Major Window Problems You'll Want to Avoid

Major Window Problems You'll Want to Avoid
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Most windows all have their own share of problems, but most aren’t usually noticed until extreme weather conditions expose them. From stubborn windows that won't open or close without putting up a fight to foggy glass that won't allow you to view outside, little by little, these problems are prone to worsen over time.

If left untreated, windows can begin to look unsightly, pose a safety risk, and decrease in their efficiency. These problems can be avoided by tackling a minor issue as soon as it appears.

Biggest Risks to Your Windows

The following common window problems pose the biggest risk to your windows:

Leaking: This is a very serious issue if not taken care of early enough. Leaking happens on the roof, foundation, basement, doors, and windows. Whichever route the water passes through, it leaves a trail of damage such as peeling paint and wallpaper, mould growth, wood rot, and invasion by pests. In more serious cases, leaks from windows and other areas can cause flooding in your home if the rain is heavy and lasts long.

Broken Glass: Broken glass on a window exposes all the occupants, including pets, to danger. The thought of your child or pet having their eye damaged is enough to make you shudder and replace it immediately.

How to Maintain Your Windows

  1. Clean your windows regularly. Clean the areas you can reach and leave the hidden areas for a more thorough cleaning later.

  2. Close your windows gently to avoid wearing them down.

  3. Repaint any spots that have peeled off. Don't paint the moving parts; they will get stuck once the paint dries.

  4. Do not ignore any splinters in the frame. Fill the holes with putty to prevent rotting.

  5. Avoid using harsh chemicals to clean. Plain water, soap, and a cloth will work.

Best Tips for Long-Lasting windows

Perform an annual checkup: You must identify and repair possible issues with your window and inspect them for any imperfections. These could be cracked or chipped paint and leaks. Be observant of any improper drainage, especially after a storm. Vents may hold water and expose your window to moisture.

Check the state of caulking around windows: Sealant, also known as caulking, makes the window watertight. Check at the bottom corners and between the windows where damage is likely to occur and reseal.

Clean the window tracks: Every couple of months, tracks will collect a significant amount of debris which will subject your windows to getting stuck. Use a brush to remove the debris, clean the tracks, and lubricate them well.

What are General Window Problems?

These are some of the most common home window problems experienced, and their simple solutions:

Condensation: One of the most common window glass problems includes the presence of fog on your windows which indicates that the sealant is worn out. Resealing is the easiest solution if there is not much damage.

Cracking or rotting wood: Extreme temperature enables moisture to find its way through the wood, which causes rotting or warping. Replace the wooden frame windows with vinyl replacement windows. These are not affected by temperature fluctuations.

Draughty windows: If you can feel a breeze coming in through your window even when it is closed, you have a case of draught. It is a major cause of high energy bills, as heat escapes and you have to keep the heater on. Find out the source of the draught and have it sealed.

Why Are My House Windows So Hard to Open?

There are a number of reasons why your window could be so hard to open:

  1. A common culprit is debris on the window tracks. Remove the debris and clean with water and soap, then dry well and lubricate.

  2. If your home's foundation is shifting, pressure will be exerted on the frames and cause them to stick.

  3. Due to moisture retention, a damaged window frame or warped wood on the window will cause this problem.

What Design Problems do Windows Cause?

Some common replacement window problems include uneven windows. This is caused when windows shift over time, and is most common in older houses.

Deterioration of the window sash is another problem. Modern house windows are durable, but that doesn't mean it can't happen. If you live in a highly humid area, the sash will weaken.

One of the common window glass problems is discoloration, which occurs when water leaks inside the glass over time. The glass is not only damaged, but its beauty is also destroyed, and the entire aesthetic is lost. Discoloration may also be overdue to extreme exposure to sun rays.

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Wrapping Up

Windows can be easy to handle, but there is always that one thing you can’t do about them. When you experience critical problems with your windows, it’s cheaper, convenient and relieving when you seek professional assistance from reputable companies around you. Contact our trusted representatives today to help you get started.

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Reviewed by Bryan Baeumler

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