no and sticking only to what’s absolutely necessary is one of your best keys to saving big.

  3. Stick to Standard Models: Windows are generally manufactured in a preselected set of standard sizes and designs beforehand by suppliers en masse. These models generally come at a substantially lower price than the rest as they don’t require customization which further increases your window replacement price tag.

  4. The More Quotes the Better: Very often when it comes to an unprepared couple looking for a window replacement in their home, a smooth service rep can convince them to agree to the terms agreed upon. However, when you’ve only looked at one option and base your decision on that, you blind yourself to other opportunities. Get at least 3 quotes before making a decision since this can help you with negotiating. Once a company knows you are aware of its competitors and their pricing, they’re more likely to give you a discount to ensure they keep your loyalty and you end up with a lower price.

Why Save Money Isn’t Always Live Better

When looking to improve your home, you are always striving for the best. Whether it’s to better your own experience or whether it’s also a factor you’re considering to incorporate when you sell your property in the future, the quality is of the utmost importance.

There are many companies that offer services for your home and a quick quote given to you stipulating the lowest prices might in fact be hiding what’s underneath. This is because every company is more than eager to show off their unique features and traits that they possess in their marketing yet are less than keen on opening up on the features they lack. That is exactly the case with companies that put prices before all else.

  1. Product Quality/Manufacturing: When you find yourself desperate and not knowing how to move forward, you also find yourself more susceptible to being taken advantage of by those that claim to offer the easy way out through a low price tag. Unfortunately, the reality is that the lowest price tag on window replacement will often not leave you with what you hoped for.

    For one, there are windows of various makes that exist to serve a specific purpose in the home. Each and every window comes fitted with various supporting frames, sashes, glazed panes, and energy efficiency qualities that make it ideal for your home. Relying solely on price to make a decision won’t get you far.

    Let’s say you plan to replace all the windows on your first floor. Each room on that floor will require a different style of window which focuses more on either ventilation, spacing or lighting depending on the room layout.

  2. Customization and Unique Styling: Generally, manufacturers have standard designs and sizes of windows that customers can choose from. These standard sizes are generally produced en-masse and can be found at a cheaper price than other variants. However, if you currently live in a home that requires custom dimensions on your windows or perhaps you want a new and unique design not previously offered, you’ll find yourself running out of options.

    Canadian Choice prides itself on bringing you the highest quality windows and doors directly from our trusted local suppliers which provide you with customizable shapes and sizes that suit your needs. We also offer a selection of window types ranging from casement windows to bay and bow, architectural and sliding tilt. Our windows come in 40 unique styles and any colour of your choice.

  3. Contracting and Warranty Guarantees: In this case, it’s helpful to think from the perspective of the company selling the product and/or service at the lowest possible price. Since you use the lowest possible materials to manufacture your windows, their durability and reliability are questionable in comparison to other brands. In this scenario, offering a long-lasting warranty won’t be financially beneficial for you since you’ll be receiving calls from all your customers a year or two after installation complaining about cracks, discolouration or fading in their windows.

    At Canadian Choice, we offer a lifetime transferable warranty. The “transferable” portion means that if you sell your home and another individual moves in, that warranty on the product will transfer to them, ultimately giving everyone peace of mind.

  4. Company Service and Reputation: More often than not, when a company starts to cut corners, customers end up unhappy. Whether it’s hiring less experienced staff and personnel, cutting staff hours and thus communication between company and client and of course, cheaper materials which lead to less durable and reliable windows.

Canadian Choice only uses top-grade materials and hires experts in the field of home improvement which are more than eager to answer any questions or concerns you may have over the phone, by text, email, or video call. Our company is also proud to have received the Best of 2020 HomeStars for exceptional service with a resume of more than 80,000 satisfied clients and more than 1,000,000 windows and doors installed nationwide.

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What’s the Best Place for a Window Replacement?

The place you want to go for the ideal window replacement for your home is a place that will provide you with the best quality materials the price can provide, service personnel with years of experience in the field that are always at the ready to address any concerns you may have as well as a guarantee on your products in case a problem arises. If you’re interested and want to learn more about our terms and financing, don’t hesitate to visit us at or contact us at your local Canadian Choice office today!

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Reviewed by Bryan Baeumler

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