Replacement Windows Installation in Calgary

Replacement Windows Installation in Calgary
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Though replacement windows installation in Calgary may seem simple enough, there is actually a great deal that can go into these projects. Understanding what is necessary and what it will take to make your home as efficient as possible before the work even begins will give you a better understanding of the installation process itself. The installation times and costs will vary based on several factors that are unique from home to home.

Retrofitting vs. Full-Frame Replacement

A retrofit occurs when we can simply remove the sashes and glass from existing window frames and replace them. For some homeowners, this is a great way to save money, but it can only occur when the frames themselves are in excellent condition. When window frames are old, inefficient, cracked, or rotting, retrofitting is no longer a viable solution. In this case, you will need a full-frame replacement. This involves completely removing the entire window unit from the wall – frame and all – then replacing it with a brand-new frame. A full-frame window replacement in Calgary can take twice as long as a retrofit, and because of the additional materials and work involved, it can cost twice as much, too.

Additional Repairs

If you will need a full-frame replacement, this means that we will pull the entire window frame out of the wall. In the process, this exposes your wall studs and gives us a good look at their condition. Sometimes, and especially when the existing window frames were in poor condition, the studs can be damaged, rotted, or warped. In cases like this, the studs may need to be replaced, which takes extra time and labor. Should we come across a problem like this, we will bring it to your attention before we continue the project. Rarely are costs like this built into the quote you received, so if there is significant wall damage, your costs and the overall project length are likely to increase.

Cost to replace a window

Additional Insulation

Some homeowners are shocked to learn that there was no insulation between their previous window frames and their home’s studs. This is not that uncommon, particularly in older homes in which the windows have been in place for decades. Here at Canadian Choice™, we will include the cost of foam insulation in our quotes for full-frame window replacements in Calgary. We are always careful to be upfront with costs so our customers are well informed.

Once the new window in its frame is in place, we will spray foam insulation into the gaps between the windows and the studs. This foam will expand and completely seal the gap, thus providing better insulation and further reducing your overall energy costs. Bear in mind that this may require a slightly smaller replacement window as we must be able to figure in the expansion of the foam insulation.

Aside from these factors, you should also keep in mind that you will need to order your replacement windows in Calgary about two months in advance. If you have custom-designed windows that are not usually in stock and must be manufactured, this could take even longer. Be sure to place your order well in advance with Canadian Choice™ to ensure the best possible results. If you live in Calgary check out these top replacement windows companies.

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Reviewed by Bryan Baeumler

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