RONA Windows and Doors: The Right Choice for Your Home?

RONA Windows and Doors: The Right Choice for Your Home?
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Planning for some renovations to the home often include doing something about those older windows and doors. There are a lot of choices on the market today, and you want to select products that are sure to last. Comparing brands and what others think about them is a good place to begin. If RONA windows and doors are one of the brands you’re considering, here are some basics that you should know.

Learning the History and Background

RONA has been around for quite a few decades. The first products under this name appeared in 1939. Developed as a brand for Lowe’s Canada, the first offerings were simple designs that were ideal for those who liked to do their own home improvement projects. Over time, the line of windows and doors expanded to include a wider range of designs. Today, you’ll find that RONA provides just about everything from the single and double hung windows you see in many homes to specialty designs like RONA shed windows.

Where to Find RONA Products

As a brand developed for sale by Lowe’s Canada, you’ll have no problem finding all sorts of RONA products in any of their stores found throughout the nation. Currently, there are around 375 stores operating throughout Canada. Just about all of them will carry complete lines of

RONA Canada windows as well as a variety of standard doors.

If you can’t find what you need at a Lowe’s, don’t give up. There are also a number of independent affiliate dealers who are authorized to sell RONA products. Do check out locally owned stores in your area and see if they are available. Even if there’s not a lot in stock, there’s a good chance that the dealer can order those RONA all weather windows that you want for your home.

RONA Window Choices and Styles

You’ll find that the range of window styles and choices cover the usual gamut. For example, the basic styles like double and single hung windows remain the most popular and the most widely available, If the idea of installing RONA sliding windows is more appealing, those are easily found. You will also have no problem locating awning windows RONA or finding a selection of RONA casement windows.

Standard sizes suitable for different areas of the home are part of the line. You can consider options like basement windows RONA that will fit well. The same is true for windows designed to grace an attic. While you won’t find all options at every location throughout the nation, you can order what you need through Lowe’s or through the independent affiliate.

RONA Doors to Consider

It’s not just RONA windows in stock that you can consider. There are also a number of choices for doors that might be right for your home. If you could use new storm doors for the front and back entrances, those are readily available. Steel entry doors can be purchased with a number of different veneers to imitate the look of wood or in any colour that you might like. If the idea of doors with glass inserts is appealing, there are options that are worth checking out. Don’t overlook the options for various styles of patio doors.

Interior doors are also available. Along with classic single doors suitable for bedroom and bathroom doors, there are French door designs that might work in your home.

Resources for Restoring Older Windows and Doors

One of the perks of RONA products is that there are a number of replacement parts and accessories that can be used to help keep the doors and windows in top condition. There will be no problem finding various types of RONA window hardware to ensure they function properly. If your style of window happens to include sashes that roll outward, you can order a

RONA window crank with ease.

When it’s time to do something about any small gaps that are allowing air to seep in, you’ll find that there’s RONA window insulation that will work well. You can also invest in RONA window film that helps to add a touch of insulation and prevent glare. Add a RONA window screen to the mix so you can open the sashes for fresh air even if there are insects out and about.

You may want to dress the windows a little for privacy or as a way to improve the curb appeal. To that end, you will find RONA window shutters that are fully operational and come in several appealing styles. There are also various types of RONA window shades that will make it easier to block sunlight and enjoy more privacy when the mood strikes.

What About Custom Doors and Windows?

As a brand for a popular home improvement store, much of the focus on RONA windows for sale as well as the doors is carrying selections in standard sizes. That doesn’t mean you can’t get custom sizing done. What you may find is that while it’s possible, the process may not be as simple as ordering custom sizes from other providers.

To determine what it would take to order and receive custom sizes for doors and windows, talk with the local entity that carries RONA products. That might be a service representative at Lowe’s or it could be a locally authorized dealer. They can walk you through the process, provide some ideas on pricing, and possibly give you a time from for completion and delivery. Before moving forward, it would be a good idea to see what a different windows manufacturer could do for you.

How Does RONA Compare With Other Window and Door Companies?

In terms of style and design options for RONA windows and doors, all the basics that you would find with other companies will be found here. What you may not find is the same range of material options and some of the flexibility that other companies have to offer. Even so, it’s a good idea to see what can be done before you assume RONA can’t provide what you need.

As it relates to pricing, you will find that the standard RONA windows price structure tends to be competitive with the standard windows offered by other companies. Depending on the window design and the material selected, there’s a chance that the brand can provide a price that’s equal to or slightly less than other competitors. As is true with any type of purchase, look closely at the quality of the materials used when you compare RONA products with similar ones offered by a competitor.

Exploring the Warranties

The warranties that come with RONA products tend to include provisions much like you would find with any other provider. They range from covering factory issues that might affect performance to certain events related to usage. You do want to pair the warranty with a guarantee from the entity managing the RONA windows installation to cover all your bases. That includes having the windows installed by a team from the local Lowe’s or the local dealer.

What Employees Think About Working For RONA

You can learn a great deal about a company by finding out what their employees think. In general, RONA employees tend to give the company high marks for employee training. Many locations report that they are happy with the working environment. There are some concerns regarding pay and benefits that are offered. Some also mention that the opportunities for advancement are limited in some cases.

And What Buyers Think About the Products

A quick review of RONA windows reviews life by customers indicates general satisfaction with the quality of the windows and doors. There does appear to be some issues in terms of how long it takes to deliver the orders or to correct errors made in filling those orders. Customers tend to be happy with the installations done, in terms of timeliness and the quality of the work.

Most indicate that they are happy with the performance of the products, and that they tend to last as long as expected with relatively few repairs or other issues noted. All in all, it appears that customers tend to be fine with their choices once the materials arrive and are installed.

Casement vs sliding windows cost

It’s Your Call

Selecting new doors and windows for your home is important. As a major element of a home renovation, you want to make choices that provide lasting benefits. Compare RONA products closely with what you find offered by other companies and see what you think. From price to material choices to design, the goal is to love those windows a decade from now just as much as you do the day they are installed.


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Reviewed by Bryan Baeumler

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