Replacement vs. New Construction Windows

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When most people think of the installation of windows, they see no real difference between different types of construction projects. While the differences are subtle, they are present. When it comes to understanding the nature of replacement vs. new construction windows, it’s possible to grasp those differences with relative ease. Here is some information that will help and also come in handy if you’re in the process of having a new home constructed or adding a new wing to an existing structure.

What Sets New Construction and Replacement Windows Apart?

The primary difference between new construction and replacement windows ties make into the nature of the building project. With new home construction after demolition of the old house, there’s no need to remove elements that are already in place. It’s possible to make use of standard size windows without having to make any modifications. Even with custom made windows, they are manufactured using the measurements provided by the contractor and can be put in position when the construction reaches a certain stage.

How is this new construction window installation different from replacement windows? When you plan on replacing existing windows, it’s necessary to remove the old ones first. There’s also a chance that there may need to be some slight modifications in order to ensure the new windows fit into the spaces properly.

This is especially true with homes built prior to the middle of the 20th century. Each window may appear to be the same size, but in fact there’s a slight difference. Before the installation can continue, the new windows have to be modified.

Even after the preparations are made, there’s a difference in how to install a new construction window versus a replacement window. With new home construction, the windows slide into place easily. By contrast, it may take some additional work to ensure a replacement window sets squarely.

One other fact to keep in mind: you can actually have new construction windows installed in an older structure. In this scenario, the modifications are so comprehensive that the contractor has to remove the old materials surrounding the window frame all the way down to the wall studs. Essentially, the opening is then rebuilt to accommodate the new construction window.

Exploring the Qualities of New Construction Windows

What do you want in terms of quality and performance for those new construction windows? While some factors will vary based on the home design, there are some constants that are bound to apply. The good news is that quality companies like Canadian Choice Windows and Doors company is always open to working closely with contractors and developers to ensure the fit is perfect.

New construction windows must be energy efficient. That includes the use of double or triple pane glass in the design. It also means each moving part of the windows fits flush with the other parts. At the same time, the process for opening and closing the window must require little to no effort.

Above that, you may also want windows with certain features that make it easier to care for them. For example, windows that tilt inward for easy cleaning may be something the property owner wants.

You can get some ideas on what sort of features you want by taking a look at different new construction windows reviews. The reviews often mention specific design characteristics and how they make the operation and upkeep a lot simpler.

Which Materials Work Well for New Construction Windows?

What sort of material do you need to ensure that you have the best new construction windows? There are multiple options that you can consider, including wood. One option that deserves careful scrutiny is new construction vinyl windows.

What’s so great about vinyl windows? For one thing, they are not subject to the same rate of decay as wood. Even if you have windows made using treated wood, the vinyl is still likely to remain in better shape for more years.

Vinyl is also more energy efficient than wood or metal. The fact that the material offers better thermal protection means less energy is required to heat and cool the interior. That’s a major savings as the years pass.

The easier maintenance associated with vinyl windows is also a plus. The color is found all through the material is usually fade-resistant. Think of what that means in terms of not having to scrape and paint the windows every few years.

If you were leaning more toward wood or aluminum, do take the time to learn more about vinyl. You can read reviews about some of the best vinyl windows for new construction and see how those remarks coincide with what you want in terms of window quality.

What About Window Designs?

One of the great things about building a new structure or adding a wing to an existing one is that you can consider all sorts of window designs. Fortunately, just about every possible design can be used with all types of materials. That allows you to work with the contractor to settle on a design that works best for your project.

You may find that new construction double hung windows are great for people who love to let in fresh air but like to control the amount that comes through the windows. Awning windows are perfect for those who love fresh air in nice weather and like to keep them open even when there’s a shower taking place. Casement windows are often a great option as are sliding windows.

If you’re not sure what designs would work best in your home, do take the time to check out recommendations for the best new construction windows 2020 and see what you think. Pay close attention to function as well as the design and energy rating. The right combination will ensure you’re happy with the finished look as well as the performance.

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Does the Manufacturer Matter?

Here’s one thing that you should understand before making any decisions about windows for new construction or for replacing older windows: not every manufacturer can provide you with the same quality. It’s up to you to determine which windows you will choose. The only way to do that is to look closely at the quality of those windows.

Looks don’t necessarily translate into quality. For example, you could take a look at some of the brands offered in big box supply stores and think that they look just as good as a brand that the contractor is recommending. In fact, they may look just fine. Since the price is much lower, why not go with the ones from the supply store?

The answer is that the quality and energy efficiency is less likely to be there. It’s true that they meet minimum standards, but is that really all you want to accomplish? Spending more up front means that you pay less in maintenance in the years to come. The amount of energy that it takes to heat and cool the home will also be less if you go for higher quality windows.

One suggestion is to take a good look at the DraftLock windows offered by Canadian Choice Windows & Doors. It’s true that you will pay more per window on the front end. After that initial expense, the benefits will keep on coming for many years to come. In terms of durability alone, DraftLock windows are designed to last for more years. You could keep them around for twice as long as some of those budget-priced alternatives.

The bottom line is simple. Do you want the best for your new construction or your replacement windows? The smart move is to chose wisely and purchase all the windows fromthe same manufacturer. Choose the design wisely and always verify the energy rating and the ease of using all the features. In the long run, those windows will perform better and be easier to keep up properly.

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Reviewed by Bryan Baeumler

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