How to Choose the Best Windows for Your Child's Room (Kid-Friendly Windows)

How to Choose the Best Windows for Your Child's Room (Kid-Friendly Windows)
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When choosing windows for a child's room, the number one priority is safety. A child should never be able to open a window on their own, and you must take measures to ensure they don't.

Aside from your child's safety, natural light and ventilation are other important aspects to look into. A dull room is not mentally stimulating to a child, which is why you should carefully consider which type of window you choose.

Kid-Friendly Windows: The Perfect Room

The perfect room should be comfortable for your child and adults who will spend time there. Windows are a finishing touch to the room and should complement other items like furniture, window treatments, wall decorations, and carpets.

When choosing furniture, choose items that have no rough or sharp edges. Everything should be safe, including the floor, which should be carpeted to keep the child warm and prevent slipping.

The layout of items in the child's room should leave the windows unobstructed, and there should be ample space for your child to crawl or play without bumping into furniture.

Everything You Need to Know About Window Safety

Windows that lack sturdy locks are dangerous, especially to toddlers. When your child starts crawling, they are at risk of falling. Always have their windows locked whenever they are alone. You can use childproof window locks, guards, window stoppers, and a Charlie bar.

Ensure all furniture stays away from the windows to discourage your child from climbing over and accessing the windows. If you need to open the windows for ventilation, open those above the child's reach.

Another thing to note is second-floor window safety. If your child's room is located on the second floor, install window guards on their windows. You will also have to install an egress window that can easily be opened from the outside to access them if they accidentally lock themselves in their room.

3 Best Windows for Your Child's Room

Windows that are energy saving: The Windows should have the lowest thermal transmission value to regulate the temperature in the room. During winter, heat should not escape, causing freezing of the room. The windows should also function during the summer by not letting in too much heat.

Windows that offer noise protection: Your child should be able to sleep uninterrupted. If you live in a noisy neighborhood and find that your child keeps waking up, have their windows insulated to cancel out noise.

Windows that are easy to clean: A lot goes on in a child's room. Creativity and exploration are abundant. Easy to clean windows will save you time and energy to scrub. Go for windows that have a smooth finish.

Which Window is Best for Kids?

Look at the way the glazing opens. Does it open at the bottom? That is a potential hazard for kids who might climb up to the window sill.

The best window for kids is one that has a glazing that opens to the side or upwards, and has a retainer that stops it from opening all the way. A double-hung window or a double pane is a suitable choice which can then be fitted with locking devices.

Children have sensitive skin, and as much as you want the sun's rays into their room, go for windows that can filter out harmful UV rays.

Are Curtains Safe for a Toddler's Room?

Curtains on their own are an example of kid-friendly window coverings. However, the various parts attached to the curtain and the parts that hold it against the wall could be unsafe for a toddler. Keep the toddlers' bed away from the curtain, so they are not tempted to tug at it.

The rod that holds the curtain should not be too heavy. A heavy rod can seriously injure the child's head if it falls on him.

It must be fixed well on the wall. It is advisable to regularly check for any loose screws if your toddler is always tugging on the curtains.

Cost to replace house windows

How are Curtains Unsafe for Children?

They are a suffocation hazard, but only under the wrong circumstances. A curtain made of heavy material can suffocate a toddler if it is pulled and falls on them.

Flowing cords, loops, and chains can strangle a child if they wind it around their neck, and any small objects embedded on the fabric are a choking hazard if swallowed. Keep the cord and chains above your child's reach.

If you are unsure which curtains to get, order kid-friendly window treatments specially designed for kids to save you the trouble. Contact our representatives at Canadian Choice Windows & Doors today for an easy solution.

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Reviewed by Bryan Baeumler

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