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Keep Out the Cold with New Windows for Your Medicine Hat Home

Winter is on the way and something must be done about the windows. Short of covering them with bubble wrap and ruining the view, there is not much that can be done with the older windows. Your best bet is to invest in new energy-efficient windows that help to keep the cold outside where it belongs. Here are some of the benefits those new windows will provide.

 A Tighter Fit

Choosing to install new windows in Medicine Hat allows you to eliminate a problem that has been developing for years. As your home settles, barely perceptible spaces appear around the frames. There are also likely small spaces between the sashes and the tracks. There may even be a space where the sashes meet that allow air to seep inside with ease.

When you get rid of the older windows and replace them with new ones, all those tiny points of entry disappear. The contractor will ensure the fit is perfect and no air can seep through any of the window components. That one chance alone will go a long way to keep the cold out and the warm air inside.  

Different Window Materials Help Too 

Perhaps your home was built with traditional wooden sashes. Think about how they have changed over the years. A quick inspection will likely confirm that some sashes are slightly warped. There could be some sections that show signs of weakening due to decay. Don’t be surprised if the moisture collecting on the wood is creating mold and mildew. 

If you choose to go with a material like vinyl, all these issues disappear. Vinyl will not warp and is not subject to rotting. That means more efficient air blockage this winter and quite a few winters to come. 

What You Should Know About Double or Multiple Pane Glass

Today’s windows in Winnipeg no longer make use of the single panes that were so popular for decades. Today, the design chosen is likely to include what is known as a double pane glass. This is simply two panes of glass with some type of clear inert gas in between. The gas creates a barrier that helps to warm the air before it can transfer through the second pane. Thanks to this design, you will notice that standing closer to a window during winter is not as chilly as in the past.

Remember that the same design for those window panes will help keep the home cooler during the summer months. That’s because the gas sealed between the two panes will cool the warm air on the exterior pane before it gets to the interior pane. The result is a more comfortable temperature and lower climate control costs all year long. 

Instead of shivering your way through another winter, now is the time to call a contractor. Have the professional inspect the current windows and help you understand the costs of repair versus replacement. You may find that new windows will be the most comfortable and cost-effective choice.

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