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Most Popular Window Styles in Calgary

When the time to choose new windows comes on your porch it is very important to understand how much choice you have. You need to look through the materials and glass features that your dealer can offer you, but undoubtedly, to insure the best efficiency of your new vinyl windows you have to know the main windows style available in the Calgary market. In the article below you will find five most common and handy window styles to match your needs and requirements.


Casement vinyl windows are hinged on the right- or left-hand side and they open outward with a special turn of a crank handle. The greatest benefit of casement windows is the amount of fresh air that they provide the house with. Moreover, casement windows offer one of the best insulations to the house, which results in the absolute absence of air-leakage possibility and perfect noise reduction. The only downside you may face, according to Calgary windows experts is that as itswings out, you cannot install casement windows near a walkway or a deck. 


Hung windows come in single- and double-hung options. Both kinds have sashes (which are movable panels) that can slide vertically to open and close. According to homeowners the construction of hung windows offers a natural convection inside of the house. As a result you get cool air coming in at the bottom of the window and warm air can easily escape out at the top. Most models of these vinyl windows tilt inward which makes them perfect for bedrooms and bathrooms. 

Fixed (or Picture)

The main characteristic of these windows is that they cannot be opened, which actually gives the name to these vinyl windows. Most frequently homeowners in Calgary use picture windows to create a great view from their homes onto the backyards. As thesewindowsoffer a great variety of shapes, any possible design can be put into life. However, when installing picture windows you need to remember about the absence of ventilation and combine them with any other windows so that you can get fresh air in the room. 


Construction of awning vinyl windows is similar to a casement style, but the former are hinged at the top. The greatest advantage of these windows is that they can be left open even if it rains owing to the fact that the glass slopes downward when the window is extended. Awning windows are also frequently installed in houses with height ceilings as a way for the hot air to escape the room.


And the last most frequently used windows type in Calgary is gliding window. Gliding windows also got their name from the function and construction, because when opened one panel slides to the side. The main advantage of these windows is that it is easy to open them and that they open outward which makes them perfect forwalkway and patio spaces. You can also add fixed screens to enlarge the amount of natural light coming in. 

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